The man “there” erectile ability, is not only related to sexual satisfaction, and the dignity of man face is closely related to. Erection is a complex and fascinating, recently, USA “women’s health” magazine published a cover article, introduces the reader to a fresh 9 erection Scientific Mysteries known.The erection of 1 in one of three ways. Are the reflex erection, psychological erectile, nocturnal penile tumescence. Direct contact will cause reflex erection, the rectum and bladder stimulation walk local stimulation friction or from inside, also can cause reflex erection; psychological break up from the auditory visual stimulation, or sexual fantasy; nocturnal erections occurred during the night. Psychological erectile and nocturnal penile tumescence is not always intentional, so sometimes occur at the wrong time.2 specific help can make the penis erection more efforts. One study found that, the female male caress and masturbation, better results can help the male penile erection.3 sleep erectile strength. Sleep is not only affect the sexual impulse, but also affects the normal male night “erectile – weak – erectile and weak” physiological process. Go to bed and stay up all night or a snoring loudly companion, definitely will affect men’s erectile strength.The 4 private key. Sex place privacy will affect the man erect. If you live with their parents, the child in the home, or are there other people live, will let the man when sexual erectile difficult.5 the erection of the penis may point bending. If the erection of penis after slightly bend to the right, don’t panic, because the erection of the penis are moderately bent is normal. But if too curved or cause discomfort, should be wary of penile internal tissue injury, see a urologist timely diagnosis and treatment.The 6 suspended masturbation makes erectile stronger. USA sex therapist Dr. Ian Coene said, if a man has several days not masturbation, he once again by the stimulus, penis congestion volume will be greater, which means that the erection will be stronger. So if you want to and wife sex erectile stronger, must persist for a few days the men, not masturbation.7 Effect of obesity erectile. The fat man testosterone levels can be reduced greatly, cause erectile not strong and forceful.8 wear sleeve causes some men to suffer from erectile dysfunction. A recent study in the Journal of sexual medicine “published” on the study found, some men do exist and condoms erectile dysfunction related. These men need to spend more time, more stimulus to keep an erection state.The erection of 9 have some uncontrollable. 30% of the men were not satisfied with the erection time. Most men because of the stimulus is too strong or lack of control, the erection and ejaculation, weak. ▲Related links5 types of food to help erectErectile degree and couples sex related. Recently, India Menxp website dedicated to count 5 can improve erectile food, help the men in sexual life is more powerful and confident.Foods rich in vitamin E, such as peanut, almond, broccoli, mango and wheat etc.. Vitamin E can help the arteries and veins of health to play a role, promote blood flow and blood circulation. This is sufficient to ensure that the man in the state of sexual excitement, with enough amount of penis.Zinc rich foods. Lack of zinc is the main cause of ED. Zinc containing foods can promote testosterone production, improve sperm motility. In addition, diabetes, digestive disorders, liver disease and kidney disease will reduce the amount of zinc in the body. Milk, cheese, salmon, lamb, beef, chicken, Turkey and peanuts are a good source of zinc.Watermelon. Watermelon is a natural source of citrulline, citrulline can relax the penile vascular, with Viagra effect very similar. And the highest content of citrulline watermelon skin. Therefore, the rind chopped, with melon meat juice together, more intake of citrulline.Dark green vegetables. Dark green vegetables and zinc content in the highest, and can provide power, the continuous and complete sex.Low sugar, low-fat food. Too much sugar and fat content of food may lead to obesity. With the increased weight, the heart pumps blood to support the erection will become more difficult. Therefore, should reduce the candy, ice cream, sugar cane, palm sugar, butter, rice and other high sugar high fat food. ▲Li Wei.Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories scaffolding clamps cast in sockets

Good sex need both sides with the tacit understanding, but due to the lack of adequate understanding, some people often make a wrong move. Recently, the famous French marriage “marriage partner” magazine survey found, sex partner, silent, silent is the respondents were most unacceptable performance, also easy to cause sexual life disharmonious.The investigation of 1000 25~60 years of age in the reader, they are already married or have a fixed partner. Researchers let these people to sort some negative things in the sex, both men and women, will be “sex in silence” on the front. Followed by oral smell, not changing location, foreplay time.The researchers say, love is silent, to give each other the subtext is “I’m not interested in sex.” Especially for men, love of silence is a great insult. “”. Sally Locke in the “secret love” a book that, when sexual love must be sound, whether a woman moaning or the praise of men, is the perfect life “catalyst”, is a great couple encourage. ▲Li Yongjiang.Sponsor Link:lifting clutches adjustable base jack steel chamfer

Revised draft of advertising 25 submit the twelfth NPC Standing Committee tenth meeting. In the light of some problems existing in the advertising law, the draft revised and improved. Defining the composition of the four kinds of specific cases of false advertising, to increase the special norms of spam, restrictions on tobacco advertising and adjustment, health products, medical, real estate advertising.In addition, it also increases the behavior norm and the legal responsibility of advertising endorser, this means that the star in the endorsement will have more standardized, may prove to be unused goods and services.Four cases of false advertisingThe draft clearly four kinds of situations will constitute false advertising: one is to sell goods or services do not exist; the two is selling performance, function, origin, uses, quality, specifications, composition, price, producer, expiration date, sales situation, once won the honor of information service content, form, or, quality, price, sales, won the honor and other information, as well as with commodities or services related to such as inconsistent with the actual situation, has a substantial impact on buying behavior; three is the statistics, forge or cannot be verified using the fictitious scientific research, information, results, abstract, quotation information such as certification materials; four is the fictional use goods or accept services effect.Without approval shall not send advertisingThe draft regulations, any unit or individual without the consent or request, or the parties expressly rejected, not sent to the residential, transportation, fixed telephone, mobile phone or personal email advertising.As the transmission channel cut rubbish short message, mail, it also demands, public management or business operators of telecommunications, Internet information service providers to know or should have known that the use of the site or the information transmission platform to publish the illegal advertisement, shall stop.May prove as unused goodsIn 2013, the NPC Standing Committee voted through amending the decision of the consumer protection law, the provisions of star advertising involving false propaganda, and businesses together to jointly and severally liable. The revised draft law on the legal responsibility of advertising endorser in advertising again should be clear and emphasized.The draft increased the behavior norm and the legal responsibility of advertising endorser, this means that the star in the endorsement will have more standardized, may prove to be unused goods and services. Revised draft of advertising law, the advertising endorser, is refers to the advertisement main outside, in the advertisement for goods, services recommendation, proof of the natural person, legal person or other organization.The provisions of the draft, the advertising endorser knows or should have known that the false advertising is still in the advertisement for goods, services recommendation, certificates, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall confiscate the illegal income, impose illegal income is 1 times more than 2 times the fine; the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the violator shall bear joint and several liability.Health food, medical and other advertising “red line”The revised draft law on drug advertising, medical advertising guidelines made perfect, new health food, medical advertising guidelines, requirements of pharmaceutical, health food, medical equipment, medical advertisements should not contain unscientific assertions that the effectiveness of, or guarantee; not the cure rate or efficiency; not with other medicines, medical apparatus and instruments and the effect security or other medical institutions; shall not use medical research institutes, academic institutions, medical institutions, trade associations or professionals, patients in the name as a reference, proof. The draft also ban other advertising in addition to drugs, medical equipment, medical advertising relates to disease treatment function.The draft also complement pesticide, veterinary drug advertising guidelines, increase feed, feed additives advertising guidelines and seed, livestock and poultry, aquatic fingerlings and aquaculture advertising guidelines.The draft to increase education, training, investment, real estate advertising standards, norms, some advertising chaos existing such as: education, training ads may not be guaranteed commitment to education, training effect; shall not publicize the have an exam organization or its personnel, examination personnel involved in education, training. Real estate advertising may appear in the financing or financing content, must not contain the appreciation or return on investment commitments; project location should be expressed in the project to the actual distance of a specific reference to the existing transport corridors, the time required to be expressed.Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors ledger blade wavy tail anchor

“Today’s homework?” , “what to eat at noon?” I’m afraid the majority of parents in children after school to ask questions, but these questions may never be able to walk into their inner. Parents are often too concerned about the health of children, learning situation, the neglect of the child mind and emotional concern, or want to focus on is not know what course to take. The best time to communicate with children after school to do? Every day asked him 4 questions, 10 minutes to help children to tap potential, to help him to establish the correct values, and let him feel the love of parents.1 “school what happened?”To understand the hearts of the children what is good, what is bad, the investigation of his value. The child answered, parents should not rush to give non evaluation, and should pay attention to listen to, to guide the children to express their point of view. After they delivered, and he discussed, can increase a child’s understanding, enhance mutual feelings, also can convey the correct version of events in the discussion, the correct values passed to the child, so that its value is more mature and stable.2 “today you have what good?”This is a very positive hypothesis, namely, “you have a very good performance in school, to tell what is mom and dad?”. This leads to two effects: first, let the children back to their good performance, so as to realize the self motivation, self-confidence. In second, to encourage children to know and the outside world know yourself, he found his own interest, hobbies and aptitude, helps children to tap their own potential, to form their own personality.3 “what is today’s harvest?”This is intended to confirm what the child specific learned. After raising the problem, parents can guide children to start “recall” mode, try and join him out one day with the teachers and classmates in school textbooks to experience, knowledge of the details and all the other children thought to “harvest” things, strengthen children’s memory, to the “homework” role in increasing strong confidence at the same time.4 “what parents need help?”This conveys two meanings: first, to the children of parents really care about you, have a problem can always carry out, get the help of their parents. For some conceit or self abasement and unwilling to help teachers and parents of the children, even one or two times and got no child “response”, adhere to a daily asked, “then” may be due to get the trust of children, so as to help him open up. Second, learning is your own thing, mom and dad have only non subject “help”. Let the children to establish the concept of “things”, learn to play.Each child has its own advantages and characteristics, respect their independent personality, often encourage, praise the child, transfer positive energy to him, let the children feel their parents immaterial love, spiritual power to the growth of children. On the contrary, some negative energy problem must be included in the “no” list, if parents ended a day of heavy learning tasks in children, asked “what you do you curse at school?” , “so much homework to finish?” So, not only can let the children experience the feeling of success, will make it because the parents of negation and produce psychological conflict, unwilling to share the growing bit by bit and “didn’t know his own” parents. ▲Sponsor Link:halfen channel anchor nut shuttering magnet

Southern daily dispatch (reporter / Chen Jiesheng correspondent / Wu Yue Lai Jie) is not just out of prison son again in prison, Jiaoling County, Meizhou City, a man Lin to steal the car son rap, pretends to buy stolen cars, ShuLiao police from his home to search his son stealing large bullet reservoir, Lin for the son of a bear. When the east window after the incident, Lin not only failed to let his son to escape the punishment of the law, because of their form to cover up the crime was in the dock, recently, Lin by a court in Jiaoling sentenced to six months, suspended for one year.In October 13th last year, Lin saw his son in the family of a women’s bicycle no oil, then go to the gas cycling Jiao Cheng Zhen Huan Dong Lu, passing by a lady stopped, said Lin riding is her 10 days ago stolen bicycle to go. Listen to the owners, Lin consciousness to the car may be the son stolen, in order to let just released from juvenile son escape legal accountability, Lin forward to Chujing policemen made a false confession, say the car is the person from the two strange men who spend 1000 yuan to buy.Public security organs after preliminary investigation, the alleged cover up, conceal the proceeds of crime of Lin criminal detention. The police searched the Lin rental, in the room the drawer seized 103 rounds of ammunition, 4 bullets and 4 bullet shells. For rental housing usually only the father and son live, Lin know bullets and other items is the son of stolen, he again to the police that the bullet is the person in the last century 70′s to pick up.However, Lin a “good intentions” can not let the son to escape legal sanctions. In October 21, 2013, the son of Lin were police arrested, Lin to the police to tell the truth. Finally, Lin for committing crime of shielding, Kobayashi for robbery and the crime of illegal possession of ammunition to be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Sponsor scaffolding clamps ferrule insert

Luo Chao hold the wounded child in traffic head12 years old child to cross the road was injured, patrol officers squat to buoy him upOn August 23rd at about eleven thirty, sandalwood forest street car accident attracted people’s attention, at that time, a white SUV parked in the middle of the road, the underground was a twelve year old boy, and next to the child, wearing a uniform of the urban management of young people are squatting on the ground of one face concern to check his injury what, also from time to time in talking with children, is very conspicuous in the coming and going of the traffic, until 120 to save the people go, young people leave.The scene  12 year old child to cross the road was squatting on the ground with his enthusiastic area 120That afternoon about eleven forty, when the shift time, Urban Management Bureau five-star street Zigong City artesian district squadron Association Luo Chaoru as usual, patrol is sandalwood forest near the stadium, suddenly heard a scream, he looked around, a white SUV hit a child crossing the street, children were injured after trying to stand up struggled, but how also couldn’t get up.Seeing this, Luo Chao quickly took out his mobile phone to the car shot down, and then call 120. Then, in the middle of the road and evacuation of the surrounding crowd, and take out the warning signs, dredge the traffic.”When the baby had been crying painful, ask him where he said pain, knee pain, I simply gave him a look at her legs, no problem. But the left shoulder swollen so high.” Luo Chao said, the children after the injury was clear, to ask parents number and contact parents, Luo Chao evacuated the crowd, and continue to squat down and pulled the child did not injured his right, tell the child to be strong, 10 minutes later, the ambulance arrived at the scene, Luo Chao for the medical staff talks briefly about the children, after the child away in an ambulance, Luo Chaocai left.Good urban management  Learn simple help but lift a fingerAccording to Luo Chao introduction, he has been working in the Urban Management Bureau for 5 years, was sent to learn simple days, some medical knowledge, therefore, when the Yunnan earthquake happened in Ludian, it has enrolled in volunteer, unfortunately not be admitted.”This is very normal, no matter what people see will like I do.” The reporter asked ever encountered a similar situation, Luo Chao said, I have been in the law enforcement, met a 80 year old woman, to buy things when he was looking for the 50 dollars of counterfeit money, he accompanied the old man gave her money, but from the sandalwood forest all the way to find the Guangzhou Huadu not found. The old man is very sad, finally, or Luo himself took out 50 pieces to the elderly.”I do not know is not a good thing, I think it is a very common thing, did not have what to say.” In Luo’s opinion, whether to save the children, or for the old man put the money up, just lift a finger.  The child family  The doll has been said thank area uncleYesterday, the reporter went to a hospital, the wounded child Xiao Li who reportedly, Xiao Li left shoulder clavicular fracture, on the body many bruises, is to receive further treatment.According to Xiao Li family said, on the same day, Xiao Li a person to go out to play, a family called him home for dinner after a phone call, across the street when he was accidentally knocked down by a car, “the baby just entered junior high school, was yesterday to go to the report, had to drag a few days.” Xiao Li’s grandfather told reporters.”The day received a phone call came to the hospital only to see the four or five traffic police, urban management not to come.” Grandpa Li said, after receiving the child was hit by a car after a phone call, one family hurried to the hospital, but did not see the city, in the evening when, the father of the child gave Luo Chao a thank-you call. “Dolls are always said, thank you very much am uncle.”West City Reader reporter Zhou Jie Intern Zhou Xiaoyu photography reportsNetwork languageAfter the incident occurred, the crowd will have it sent to the Internet, consistent point from the net friends:@ tears of Polaris: find a good area to marry!@amango:, usually said the old city how! People now are the hand on hand!! Well done!!Li Xia: Zigong city. @ magic dice: young man.Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules scaffolding parts wavy tail anchor

JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Wang Shuo) yesterday, has entered the late August capital once again usher in the high temperature of 35.3 DEG C, the number of high temperature days in Beijing this summer to 12 days, 8.3 days more than average of nearly 4 days. Meteorological experts, and after August 23rd, Beijing probabilities of 35 ℃ or above the high temperature of the basic 30 years.Clear skies and sunshine took over the capital, better light conditions, Beijing rapid warming. At fifteen forty-seven yesterday, the highest temperature of 35 ℃ Southern Observatory breakthrough, reached 35.3 ℃. According to the city meteorological statistics, the city yesterday, a plurality of automatic weather station of the highest temperature is over 35 ℃.Statistics show that, as of yesterday, Beijing this summer, there have been 12 days of high temperature, 8.3 days is obviously more than normal.Meteorological experts, the temperature of Beijing in six or seven months “get together”, especially in late August August rate of temperature, is relatively small, perennial view (according to meteorological data from 1981 to 2010), and after August 23rd, Beijing has probability 35 ℃ or above the high temperature of the basic 30 years.Sponsor Link:fixing socket water stopper ferrule insert

Mention of protecting intestinal, many people first thought is rich in probiotic yogurt, in fact, although some food does not contain probiotics, but beneficial intestinal health. Recently, America “good idea” website article, published USA nutrition experts summed up the “let you beat all of the intestine protective food”.1 garlic. Garlic helps the growth of probiotics, but also help the fight against “unfriendly” intestinal bacteria.2 leek. Leek is not only rich in dietary fiber and flavonoid, also contains a lot of manganese. Manganese has the help produce digestive enzymes, but also produce large amounts of vitamin A, restored the intestinal wall.3 carrots. Carrots beneficial intestinal health, because it contains Arabia galactose, it is a kind of natural prebiotics (interest bacterial growth).4 turmeric. Jiang Huang is a natural anti-inflammatory food, can promote intestinal repair, probiotics play a role. ▲Li Yuekang.Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors formwork clamp lifting insert

■ Xu 圣义 Liu XiaoyanThe author in his hometown — Neixiang County in Henan province carried out a series of marriage and family in rural areas of research, found that nearly two years, rural divorce cases increased year by year, the workers are family, she offered to divorce the majority, a change in the past rural women mostly passive divorce cases, women became the dominant divorce. Henan province people’s court judge Zheng Dexin told the author, Neixiang county civil court nearly two years received a total of 182 civil cases, the divorce case has 68, accounted for 37%, of which the 57 plaintiffs, accounted for more than 83% of divorce cases. According to these rural women mordashov divorce experience, the author roughly divided into the following circumstances.With the composition of the family, there is no common languageNeixiang Mashan County of Henan Province town court has heard a workers in Hainan to ask for a divorce. On the court, the judge it was clear that the two parties: the gap between the young women returning from Hainan, whether dress, style of conversation are much stronger than the male youth. The young woman to speak in court, not consciously use Mandarin to reply. The judge felt, because the woman the experience of migrant workers, both men and women do have many differences, “there is no common language” becomes the direct cause many divorce court.Due to economic and other reasons, in the rural areas there are many “bad marriage”. A girl in Neixiang County, Chang Xiang, Jia in impoverished mountain, sick father, one family life is very poor. When she was 18 years old, someone come to propose. The matchmaker said: “recruit a door-to-door son-in-law, don’t worry no men earn money for the family, your parents are not so difficult to live.”In this way, the girl got married soon. The door son-in-law very filial to her parents, but also more diligent and capable, both within and outside of the home care was clear dry. Relatives and the village said, this girl is really lucky, find a good son-in-law. However, due to the lack of emotional foundation, married two people relationship is not good, had three six nine, small quarrel every day. Soon, the female is convenient to go out to work.After two years of marriage, parents have repeatedly called for her husband to come back and live well, give birth to a child, the feelings of the couple will naturally better. Her husband several times, a letter for her, but she did not go back. She knew, her husband at home to take care of her parents, grace to her, but she says: “love and gratitude is different, I am not to return home and he had no taste of the day.”So, in work a few years later, she finally put forward a divorce. Her parents feel guilty, so that divorced son-in-law as “son”, and for the support relationship, but also the trustee for seme matchmaking, the beginning of summer this year, finally found a suitable partner for adoption. One family happy harmony, two elderly heart just slightly calm. As compensation, remarried, the girl should parents request, provides some remarried fee for her ex husband of filial generation.Supporting characters transposition, couple of psychological imbalanceRural women are changing from the traditional family supporting slowly to the leading role, stand on one’s own awareness is increasing, which makes them produce new thoughts and choices about their marriage.Chen Juan (a pseudonym) is a village primary school teachers, running after a printing plant in the home, production operations of the students. Since set up factories, her business bigger and bigger, the products are sold to several neighboring villages, busy even to hire seven or eight workers. Her husband might help not to, always keep a mu 3 distribute land, out of the grain is not enough workers for overtime. Chen Juancheng, the master of the house, is the main pillar of family income; and her husband as “family”, the heart more imbalance. The feelings of the crisis, the couple often quarrel. Finally, Chen Juan put forward a divorce with her husband.Henan province Neixiang County Guan Zhang Zhen Hou Ying Cun Han Ying (a pseudonym) opened a barber shop in the town, on revenues, the husband took the kids housekeeping at home farm. For a long time, the lack of communication two personal thought, more and more contradiction. Han Ying feels that her husband is too “soil” too “wood”, she thought her husband too “flower”, the feelings of the two began to appear. After a quarrel, Han Ying finally a paper petition, divorced her husband.The husband no, cause marital ruptureIn many cases of divorce, about half of the women to sue for divorce, is due to family poverty, the main reason is the man not to earn money, but the wife’s income to meet daily expenses, led to the family economic difficulties, so the woman is suing for divorce.Ma Li (a pseudonym) and her husband went to the county to work because of poverty. She was soon in a four star hotel as a waiter, he didn’t what technology, culture level is low, only to the construction site work, but the strength is poor, not long to go home. After a period of time, the husband asked Ma Li also quit to go home, but she didn’t want to be that kind of a life of poverty, left her husband and marriage.Wu Yao Cun Tao Yuan Zhen Wang Qian (a pseudonym) get married after a thought a rich life, planning to build, buy cars, but the couple in addition to without a few acres of thin outer savings. Wang Qian to the loan to buy a motor tricycle to the town of soliciting, but the husband wanted to let her go home children. Wang Qian insists to earn enough money, finished the new kids, also let husband go out to work to make money houses. The husband does not agree, Wang Qian feels the life did not expect, so from the husband and marriage.At present, gambling has become the main recreational activities in some areas, the influence of social security at the same time, also destroyed a family. Shao Dongyang (a pseudonym) get married before the village is a gambling master, marriage is still bad habits do not change, do not listen to his wife, Wei Ruifang (a pseudonym) to dissuade, indulging in gambling. But also to start, and later to the winning at thousands of tens of thousands, in the village of gambling is not fun, but also often go to the field of gambling. The busy season, his wife asked him to work, he said: “the crops can be worth a few money? I won a enough for one year.” For a long time, Shao Dongyang gambling debt, debt collection of often hide oneself from place to place, pay the rent, make jiquanbuning. Perennial Wei Ruifang was home again, feel insulted, extremely sad, finally sued divorce to the court.Marriage “shuffle” restructuring, extramarital love byWith the transformation of the concept of life of rural youth, third party such as extramarital affairs showed an increasing trend, “Fortress Besieged” gradually appeared a lot of “job hopping” figure, some women choose to into the feelings and the new life.Yuan Mei (a pseudonym) hardworking, undivided attention to go straight towards well-off marriage. Usually the husband to farm fields, she fed duck pig at home. Later, she heard that planting mushrooms can make a fortune, then please her husband’s cousin to teach her.”Cousin” often to help Yuan Mei grow mushrooms, a long time, Yuan Mei like this “cousin”. In her mind, “cousin” understand technology, brain collaterals, grow mushrooms of the home. In contrast, her husband like a blockhead.Then, Yuan Mei choose to re marriage, want to marry “cousin”. “Cousin” is not willing to break up cousin home, but Yuan Mei is determined to vindicate, also put forward a divorce to her husband. Half a year later, two of the disintegration of the family, Yuan Mei was married to “cousin”.The pursuit of “affordable” life, leaving the old marriageDue to the influence of some unhealthy ideas in society, marriage value orientation of some migrant workers had departed, some people pursue is based on material enjoyment “benefits”, some women to pursue the so-called “affordable” left, some women because of unbearable bear husband pursuit “benefits” and choose divorce.Jiang Lina (a pseudonym) from rural Henan County of Xixia province. Because of family poverty, she proposed marriage: who can help her father is seriously ill in hospital when 25000 yuan loan money to also, she will marry who. So, she is married to the Chi Mei Dong Gou Cun, Neixiang County town.After marriage, in order to change the still living in poverty, Elina went to Shenzhen to work as a waiter in a hotel. The city soon, she didn’t want to go back to that kind of face up toward the Loess back farmers’ life. She felt, rely on their own in the city life difficult, has been working and can’t change her countryman’s identity, want to change themselves, a labor-saving way is to find a home in the city “”. So she took the initiative to teenage than their big hotel manager launched the “attack”, in some promised manager, Elina immediately went home, submitted a divorce petition to the court.Pang Yutao (a pseudonym) is after 3 years of marriage is the wife rushed outside to work. Because the family was poor, his wife asked him to go three five years, earn some money back to the 3 cottage built into the small building.Pang Yutao to Shenzhen, because of the cultural level is not high, and thin body, has worked in several construction sites, are unable to bear the heavy physical labor and collapsed, and had to stay in a hotel do cleaning work, the income is still poor. Unexpectedly, while working in the hotel, he was a big his 23 year old “rich” fancy. Pang Yutao could not afford the temptation of money, be “kept” up. He began to frequent to send money home, the wife is very glad, the village people think that he is very capable.Later, Pang Yutao was “Nurturing” thing is discovered, the village people are looked down upon him. His wife knows the truth, very disappointed, he put forward a divorce. After the divorce of Pang Yutao then also rarely come to the village.Marriage, Sushin Shige treatsNow rural women go out to work in business, or engage in planting and breeding at home, become the market economy tide. Economic stand on one’s own, make women There was no parallel in history. achieve self-reliance and self-esteem, “feed” is not a man, that women take the initiative to divorce, it is the society and the era of progress. But at the same time, we should also see the other side of the problem: the flow of population, ideological and pluralistic society, leading to temptation and variable increase, some migrant workers could not help the temptation, resulted in a separate family, fall.The outside world is wonderful, we have no choice in it. Due to speed up the flow of population and increase, due to increased incentive money and material, because of the change of the ideas of the people, because the actual demand of daily life, the phenomenon of divorce is increasing year by year, which is right and which is wrong, we still don’t conclude.Neixiang province Henan County Jucheng firm lawyers said Xu Jian, from what he accepted some people divorce case, was the last marriage cannot be redeemed, is really “affection”. To remind workers to consciously protect, protect your family, both husband and wife to strengthen communication, enhance feelings, is the most reliable guarantee. At the same time, a lawyer said, in this sensitive issue the divorce, to seek truth from facts, if a couple is the breakdown of the feelings, then live together only pain, divorce is helpful to improve the quality of their lives. In a word, not the divorce from the wrong, and the divorce was not sentenced from improperly, all things to be practical.Neixiang province Henan County Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registration Center Director Yang Yufen remind workers, in a marriage to pay attention to the following points:A marriage should be carefully mate selection, marriage to fully understand each other’s character, personality, hobbies and skills, don’t rush into marriage;Two is to handle the family relations between husband and wife. Migrant workers in business is busy, and be forced to leave one’s hometown is not convenient, but now the transportation, communication developed, often maintained telephone contact, romantic ways or conditional. At the same time, they want to communicate, solve problems more than talk, keep calm;The three is mutual loyalty, not indulgent temperament, for love or life trivia and hasty divorce;Four couples to share sb.’s joys and sorrows, not because of the changes and other reasons and abandon each other;Five is to consciously resist the outside “yellow, bet, poison” and other bad habits temptation;The six is to create the conditions, for both husband and wife go to work together in the home, or entrepreneurial wealth, to prevent the alienation of emotive of husband and wife;Seven is even a momentary feeling of husband and wife mutation, also at the calm, to give each other a certain time for careful consideration, and fully rely on grass-roots organizations, to resolve conflicts between husband and wife, coordination of feeling of husband and wife.If the couple is the breakdown of the feelings can not make up, also safe to handle divorce, break up with friendly, re arrange their life. With the next generation of, especially the children said clearly, the child’s life, education and growth arrangements.Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories anchor socket

Night pillow buzz constantly, but only under the electric mosquito repellent incense, mosquito repellent water into homogeneous; casually out of a door, even in the office, one not careful will bite two or three bags; bitten painful itch again several days cannot be cured, and some people even the feet up…… People are talking about, this year’s mosquito seems to be particularly fierce, others say that this year is the year “mosquitoes”. British “Daily Mail” recently published an article pointed out that this year the mosquito extra phenomenon, experts say this is because the wet wet spring and summer, provide the perfect conditions for mosquito breeding survival. WHO pointed out, the mosquito is the first deadly animal killer. In late summer and early autumn of the mosquitoes that bite harder, how scientific mosquito is a compulsory course.Jiangsu Guangdong, mosquito density soaringMs. Zhou suffering mosquito bites, it often beleaguered, legs, feet are big. “The most exasperating is, light off it ‘buzz’ name, open the lamp and it ‘not prepared to wage a life-and-death struggle’, but how also can not find!” Live in Yang grandma community of Beijing Jintai also feel this mosquito very much: “electric mosquito does not work, still have the last summer mosquitoes, not so serious.” The raging mosquitoes what parents a headache. A mother told reporters complained: “mosquitoes bite will pick a place, always bite the children eyelids and the soles of the feet. A few days ago the child’s head was bitten by a large, three or four days do not go, I really worry about infection.”The CDC mosquito density monitoring data throughout the show this year, individual areas of mosquito density is increased. Hubei province this year 4 ~ May, mosquito density is two times the same period last year; Chongqing Wanzhou 5 ~ June mosquito density is 5 times more than the same period last year; Guangdong Dongguan mosquito density than the same period last year rose more than 50 percent; Jiangsu Zhenjiang July mosquito density even more than in July last year rose by 13 times.Department of Dermatology No.1 Hospital of Peking University of doctor of vice director of Yang Shuxia told “life times” reporter, there are some for mosquito bites cause allergic patients every year, this year the number of patients and in previous years almost. But the Chongqing situation is not optimistic, children’s Hospital Affiliated to Medical University Of Chongqing in April of this year alone were nearly 4000 mosquito bites in children, part of the situation is more serious.The mosquito is more and more difficult to deal withChinese CDC infectious disease prevention and control institute director assistant control room, media biological researcher Liu Qiyong in accept “life times” reporter the interview said, at present there is no exact data confirm this mosquito than in previous years, but some of the rainfall, rainfall distribution area mosquito density is increased. The data confirm, as global temperatures rise, Aedes albopictus originally living in tropical areas in recent years (also known as “flower of mosquitoes”) distribution range is wider and wider, the quantity and density increased. The mosquitoes can come out in the daytime, so many people feel “mosquito day dare bite”, feeling more and more fierce mosquitoes.The mosquito population evolution, which make them more difficult to deal with. Basic Medical College of Southern Medical University, Jie Wei says, the essence of biological evolution is the survival of the fittest. Within our wits, slow flying, voice of mosquitoes were killed, resistance difference was “smoked” died, the remaining is the vampire family “fighter”. Nanjing City CDC mosquito vector mediated, Zheng Yiping said, with the continuous use of mosquitoes, mosquito resistance generally improve, “attack” has become increasingly strong. The London School of hygiene and tropical medicine study found, mosquitoes are gradually “ignore” DEET (DEET) which is widely used in mosquito repellent liquid, the toilet water substance.   3 “weapon” drive away mosquitoesThe mosquito is the threat to human health “the first killer”. Liu Qiyong said, the threat of global 2500000000 dengue fever is by Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti propagation, China has 1000000000 people facing the risk of infection. Beijing City CDC deputy director Ceng Xiaopeng said, mosquitoes will be infected with malaria, chikungunya, JE these three diseases, on human health threat. The expert reminds, scientific mosquito must learn how to use 3 kinds of “weapons”.Physical weapons: a mosquito net. Since the ancient times, anti mosquito nets is the most original, the most effective. Resistance poor elderly, children, pregnant women and patients with chronic diseases are suitable for the use of mosquito nets. America Academy of Pediatrics suggest, mosquito nets and trousers is to protect the children the best anti mosquito.Chemical weapons: deet. American centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of DEET (DEET), Immenen (repellent grease), Eka Redding and lemon eucalyptus oil repel mosquitoes. However, Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute researcher Li Hongzhu reminds, although these “chemical weapons” in the electric mosquito repellent incense / liquid ratio is not much, but belongs to the pesticide composition, concentration is too high may cause headache, nausea etc.. So the best during the day nobody at home with 1 ~ 2 hours, after the home timely ventilation windows.Electronic weapon: anti mosquito lamp. Many communities have insect killing lamp emits blue purple, they use the insect phototaxis to attract mosquitoes, and then use the ultraviolet light or electricity to kill. Now there are some use carbon dioxide, temperature, smell and so do bait prey mosquitoes mosquito killing lamp.Ceng Xiaopeng reminded, in order to avoid mosquito bites, the fundamental method is to let them doesn’t like yourself. Studies show that mosquitoes like carbon dioxide, “taste”, also like high body temperature, sweat easily, love a person dressed in black. So, the heat of the day should be promptly wiped sweat after exercise as soon as possible, take a shower, less perfume, lotion and other cosmetics, as little as possible to wear black clothes, a week to the vase and hydroponic plants completely change the water, so you can from the source to drive away mosquitoes.After being bitten by mosquitoes, Yang Shuxia suggests, can bite rub some soap, soda water, alkaline substances, can also use the hot towel for a while. Note that, after being bitten by mosquitoes catch more urticant more, and not easy to fade, should try to avoid scratching. Generally it is 15 minutes after the bite itching will significantly subsided, can be painted some qingliangyou wind, cool and products, which should be timely medical treatment. ▲Sponsor ledger blade ferrule insert