Anti terrorism manual is issued.Alarm to clearly describe the location, time and other clothes etc..In case of anonymous threats explosion or threatening explosion should leave quickly, and with the camera or camera “record” site.The subway explosion and fire alarm button should be quickly press the train, and the use of fire fighting equipment inside the fire.The subway when shooting, quickly squat down, both hands to hold the head.Explosives might be placed in crowded places, public places of entertainment, landmark buildings, luggage and parcel.Meet the arson attacks, blind bogey shouting, be confound at random, open the doors and windows, with property.■ if you at the scene cut, explosion and other violent terrorist incident, what would you do?Progress in A onlookers eventB took out his mobile phone to take pictures micro-blogC the first time alarmD in field covers escapeE quickly fled the sceneF stay shout rescueG looking for self-defense weapons and violent terrorists withH launched the people together to stop violent terroristsThis is a public anti-terrorism awareness survey of multiple-choice questions, you know the correct answer? Unclear? Never mind, from today onwards, have the latest edition of the Official Handbook “anti-terrorism” teach you.Yesterday morning, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, anti-terrorism Office jointly held 2014 edition “citizens to prevent terrorist attacks Handbook” granting activities. This activity by the National Counterterrorism Office unified deployment, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Xinjiang, held simultaneously.Compared with the 2008 version of “citizen to prevent terrorist attacks Handbook”, manual mainly increased terrorism related concepts, as well as in Daofu blade and driving vehicle collision response, rolling terror illustrated, content is more rich, pertinence and maneuverability is stronger, especially in prevention, guide the public response to the terrorist attacks and emergencies how to take effective measures, improve the ability to escape the hedge, self-help, to minimize the harm.This event not only for the manual release, also held anti-terrorism precaution, emergency expert advisory activities, the citizen anti-terrorism awareness questionnaire, distributed “Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department report about citizen terrorist criminal activities clues incentives”, playing counter terror propaganda video, and show part of antiterrorist.Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City Office of counter-terrorism, province, city public security departments responsible persons attended the release activity.How differentiateHow to determine the chemical attack● abnormal odor. Such as garlic, smell of bitter almonds.● anomalies. Such as a large number of dead insects, abnormal smoke, plant changes.● abnormal sensation. A sense of discomfort, such as nausea, chest tightness, convulsion, rash.● anomaly. Such as the discovery of abandoned gas masks, barrels, cans and plastic bags filled with liquid.How to identify the suspected explosivesIn the premise of not touching the suspicious objectSeeFrom the outside to the inside, a missing observation from far to near, from top to bottom, without judgment, recognition of suspicious or questionable parts without explosive device hidden.ListenIn the silence of the environment with ear whether there is abnormal sound.OlfactorySuch as black powder containing sulfur, will release a rotten egg smell (H2S); ammonium nitrate – ammonium nitrate explosive could be decomposed to ammonia smell.In case of anonymous threats explosion or threatened to do explosion?The letter”Prefer to believe them, its non credible”, can’t be lucky.FineCarefully observe the suspicious people, things around. Rapid alarm, let the police to understand the situation.NoteUse a camera or a camera will “live” recorded.How to identify suspicious characterImplementation will not face with marked suspect terrorist attacks, but there will be some abnormal behavior can arouse our vigilance, such as:● look abnormal. Look panic, look around.● dress anomaly. Dress with the ordinary people are obviously different.● goods anomaly. Carrying knives, axes and similar explosives and other dangerous articles.● abnormal behavior. Repeatedly in the shopping malls, hospitals and other personnel intensive places as well as the party and government organs were observed near the office of the district tour.● seemingly. Looks are suspected to be wanted suspects.How to found a suspicious man from a tenant in● rest anomaly. Nocturnal, rest time anomaly.● the anomaly. In the house there is abnormal sound, smell.● garbage anomaly. Often appear non living garbage.● communication abnormalities. Communication complexity, abnormal.● goods anomaly. Often carry the things.How do people find suspicious● keep calm. Do not cause the other party alert.● rapid alarm. Direct dial 110.● remember characteristics. As far as possible to remember the physical characteristics and communication personnel to ensure that the suspect, is not found in the case of mobile phone, available to people and goods to take pictures.● ensure safety. To protect themselves, to prevent being found.How to identify suspicious vehicle● the abnormal state. The car without a license or shielding plate, windows and door locks have pry pressure damage, injury, abnormal traces of vehicle parking at night long time car lights.● stay anomalies. In the vicinity of water, electricity, gas, heat and other important facilities, parking and a busy intersection, turn parking.● staff anomaly. The passengers more, panic stricken, look around, to see someone close to deliberately avoid.● traffic anomaly. In the non motorized vehicle lane area fast running, running track swing around, suddenly quickly suddenly slow abnormal running.● goods anomaly. The car loaded with goods is flammable and explosive, volatile, corrosive, dangerous goods, a lot of knives, goods packaging abnormality.How to doAuthor Li Tung reporter Intern Tan Jiawei specialCorrespondent Lu Yong, Liu Zhirong except the signPhoto journalist Mo WeinongWhen don’t stop watching axe blade● run fast. See a man with the ax blade, don’t stop to watch, discarded belongings, quickly ran away, away from the hand axe man.● quickly escape. Use side buildings, trees, fences, vehicle, counters and other objects to avoid blade barrier, and distance.● resist (defence). United could not run or hide, others, use to carry goods (handbags, clothes, umbrellas and so on) and you can get things (sticks, mop, chair, brick, stone and fire extinguishers) to resist (defence).● alarm. Call 110: what time, what place, how many people are there in the ax and chop basic physical murder, the.The self and mutual rescue. Reach the safety zone, timely check for injuries, the timely implementation of self and mutual rescue.● afterwards to help. Active site to the police, to assist the police investigation.In rolling from side to side crash run● quickly escape. See a car crash rolled over, to run away to the both sides quickly.● alarm. Call 110: what time, place, the car in the collision rolling people.The self and mutual rescue. Reach the safety zone, timely check for injuries, found injured self-help and mutual aid.● afterwards to help. Active site to the police, to assist the police investigation.Tunnel fire is strictly prohibited inside the asylumWhen driving a vehicle in the tunnel when found to have abnormal flames and smoke in front, should immediately brake observation, attention to close the doors and windows.● cool looking for shelter. The tunnel design a shelter or safe passage, to find shelter shelter or recently escaped from the fire from the security channel recently.● no refuge in the car. Tunnel fire in the fire spread quickly, do not have the lucky psychology, to get off immediately fled, and avoid unnecessary losses and casualties.Kidnapped don’t against mobile phone adjustable mute● calm. Don’t resist, believe that the government.● obey orders. As wrong, not dialogue, lying on the ground, action should be slow.● hidden. As much as possible to retain and hidden communication tool, to the mobile phone to silent, the timely use of SMS to the police for help (110), the main contents of SMS: their location, number, number of terrorists and hostages.● remember situation. To observe the number of terrorists, leader, to facilitate after testimony.● with rescue. Assault moments in the police, as far as possible on the ground.When shooting quickly find shelter● position. Cover the best in between himself and the terrorists. When shooting in the bus, duck masking on the front seat or squat, get down, do not stand; when shooting in the subway, to quickly squat down, both hands to hold the head, possibly with the body, or lie down, do not stand up; in large shopping malls in shooting, quickly reduce the body posture, use the counter and wardrobe escape, quickly to the emergency exit. Evacuated to nearby lie down, squat or shelter to shelter, after waiting for rescue; when shooting in hotels, entertainment, to quickly get down or squat, masking from below or behind the desk, sofa, bar, column, heard gunshots in the room, not to watch, timely escape on the sofa the rear or bed side, don’t hide behind the door or the closet.● texture. Selection is not easy to cover by penetration. If the wall, column, the tree stem, the front of the car engine and tire; wooden door, aluminum door, trash, shrubs, flower basket, counter, inside the stadium seats, the car door and the tail is not able to resist bullets, not as a shelter, but can play a masking effect, the terrorists in the first time can not find you, to win time for the next step of escape.● volume. Choose the mask that can block your body. Some objects texture density, but the volume is too small, not enough to completely block the own body, is not a masking purposes, such as street trees, dry, fire hydrant etc..● shape. Select a shape easy to hide the body hidden objects. The masking body shape rules, it is easy to dodge bullets, hide the body, such as the column; irregular objects prone to ricochet, masking thereafter easily ricochet damage, such as rockery, ornamental stone etc..In case of a chemical attack to be far away from sources of pollution● as soon as possible masking. Use of environmental facilities and carry on items masking body and mouth and nose, avoid or reduce the poison invasion and inhalation.● looking for export. Pollution from the source direction, as far as possible toward the direction perpendicular to the wind direction, rapid and orderly evacuation.Cover your mouth and nose in case of nuclear and radiological attack● orderly evacuation. Orderly withdrawal as soon as possible to relatively safe place, away from the radiation source.● timely protection. Use carry on items to cover mouth and nose.Meet the arsonA bogeyDo not be confound atBlind bogey shoutingDo not linger propertyTo avoid chaos open windows and doorsDo not take the elevatorAvoid random runDo not easily jump off buildingPublic placeThere are four treasuresThe alarm switchIn public places, “switch” are red and yellow sign, the arrow pointing to the position that button, push for the alarm telephone.Fire ExtinguisherCorridor equipped with dry powder fire extinguisher box, is covered with red “fire extinguisher” logo.EXITFloors within a emergency light, clear the “exit” sign.Fire protection facilitiesIn the corridor or staircase is a fire hydrant, a fire zone near the.Sponsor Link:fixing socket prop nut lifting insert

In mid June this year, a middle-aged man with 2 children came to the household registration window, request the public security organ to solve 2 children account. Classics understanding, this man is the 2 children’s uncle, because his father had mental problems, its mother disability paralysis and no account.2 children are now more than 10 years old, because of no birth certificate has not been home. 2 children are now more than 10 years old, because of no birth certificate has not been home. According to the policy, no mother account information can not be handled. The household registration police to the patient explanation: according to the current home related policies, no birth certificate, is now available through the DNA paternity home. But when heard to thousands of yuan of DNA appraisal cost, the man suddenly wrinkly the eyebrows, said he also usually rely on subsidies to live, no way to pay several thousand dollars.In order to help children solve problem two households, the police actively with the Yunfu Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal department contact, and ask for help. The identification of criminal science decision cost reduction. Recently, identified by DNA and his father in 2 children, the school is its smoothly handle the formalities. (reporter Yu Ganyong correspondent Lin Yu, Luo Yanhao) [Edit]: Jiang YanSponsor Link:lifting socket scaffolding clamps wavy tail anchor

The netizen expresses, the man is a look at how to, who really was touched. The netizen expresses, the man is a look at how to, who really was touched. Dongguan Qiming firm lawyers said Chen Zhenghua, from the legal point of view, can not consider how man suspected the motive, should consider its behavior, if it is not in violation of traffic rules, so the driver should take full responsibility.If the man’s death, the driver is suspected of the crime of causing traffic casualties. (reporter Wei Lina) [Edit]: Jiang YanSponsor Link:swift lift anchors scaffolding clamps steel chamfer

Guangdong partner in a law firm Ge Lei: Remuneration is not bad The amount shall be limit Modern people’s behavior is mainly governed by law, the concept of thinking and also more by the impact of the law. Therefore, in the credit can not be ambiguous, remuneration is reasonable on the issue, we need to find a legal basis.1986 promulgated the “general rules of the civil law” seventy-ninth paragraph second: “lost and found objects, flotsam and stray animal, shall be returned to their rightful owners, and any costs thus incurred shall be reimbursed.”Here the “should be” embodies a legal obligation.So, from our country law, moral and legal obligation to “that” the unity of.That if that is an obligation of the finder, so he doesn’t have the right to enjoy for payment? Using the method of economic analysis, we can imagine, lost items on their property back apparently willing to pay the price, must pay and pay related costs thanks to the people outside, will also play a role in encouraging positive, is to the satisfaction of all “win-win” situation.So for the similar “to ask for remuneration” problem, the law has made a corresponding adjustment. “Property law” 109th article: lost property, shall be returned to the right holder. The finder shall inform the right holder to claim, or to the public security departments.Article 112nd: the rights of people their lost, it shall pay the expenses necessary for safekeeping the object of expenditure to the finder or the relevant department. Article 113rd: the lost since the release of lost and found within six months from the date of unclaimed, owned by the state. From the legal provisions can be seen, the finder first shall be returned to the owner of lost property; secondly, the right people shall pay the “necessary” cost to the finder; again, if no one claims, the lost property should be owned by the state.Therefore, the owner should pay the finder, already has a legal basis. But because of different levels of economic development, therefore, the “necessary” whether the costs can be less than the total value of the 15% as a reward? When the keepers and the owner has the right and obligation to peer, related disputes should be reduced. Notable is, if picking up lost property refused to surrender, the larger amount, may constitute the crime of embezzlement, which for picking up the property of the people, can not be ignored. Guangzhou love spirit psychological counseling center psychological expert Zhang Hongfei: Avoid helping people find in helping others and culture From a psychological point of view, helps the human motivation has two kinds: one kind is the internal motivation — to meet the inner happiness, self value; one is the external motivation — to obtain external reward, praise. When helping behavior stems from the internal motivation, helping behavior will be more stable.The party also can realize the inner satisfaction.They care about is to help people feeling happy, at the same time in the process, can realize self value.They care about is to help people feeling happy, at the same time in the process, can realize self value.This is what we find in helping others “”.When the help is originated from the external motivation, helping behavior is not very stable. Helping behavior can occur, depending on the outside have no incentive or reward amount. When the external reward enough, the parties will make the helping behavior; and when the reward too little or no time, they will lose interest in helping people. This is the so-called “help people”.Although seen from the results, it is derived from the internal or external motivation, motivation, but to help behavior, will have a positive impact on society. But if the pursuit of external motivation, can let a person hard to find in helping others feeling, scarcity resulting in feelings, is not conducive to the individual’s mental health, and once the external interest disappear, helping behavior also disappeared. If the parents of children in the education process, always emphasize the interest, can let the child more realistic, square accounts in every detail, this is likely to the child’s future life bring various problems. A will only thinking about himself, it is difficult to realize the real happiness.If things go on like this, the child will become egoistic, lack the ability to understand the feelings of others, when the uncertain return whether can get paid when, will hide the things, but didn’t feel the emotions of others and feel. In this case, the mother again and again to the owner for a supply of sth., can see mother psychological conflict, can also see the mother to child care.But education is not only love is enough, and we need to guide children towards a more positive, more healthy direction. The mother because has not been able to meet the children desire for a bicycle, and anxiety, self reproach, and at the same time, the method of children’s education is also a lack of, will eventually use this selfish way to let the children have a bike. In the education process of children, parents should be more to start the children’s internal motivation.Cultivate children’s empathy is the key. The so-called empathy, is to place oneself in others’position thinking, feel the emotions of others and the ability to feel. For example, in this case the mother, can try to guide the children to experience a lost wallet are anxious feelings, so that children have a willingness to take the initiative to return the idea.When the child returned the wallet, see worried uncle breathed a sigh of relief when, the moment of happiness, satisfaction, sense of self value is the most real, the most pure, the most healthy. The Philosophy Department of Zhongshan University ethics Dr. Yan Zhihao Remuneration for a supply of sth. Charity into business The “Shi Ensuo” case, itself is not complicated, but some details we may easily confused, a lot of legitimate decision or not, to consult the specific situation in the process of deciding.Pick up a wallet, not knowing in the owner who is the case, to spend money, not what unfair.However, once you know who is the owner, and not also, there is the distinction between morality sense.If the owner is willing to put the cash in your wallet purse found as a reward to people, regardless of the amount, picked up the decline or accept the cash, seem to have no what unfair.But if picked up the wallet, knew who the wallet, but refused to return or coerce reward, they become unfair. Generally, human action is divided into three kinds, obligations, duties and obligations of independent super. The unconditional return of the purse, call it that, is a virtue, is the Super Duty behavior. The obligations and obligations, both are good, but the latter is more worthy of our praise. Clear this classification, we can not ask others to return money, because it is not their duty.Theoretically speaking, do good premise must be voluntary and motivation pure good actors. As a result, the child’s mother to return the wallet objective is the owner, not re apply for certificates of loss; and the boy finally got the right car, both sides are no doubt good. But according to the law, the owner should pay the finder must pay, this is their labor compensation to the owner. The results for a supply of sth. be perfectly logical and reasonable, but in fact in the process, it becomes purely business negotiations.Some people may say: Alas, finally only to buy a car, not as good as the original direct took the money, the other is throw away. The amount of money almost, but behind this actually has the difference of moral. That, for not hurting people could easily. But the need for several hundred million people this purse, choose good difficulty is great many.Therefore, in this matter, we can understand the poverty of a boy. In this case, not money to take forcible possession of are rare. However, in this case is a non issue we must be clear: poverty can not do good for evil, but can not be an excuse for. Gather and watch Compensation for the return of property The system design is good @ three yuan fairy: I think all people with lofty moral character is unlikely, since ancient times, only a few people can reach the standard.So find paid return is a good system design.@along1912: I think that children should not be what things to benefit.@ Xiao Xiaoting yuan: the baby is too small to do not know can understand, but parents wrong education really intolerable!Poor family condition is one thing, the moral problem is another. Growing up in such an environment, really worried that this doll values.@ Suzi: payment should be paid, but the amount of words should be regarded to return the amount of the bar, there is a clear percentage or a little better.@A-Allez: for a bicycle is not so tall, but not for being “. And this is the law gives youth rights. Different countries and regions, thank chargesChina Guangzhou: according to the “Regulations” management in Guangzhou city by items, to that individual, may give reward to pick up the amount of 10% of the property value.Chinese Taiwan: thanks for all the people, may request the return of real value 3/10. Germany: quite detailed regulations about picking up lost property issues, “finder can request delivery of the right people to pay picker.The value of property in the one thousand German Mark below, the compensation for the value of 5%, more than this number, some by more than 3% calculation.The animal is 3% of the value.”English: pay is the lost property 10%.View excerpt Reasonable compensation to the law clearly We should see, although the legal remuneration rights in the protection of person picked up at the same time, also provides the necessary expenses for the amount of cable must meet the finder for safekeeping the object of expenditure, can not open one’s mouth wide, otherwise it will be from legitimate illegal.From a legal point of view, pick up the lost property shall be returned to the owner, cable phatic beyond the custody lending costs incurred.For higher compensation to the owner, it constitutes the law occupation, and lost value larger refusal to return may constitute the crime of embezzlement, so paid restitution and blackmail and impose exactions on only one step away.For higher compensation to the owner, it constitutes the law occupation, and lost value larger refusal to return may constitute the crime of embezzlement, so paid restitution and blackmail and impose exactions on only one step away.A finder unreasonable charge a price behavior, the owner may be addressed through legal channels. Of course, reasonable reward remains to be the Supreme People’s court through judicial interpretation should be clear standards. — Yan Sanzhong “Chinese Jiangxi net” special report: reporter Li Wen [Edit]: Jiang Yan Participating in interactive (0Sponsor Link:halfen channel scaffolding accessories erection anchor

Why the world famous chain catering enterprises, will be such a big problem in supply?”Mack” why to Chinese is bad? How to conduct effective supervision on food security? Zhang Zhang: so pierce to the heart of the matter: the truth speak with fervour and assurance Lian Hongyang Tan sensitive girl: Wine books pointing Jiangshan Capital profit empty that drill Tan Min: “the capital has come into the world, each pore is dripping with blood and dirt.”Marx early in more than 100 years ago, points out the capital seek nothing but profits, free will drill the essence.Capital profits, both Chinese and foreign, all is such.At the beginning of 2003, “horsemeat storm” swept across Europe, Sweden, Britain and France and other countries of the beef products found to “hang tau sell horse meat”, find by hard and thorough search, because EU countries only 1/3 horse meat prices of beef. The supplier to mardel cattle, in order to obtain illegal profits.Capital profit, also regardless of the size of the enterprise. We usually think, small business because of the internal quality control is lax, prone to problems, however, the problems of Shanghai Fuxi company, is not a small workshop, but the industry leader, America OSI group and its parent company, has 100 years of history, is the world’s largest meat and vegetable processing group. McDonald’s, KFC such global chain enterprises in recent years in the Chinese also repeatedly out food safety problems.Why do these well-known big company will be a good example from the eyes of the people to become a bad boy? Visible, enterprise self-discipline and internal control is unreliable, must strengthen the external supervision, in order to give capital set profit on a bridle. Zhang Zhang: usually, severity market irregularities, is inversely proportional to monitor. Zhang Zhang: usually, severity market irregularities, is inversely proportional to monitor. Usually the more stringent regulation in place, no capital available drilling, irregularities are less likely.Conversely, as long as there are loopholes in supervision and control of capital nature, profit, will naturally choose adventure. Like Fuxi company as famous global fast food brand suppliers, dare in a flagrant way will “expired metamorphism meat” give priority to in Chinese use, and in more than 80 other countries there is no violation records, many of our supervision too “tolerance”, which allowed their behavior. Lian Hongyang: capital seek nothing but profits, enterprise self-discipline is often unreliable. The need to strengthen the administrative supervision, as well as to the association’s.From this point of view, the industry organizations and industry associations to play a greater role. Including the development of industry standards and norms, to help enterprises to strengthen internal management. Attach importance to the marketing ignore quality Zhang Zhang: the fast food business has attracted so much attention, the reason lies in its marketing means out of shape “good boy” image and reality is the exposure problem between serious contrast.Both in the mass media, or on the streets, everywhere can see McDonald’s, KFC and other fast-food stores and advertising, and even these businesses also often in food safety, control strictly as a selling point to attract customers advertising.Experience in the consumer, foreign fast food is under the foot of the effort, such as advertising people first, humanization, restaurant environment is comfortable, fashionable. Children also play cards, birthday party, to send toys, let the children fall in love with fast food, these foods may not be suitable for children. But food safety problems have been exposed the shocking, but that these marketing means out of shape the corporate image, but is a beautiful bubble, a stamp is broken. No matter how the strength of the enterprise, “quality is the life of enterprise of the word” should never be forgotten.Tan Min: the concept of dislocation re marketing, light quality, in addition to business ideas foreign fast food enterprises have problems, deep rooted in disregard of our market order. As you can see, to China after “bad” transnational enterprises is the only way to McDonald’s, KFC food enterprises.Some multinational companies engage in unfair competition, such as the 2013 world famous multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline resigned for commercial bribery in China to expand product sales; some multinational companies in the quality maintenance for “double standards”, such as the beginning of this year Toshiba appliances announced free maintenance for more than 58.3 Taiwan washing machine, but does not involve Chinese market; 2012 Toyota Corporation because of automobile pedal recall to have quality problems, America consumers took out a $1100000000 “reconciliation package”, but to China consumers did not clear the promise of compensation. Last year the Apple Corp iPhone, iPad and other equipment warranty policy also was exposed by the media “and different”, in the strong pressure of public opinion to China consumers. Lian Hongyang: these multinational corporations more only brings superior marketing skills, but did not fully bring stable product quality and after sale service uniform, this is no respect for the Chinese market. To change this situation, companies should make no exception to Chinese market, especially to change marketing, light quality management strategy, “good boy” bad will since the smashing signs.There is lack of supervision method, weak punishment Lian Hongyang: “Mack”, “Ken man” into the Chinese, become “bad uncle”, “strange grandpa”, in addition to the above reasons, a great extent and Chinese legal environment.To say Chinese lack of laws that is not the case, “product quality law” and “consumer protection law,” “agricultural products quality safety law,” “food safety law”, although not dovetail, food production, storage, transportation, sale, use of full coverage, at least not lawlessness.If these laws are strict implementation, the basic guarantee food security is no problem. Problem is, there is lack of supervision law. We see, the foreign brand fast food accident, still follow the past path, by reporter revealed, again by the administrative supervision department to follow up. The path efficiency is very high, but it is not right, can rely on the reporter guarantee food safety?Those responsible for food safety departments and personnel prior to, why? What the bull management, food enterprises scattered ah, the food chain is too long ah, understaffed…… After the incident, some regulators can always find for their own justification, but if the public does not look to any regulatory effect, the public what to keep you? Unequal rights and responsibilities, raised a number of not as lazy. “Food safety law” (Revised Draft) to increase accountability dereliction of duty, the criminal responsibility of legal supervision personnel, to criminal liability Daobi administrative departments, regulators, if not as a major accident occurs, it may be negative criminal liability. Tan Min: second levels, food safety supervision system design of our country also has many loopholes, sectional management, has not formed the whole monitoring process. He said the food chain and food traceability principle, the very good implementation in Germany these principles, sell egg like supermarket, each egg has a digital ID, consumers can according to the numbers back to laying hen’s farm, chicken or chicken coop number.If the food from farm to table the whole controlled, traceability, boundary clear, responsibility, the chain enterprises dare not let down, will greatly reduce the possibility of accidents. The mainland food qualified rate is high, is a full traceability, seamless supervision, full of “positive energy” paradigm. Zhang Zhang: look at the relevant laws, the law itself also has the problem of insufficient rigidity, the inevitable weak constraints. Aiming at the problem of “punishment generally reflect the food safety law” on the problems in the implementation of the “revised draft”, has been improved, compensation and fines are improved, but also increase the “off limits industry”, the relevant regulatory personnel should be investigated for criminal responsibility clause.On the compensation, law still adhere to the actual loss principle, and the punitive damages are not supported. We might as well have a look this example: in 1992 February, a consumer USA is McDonald’s Coffee scald, judge McDonald’s compensation for the consumers “compensation” 160000 dollars, “punitive damages” $480000. If “for no limit”, see who dare not take food safety seriously. Mack Ken man is bad, but also remind us, don’t be confused by the giant halo, only to strengthen the supervision to maintain the safety of the tongue. [Edit]: Jiang YanParticipating in interactive (Sponsor Link:lifting socket formwork accessories lifting insert

Such a well-known restaurant menus on suspicion of “deceptive” reporter also encountered the bill businesses that no fault trap”Menu obviously written pickled fish 48 yuan /, but the bill bill was written 48 yuan / Jin, it is not obvious how the consumption trap?”Recently, the reporter received a number of calls, reflect the well-known restaurants “Lu Dingji” existence “deceptive” menu. A consumer rights lawyer expresses, if businesses privately changed a unit of account, which is beyond the scope of the two sides of the transaction conditions acceptable, belongs to unilaterally change the trading conditions, acts of suspected fraud, consumers can refuse payment. “The pilgrimage to ‘Lu Ding Ji’ eat pickled fish, but a little on the ‘is’ more money.”Live in Wuyang Metro Mr Leung told reporters about an outrageous eating experience. The famous restaurant “Lu Dingji” menu on the pickled fish unit “a”, the bill is “Jin”, and the minimum consumption of 2 kilograms, merchants menu and bill separately by two different unit pricing, consumers questioned this alleged fraud consumers and strong buy strong sell. Citizen: menu bill two daysLast week, Mr. Liang and his family came to the Lu Ding Ji to dinner, he points Perch sauerkraut.”When the menu marking ‘Perch 48 yuan /’, I think the price is very suitable, did not want to point a.” Liang said, didn’t expect the checkout, handed over the waiter bill shows, sauerkraut Perch was received 96 yuan. “When I look closely at the original bill, sauerkraut Perch from ‘a’, according to press the ‘Jin’, a pickled cabbage Perch I was in accordance with the 2 catties, so the charges 96 yuan.” Mr. Liang was expressed dissatisfaction, he asked the waiter to reflect the numeraire and bill sauerkraut Perch menu on the unit is not consistent, “it is not obvious harm?” Mr. Liang was expressed dissatisfaction, he asked the waiter to reflect the numeraire and bill sauerkraut Perch menu on the unit is not consistent, “it is not obvious harm?”Waiter: low consumption of playBut the waiter to Mr Leung explained, sauerkraut Perch counted by pounds per kilogram, play, “48 yuan / also have no wrong, because one is a heavy burden, so it is 48 yuan / jin.” The waiter said, pickled fish are the minimum consumption of, and each Perch is a heavy burden, component of is two, but at that time he didn’t notice the waiter and the menu prompt.When he look at the menu, only to see the menu on the right position to write a “single product of” words. But he thinks, if the store marked 48 yuan / in the menu on the Jin, he also can understand “single product of play” and will accept, but now on the menu “48 yuan /”, will make people think a pickled cabbage Perch is 48 yuan, no association to the final according to the “Jin” will become.”Feel suspected of fraud, and strong buy strong sell feeling, because in addition to the pickled cabbage Perch, Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce many dishes are also to consumers each minimum consumption of 2 kg, or can not point.” Liang said.Investigations: the store is always considered himself no wrongIn fact, and he have the same experience with the people there are many, in that the “is” the lowest consumption of pickled cabbage Perch, most people choose to accept more money.In July 20th, the reporters came to the Lu Ding Ji Xing Sheng Lu Dian, confirmed the residents reported the material was true. The reporter sees on the menu, sauerkraut Perch is labeled “48 yuan /”, the reporter points a, the waiter did not make any reminders for journalists, but the final bill, bill shows “pickled cabbage Perch (kg)”, and the number is “2 pounds”, “a total of 96 yuan”.Advisory reporters attendant “is not a 48 yuan? I just ordered a charge 96 yuan, why?” The waiter said, sauerkraut Perch is calculated according to Jin, the minimum consumption of 2 kg, a Perch is 1 pounds, the equivalent of two. The waiter also finger the menu on the right “single product of” words, and told reporters that the waiter in the order should be made to prompt a reporter. But the reporter said, at the time when ordering waiters without any prompting, the menu seems to make people think sauerkraut Perch A is a 48 yuan, not by the pound here.In multi-party negotiations, they always think of themselves not wrong, but the reporters refused to make concessions to refuse payment. Finally the waiter agreed to this dish is only 48 yuan, but another 48 yuan to place an order from the head waiter there deduction. “Because the waiter didn’t explain to customers will be fined.”The reporters also found that, most stores require minimum consumption of dishes, dishes can only stir fry 1 pound.Lawyer: violation of consumer law suspected fraudAccording to the complaint, many consumer rights lawyer pointed out, businesses suspected of violating the “consumer protection law” in the fair, open, the principle of equality.Guangdong famous senior lawyers, Guangdong Province Consumer Council legal adviser, Guangdong Province Council Legal Committee Zhu Yongping said, Lu Dingji the menu bill inconsistent behavior, misleading the consumer suspicion, suspected fraudulent. Zhu Yongping said, if the store in the dish price without instructions “a is equivalent to a Jin”, “unit price by the pound here”, the waiter did not explain, this obviously belong to the consumption trap, if consumers unknowingly by catty fees, business behavior is suspected of fraud, consumers may request return the overcharged amount is.Renowned legal scholars, Guangdong de Liang lawyer Chen Jie said, on the menu price is open, if without prior notification, the business change a private unit, is beyond the scope of the two sides of the transaction conditions acceptable, belonging to a single change in trading conditions, suspected of fraud, consumers can refuse payment. “Because if businesses explanation to the customer in advance, the customer can choose not to consume.” Chen Jie said.The business of consumer evaluation of polarizationReporter found that data access, Lu Ding Ji is nearly two years out of the “Sichuan style food”. Though the boss is authentic Guangzhou people, but has relied on the successful campaign to become one of the fastest growing, the local diet brand, has opened third branches. However, he has been praised reputation Dingji elastic mixed, have people think Lu Ding Ji food safety and hygiene, service environment is good, but there are a lot of people think here not authentic dishes, dishes are less and the price of your side.Reporter from the Guangzhou City Administration of industry and Commerce 12315 consumer rights center learned that, over the past year Lu Dingji relates to three consumer advice and report, which involves no business license, refused to invoice, but there is no price complaints. Article / reporter QuanjieSponsor Link:fixing socket aop formwork pfeifer VS box

But along the same latitude East, across nearly half the globe longitude, with Chinese own Bordeaux. Here the vastness, beautiful scenery, the Yellow River water flowing, forming a rich and fertile Ningxia plain. Especially in the summer, the southeast monsoon brought abundant rainfall, for this piece of plain covered with a layer of wet veil, “noted” hence the name. Ningxia Zhongning wolfberry in the world “Ningxia red brewing raw materials — the Chinese wolfberry, wolfberry is the best in the world!”The Chinese wolfberry has always been known as the “red”, according to estimates by experts, China’s growing, Chinese wolfberry cultivation has a history of 4000 years, while the Ningxia artificial cultivation of wolfberry cultivation has more than 600 years of history.The Chinese wolfberry with its long history, excellent product quality, unique medicinal value and thriving, Ningxia ranked “first five”.In July 17, 2014, Ningxia red national media delegation came to China wolfberry wolfberry township of Zhongning, had a biography Qi trip. When a pedestrian in the green trees and red million mu of Chinese wolfberry industry garden, friends are shocked.”Frontier Jiangnan indeed have a well-deserved reputation, in such a beautiful and fertile land, all conceived a miracle has become inevitable.” “Frontier Jiangnan indeed have a well-deserved reputation, in such a beautiful and fertile land, all conceived a miracle has become inevitable.”Indeed, the world of Lycium barbarum in Ningxia, Ningxia wolfberry in zhongning. The near perfect natural environment, as brewing the world’s top Wine French Bordeaux grape production is as important to the meaning of. The world of Chinese wolfberry Chinese, Chinese wolfberry in Ningxia, Ningxia wolfberry red Ningxia.”Ningxia because of its unique geographical advantages, the Ningxia wolfberry wolfberry become the excellent varieties. Here, the formation of the upper reaches of the the Yellow River River alluvial plain is very suitable for Chinese wolfberry growth of the soil, the annual sunshine 3000 hours is very conducive to medlar nutrient accumulation, and the temperature difference between day and night, huge promoted the transformation of Lycium barbarum pulp sugar, in addition to the Yellow River and contains a variety of mineral water and water mixed irrigation and the nutritional content of medlar different from the general.The inheritance of excellent, more to prove that the Ningxia red Chuan Qi medlar wine than any words of outstanding. In medlar garden hard work a lifetime of Master Li to a pedestrian said, July, is the “summer fruit picking medlar” season.Lycium barbarum under long time sunshine, each medlar fruit are full of the smell of the sun. Is a rare precious medicinal herbs. Every morning, he and his wife are within two hours after picking, the only way we can ensure that every single Chinese wolfberry value. Indeed, unique continental monsoon climate, can let the Chinese wolfberry shoots robust growth, and the significant change of the temperature difference between day and night, let the berries become fleshy. In his medlar garden, just to pick a medlar fresh fruit into the mouth, all taste buds will only be a smell fills, it only belongs to medlar sweet, this is also for thousands of years, nature has given the people of Ningxia the most beautiful gift. Ningxia Hong Chuan Qi medlar wine was temperedChinese wolfberry wine easy mining, rare.For thousands of years, the traditional Ningxia medlar soaked in liquor, said the old stories, this way of life so that local people were rosy plump. However, scientific testing can be found, simply soak only can release nutrients wolfberry 10%. How can the gifts of nature with maximum? Ten years grinding sword, finally, low-temperature fermentation technology of Lycium barbarum was created. In the fermentation workshop, staff first professional container with medlar temperature rose to 80 degrees Celsius heat for half an hour and then open cooling system, to room temperature into the freezing tank freezing cold, while using physical methods to crystal and colloid precipitation separation. The activation of the wax layer ones, make the essence of wolfberry 90% to get the maximum release, nutritional value which not only let people can obtain wolfberry wolfberry wine the rapid increase, also let the transformation of identity, become the modern technology of medlar wine. In oak barrels of wine cellar, wolfberry wine fermentation classified into storage tanks or oak barrels for storage, wait for wine aging. Ningxia red Chuan Qi medlar wine brewage, Ningxia Zhongning 100% fresh wolfberry fermentation.When asked how to create such a rich palate, staff told everybody, Chuan Qi red is the use of new oak for one to two years of aging, thereby maintaining the wolfberry fruit fragrance elegant aroma, the rich heavy tannins. R & D of science, coupled with the traditional process of passing on, Chinese patent gold medal this set of production technology of Ningxia red wolfberry wine won the World Intellectual Property Organization and the State Intellectual Property Bureau jointly issued the “”. Ningxia red relevant responsible person said, with French oak barrel cellar and number of years, not only ensure the fragrance elegant aroma, rich and thick tannins, has the characteristic of “crystal clear, mellow wine body fragrance, aftertaste”.The nutritional components of Chinese wolfberry and maximize the retention, has the very high nutritional value, fresh wolfberry juice brewing wolfberry all dissolved nutrients in wine, taste good, do not get angry. Chuan Qi medlar wine first-class quality incomparable, health is worth more than the product itself, health, fashion, taste good! China first wolfberry red, Ningxia red deserved, a pedestrian road evaluation Chuan Qi trip.In advocating healthy living healthy drinking today, thirteen years grinding sword of Ningxia red wolfberry wine by virtue of its excellent taste and health, green, the original ecological philosophy as excellent products in 2014 wine most worthy of attention. Health wine, wolfberry fruit fragrance, Ningxia wolfberry red, from the border gifts. Chinese wolfberry wine from the past to the fruit dried fruit soaked brewing now, Ningxia red Chuan Qi medlar wine has become a representative of the global initiative of Lycium barbarum dry red wine.In this regard, Ningxia red chairman Zhang Jinshan pointed out: “is a rare opportunity wolfberry brewing China wine remodeling, the change of consumption launched Ningxia red group, Chuan Qi medlar wine. When the consumer more and more rational, people no longer Sheng behavior others drink to his drinking, health products should be the future market growth is one of the largest. When the Ningxia red lead Chuan Qi medlar wine out of the country, to become the representative of Ningxia red wolfberry wine, will create a new round of China type legend.” [Edit]: Chen WeiyiSponsor Link:lifting clutches prop sleeve lifting loop

3 years ago, she divorced with her husband, and her children to her ex husband, he went to Guangzhou and Zhongshan to work. Xu often chat online, a time in Internet cafes sit half a day. At the beginning of this year, the net friend “loner” broke into her eyes, with the Hunan fellow, also have the experience of divorce “loner” humor, let marriage unfortunate Xu immediately opened your heart.At the beginning of this year, the net friend “loner” broke into her eyes, with the Hunan fellow, also have the experience of divorce “loner” humor, let marriage unfortunate Xu immediately opened your heart. In chat, “loner” tell Xu, his name is Chen Mou, also work in Guangzhou, this year 36 years old. Two people chatting, chat often regret we didn’t meet sooner, all through the night.About 3 months later, Chen Mou puts forward, want to and Xu Xupu back home to get married, but want to go to Heng Mountain for a visit, for this rare marriage blessing. Xu with joy, immediately think of to do the bride, he spent 13000 yuan to buy a gold bracelet, a gold necklace and a pair of gold earrings, and all wear in the body, to Hunan Heng Mountain. In late March 31st 11, two people meet and stay in Nanyue Nanyue District of Hengyang City, a Hengshan Road hotel. Second days morning 8 when, Xu will wear their own gold jewelry off into the wallet, and the purse under the pillow, and then go take a shower. However, when she found out, take a shower, Chen Mou has not in the room, opened the pillow a look inside the wallet, jewelry and 200 yuan are not met, then the alarm. (reporter Zhang Danyang correspondent Zhu Hongmei, Luo Ai)[Edit]: Jiang Yan Participating in interactive ( 0 )Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors prop nut erection anchor

In new network23 July Xinhua recently, for a period of two days of “Chinese wolfberry China taste” 2014 Ningxia red national media pass Qi Caifeng activities in wolfberry town Ningxia kicked off in Zhongwei, the twenty-first Century economic report, the first financial daily, Sina, Sohu,,,, Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, Dahe Daily, Qilu Evening News from all over the country more than 30 mainstream media, media, network media goes to Zhongning, Zhongwei and other places, close observation, experience each link Chinese wolfberry town – Zhongning and Ningxia red Chuan Qi was born.Accompanied by Ningxia red group related personnel, production lines from Ningxia red Chuan Qi reporters, to the field experience, the wine tasting, from million mu of wolfberry Industry Park base folk songs, folk songs, to experience, media communication forum…… From all over the country’s media friends feel the unique charm of the world of Lycium barbarum Zhongning and Ningxia red Chuan Qi culture historical legend.Drunk Meining Xia Hong is a Chinese wolfberry redThe Chinese wolfberry has 600 years of cultivation history, known as “the world Chinese wolfberry from Ningxia, Zhongning conquered” reputation.During the two day event, journalists and friends of Ningxia red million mu of wolfberry Industrial Park and Ningxia red wolfberry production base for the visit. The delegation is not only to explore the story behind the Ningxia red brewing Chuan Qi medlar source, more feel Ningxia red group to pass Qi health quality of the stick and inheritance.In Ningxia red Chuan Qi production base, the delegation learned about the process and history of brewing Ningxia red Chuan Qi, explain in detail the Ningxia red brewing technology and wine of the road, and to experience the Chinese wolfberry fruit picking, acquisition, cleaning, selection, crushing, fermentation brewing juice unique link.In the stretch as far as eye can see Mu wolfberry Industrial Park base, local Qi agricultural to Zhongning reincarnation was vivid and detailed explanation. A piece of red and green intertwined ocean stretches to the horizon, heavy medlar is mature, every grain of all red mellow and full, is very cute. Friends of the press is to experience personally picking medlar toil and happiness.In medlar garden hard work a lifetime of Master Li to a pedestrian said, July, is the “summer fruit picking medlar” season. Lycium barbarum under long time sunshine, each medlar fruit are full of the smell of the sun. Is a rare precious medicinal herbs. Every morning, he and his wife are within two hours after picking, the only way we can ensure that every single Chinese wolfberry value. Indeed, unique continental monsoon climate, can let the Chinese wolfberry shoots robust growth, and the significant change of the temperature difference between day and night, let the berries become fleshy. In his medlar garden, just to pick a medlar fresh fruit into the mouth, all taste buds will only be a smell fills, it only belongs to medlar sweet, this is also for thousands of years, nature has given the people of Ningxia the most beautiful gift.”Here, each one a medlar tree are in strict accordance with the organic wolfberry cultivation specification control, we guarantee from here every grain of medlar are safe and reliable, excellent quality.” According to the Ningxia red relevant responsible person introduced, compared to other parts of the production of Chinese wolfberry, wolfberry except here have more nutrient rich, but also more safe and reliable, all Ningxia red wolfberry products required, are produced here, this is from the source to ensure the excellent quality products of Ningxia red.Ningxia red wolfberry industry chain of industrial pattern”The world of Chinese wolfberry Chinese, China wolfberry in Ningxia, Ningxia wolfberry red Ningxia.” Ningxia because of its unique geographical advantages, the Ningxia wolfberry wolfberry become the excellent varieties, but also achievements in the Ningxia red group. In order to inherit Chinese wolfberry industry chain, Ningxia red in Zhongning will wolfberry cultivation from less than 50000 in 2002 to 850000 Mu Mu development today, and introduced to the market of wolfberry wolfberry wine brewing technology based on.In 2001, Ningxia red group by low-temperature fermentation technology, introduced the Ningxia wolfberry red wine, the Chinese wolfberry industry terminal extension. In 2014, after 13 years of research and development of Ningxia red Chuan Qi, dry out, endorsement by the legend Jackie Chan this product, setting off a red “Chuan Qi storm this year in Chengdu spring ÌǾƻá”.Ningxia Hong Chuan Qi, is selected from the origin of the high quality of wolfberry fruit raw material, using the “Chinese Patent Gold Award” brewing techniques, the import of French oak, French winemakers to guide. Through low temperature fermentation, brewing process, change the defect of medlar wine body susceptible to infection, unstable, the medlar intrinsic essence to maximize the release, so as to achieve the purpose of diet, health, nutrition to. Industry experts think, introduced Chuan Qi medlar wine, wine industry is not only a technology, a revolutionary breakthrough, it is a product of domestic and world blank filling.In front of the industrial chain of Ningxia red wolfberry, formulated the “company + peasant household” mode of industry, to establish a solid base of raw material of Lycium barbarum. Ningxia red and farmers signed a purchase agreement, in order to ensure the interests of farmers of Ningxia red wolfberry, purchase price is much higher than the purchase price of Lycium barbarum, let protocol orders become Qi agricultural reassurance, eliminate their concerns of Lycium barbarum pin not go out.In order to ensure the quality of Ningxia red source, production workshop will be to extend the reach of the orchard, the Chinese wolfberry fruit adequate supplies of raw materials and raw material quality at the same time, stable Qi agricultural planting income. At the same time, through the brand to promote the Chinese wolfberry industry development, Chinese wolfberry industry to promote the farmers income, formed the industrial development pattern of sustainable, stable, healthy, realize mutual win-win Ningxia red wolfberry farmers and.In the media communication meeting, Ningxia red relevant responsible person said: “Ningxia red represents a healthy industry chain, representing more farmers become rich dream of Lycium barbarum. For each fruit brewed wine each bottle of wolfberry wolfberry farmers are carrying the child’s tuition, their living expenses, as well as the dreams of the future of their. Every consumer to drink every bottle of wolfberry fruit wine is healthy, this is Ningxia red Chuan Qi red health care, beautiful sunrise industry, public value transfer society, transfer of Ningxia red on social responsibility and mission.”Assistant Ningxia Red Group Chairman Liu Xiuhua said, Ningxia red Chuan Qi is China liquor consumption to “self selection product” era. Ningxia red group research and development of new products is also a concept of consumer demand changes in innovation, in line with the changing times and cast a consumer good, formed the Ningxia red Chuan Qi transfer health, for the whole society to transfer love brand mission.”Ningxia red into the world’s first brand of Chinese wolfberry wine, is not only the Ningxia Red Group’s goal, and it is carrying a Qi Xiang People ‘China dream’ — the small Ningxia wolfberry, from farmers to extend to the consumers, to achieve more wolfberry rich farmers of dreams, to find a new way of transformation value added for the Chinese wolfberry resources.” Ningxia red chairman Zhang Jinshan said. (In new networkLife channel)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches water stopper shuttering magnet

With the children alone at home and frequent events, China is trying to formulate laws and regulations to regulate the children at home alone. For example, in 2010 the implementation of the “Henan provincial regulations on protection of minors” in specific provision, shall not be less than 7 years old children alone at home; the women’s Federation of Shanghai city from the beginning of 2004 to the National People’s Congress, the CPPCC proposal, in the form of legislation regulations guardian can not let the children under 12 years of age alone in the house.In 1959 the “Declaration on the rights of the child” second presents the principle of the best interests of children, juvenile maximum benefits not only should be rooted in the parents’ consciousness, protection should be legal level. According to statistics, there are about 16000 primary and middle school students from accidental injury due to non normal deaths each year in china. The summer comes, a minor accident casualty incident into the period, give the child to create a safe and pleasant summer is the common responsibility of society and parents.In Japan, generally do not allow children under the third grade primary school alone at home; American also have legal provisions the children under the age of 12 must always have adult supervision; in Canada, not to 12 years of age children need to get the child care certificate alone can care for younger brothers and sisters, you might even because of the a child is left alone in the car and prosecuted. In addition, American part of state law, when people found that ignored or abandoned children after the situation, can report to police, child protection department of the local or 24 hour special hotline. Report immediately to carry out a substantive investigation and the relevant departments will be submitted after the.Even in some cases, the police can be in without parental consent to enter the home, watched the children are safe. If you enter the home after the discovery of children are in danger, the police can take the child away, and put forward the abuse, neglect or abandonment of children of parents prosecution. The Fangshan District court of Enron [Edit]: Jiang Yan Participating in interactive ( 0Sponsor Link:lifting socket formwork clamp lifting insert