Hulin iron stewThe beautiful autumn scenery of Chen-pao Island wetlandToday autumn tigerEarly in the morning, tiger villagers in the glittering Wusuli River on the net sceneButterfly flowers betweenClimb overlooking Chen-pao Island, like “gold ingot”Ranked in the Ussuri River “the best in all the land of the tiger”The late autumn tiger fortress ruinsNorthern winterWild flowersMillion acres of experimental plotsThe homingAutumn sceneryNortheast ChinaText / Zhang Meng / Wang Yuanchang Wang Yuanchang diagramA side water and soil, the side, one side of the color dye. Hulin, the seat of eastern border, the Sino Russian border town, bright color and constantly changing with the city, red, green, blue, gold, and white is characteristic of her, and her memory, her intention, her tone, her past life.O Yoshida, wetland, forest, the border river, snow created Hulin magnificent natural ecology; anti culture, youth culture, Hezhen culture, Chen-pao Island spirit, the Great Northern Wilderness spirit built the backbone of Hulin strong, perfect natural Tiancheng and thick humanities nature, make Hulin showing a colorful style.I took the camera, on the back of the pack, has repeatedly into the border of Hulin, through her colorful seasons, unlimited vitality to the seat dip northeast border resort.Golden Harvest melody,”Once the ancient wilderness, now North of the Great Wall granary”. 7400000 acres of arable land and an annual output of about 3500000 tons of food, make Hulin become be worthy of the name “the Chinese big granary”. Therefore, early fall into the golden Hulin, farmland and brilliant yellow five Huashan, is to show visitors the first scenery.The Mercedes Benz in the known as “the world’s most direct the most long” Rao Road on both sides of the tiger, Mu Rice Flowering heading, under clear sky net Yu, Jin Hai with the wind surge, it is full of the pendant, harvest soon fragrant rice sea, curved rocking rice reflects the bright golden.The eyes are the rows of even the walls of traditional grain and grass roof similar to giant Mongolia bag shape model modern barn, under the blue sky and white clouds towering, like the gods. Large granary diameter and high has 20 meters, each of which can storage 6000 tons, equivalent to 104 of the capacity of freight car.Hulin area of large farms and the most concentrated, 854, 855, 856, 858, and other farm was the Great Northern Wilderness Qingfeng who cleared the place. The last century sixty’s, called the one hundred thousand officers and men, millions of educated youth reclamation from army from all sides, to the Great Northern Wilderness, to breathe life into the black land, gold the Great Northern Wilderness spirit makes the autumn of Hulin such as gold sparkles, have a kind of special, meaning beauty. So far, these farms provide year after year without any pollution of high-quality grain and oil to the local and national, to the way into the Hulin visitors at home and abroad, can eat good grain is the first meet and maximum cozy in here.The successful opening of Beijing, Shanghai and Hulin since 2012 “the Great Northern Wilderness educated youth train”, hundreds of from domestic first-tier cities tourism group with the the Great Northern Wilderness Thanksgiving and sentimental attachment, to return to the land of Hulin. August 2nd morning, the car pass by Hulin seed farm yard, I bumped into a Hangzhou old educated youth reunion performances. Revisit one’s old site old educated youth are very excited, clinging to each other not to relax, to share the great changes in Hulin. A sixty or seventy year old female educated youth said, through a few days stay, take Hulin original ecological “taste”, find their true feelings for Food world, is her a few times nostalgic return to the Great Northern Wilderness a deeply sentimental.In the evening, back to the urban area of Hulin a company called “modern coarse” restaurant, delicious delicious small Steamed Rice, ribs, beans, corn pot of stew “bumper harvest”, goose stew of potatoes, fresh vegetables dipped in pickles, let me have suffered a meal authentic northeast cuisine. Along the street on both sides of Hulin, numerous restaurants can eat to lift the taste delicious, golden corn bread, corn, millet and soybean flour mixed bread and cake like food. Can say, into the air and water are of Hulin urban and rural level, is entered “the heart, enjoy good food” reputation of the oxygen bar, excellent ecological inevitable production and growth a reassuring, even the favor of the grain and vegetable, livestock and water wild food.Red, blood presenceHulin is the birthplace of the Great Northern Wilderness spirit and the spirit of Chen-pao Island, but also the United Nations to confirm the “end of World War II”, and there occurred in human history, the largest number of casualties, most of the “World War II” the end of the war.The Wusuli River main channel, similar to the shape of “gold” in Chen-pao Island occurred in 1969, because of this “war in self-defense” and renowned at home and abroad. Take the ferry slowly by Chen-pao Island post in front of the terminal, “China Chen-pao Island” five golden characters straight into the eye. The door into the island, a path straight into the depths of the left hidden in the green trees, red roofed grey wall in the three storey building, is the fifth generation of barracks on the island. Along the trail, a stone cottage sight is the first generation of barracks, camp about two respectively at the left poetic couplet red white background. The left is “to post is home to hard, proud,” banner “permanent frontier”, right “in Chen-pao Island on five continents, the mind”, “free the world” banner, very characteristics of the times and the revolutionary. The second generation of barracks is bunker style barracks reinforced cement concrete structure is a highlight the defense function, five-star red flag fly high standing on the roof, wall engraved with the eye-catching “China territorial inviolability” eight red characters. The bridge across the front, a bullet riddled mountain elm stand firm, it is the world famous “hero tree”. Over the past forty years, the tree had baptism of fire and blood watered the tree with luxuriant foliage, still.Not far from the Chen-pao Island head of the town, is to enter the Chinese northeast hinterland and the Russian Far East hub. During the Second World War, the Japanese invaders forced one hundred thousand Chinese labour and captured soldiers, after six years in the building known as the “Oriental Maginot Line” underground military fortress. In August 15, 1945, Emperor Hirohito announced the unconditional surrender, entrenched still held out in the fortress Hutou remnants of the Japanese army, the Soviets and northeast fighters, on the 26 day was completely compromised, “World War II” therefore extend 11 days finally ended. Over the past 69 years, tiger fortress has become the historical heritage and major national patriotism education base in the world unique.In order to commemorate the fifty million people in the world anti fascist struggle “World War II” died in Hulin, City Hall in tiger hill built “the second world war end of memorial park”. So far since the park opened in 2012, the Japanese soldiers to repent and admiring the international travelers in a continuous line.Green, natural pulsationThe town bring people not only is the history of heavy. Possession of Wusuli River National Forest Park, Chen-pao Island wetland reserve, yueyahu grassland nature preserve, inside the wetland protection area and other seven countries, provincial nature reserve of Hulin, the ecological environment is superior. The territory of blue, green, the water clean, is a state-level ecological demonstration zones, and it is also one of the few pure land in the world, has been the United Nations environmental officials known as “the most suitable place of human existence”.Breathe the morning fresh air, we arrived at the Wusuli River left bank, narrow Chen-pao Island wetland nature reserve. Station in the region, “landmark” — China first overhanging wetland management platform, wetland landscape overlook this piece of the most primitive, ornamental, composite, colorful ink painting like, like a charm. According to the introduction, mainly in the protection zone of swamps and island forests, including the northeast tiger, Red Crowned Crane, Oriental White Stork, Golden Eagle and other national key protected animal 30 kinds of higher plants; rare Hu Taoqiu, Manchurian ash, yellow pineapple and other international level more than 600 kind. Wetland ecosystem has been in succession in accordance with its own laws and development, it has now become the northern Asia waterfowl migration to the south part of Northeast Asia and wild waterfowl breeding center.Bloom in the crescent Moon Lake, called “beyond the great wonder”, seven, eight thousand acres of wild lotus is a shock at. Located in the northeast of Hulin City, 18 kilometers away from the head of the town of Crescent Moon Lake, shaped like a hook crescent. The lake is densely covered with wild lotus leaves, duckweed and water chestnut leaves, flowers in full bloom with the blue sky and white clouds, clear water of Castle Peak lining, composition of a picture of the ecological blew. Birds from time to time flies grazing among flowers on both sides of the lake, dense bush, the habitat of Red Crowned Crane, swan, crane, mandarin duck and other dozens of species of birds, a few miles away from here is the Wusuli River famous island. From 8 to October is the best season of a year s. In addition to sit swim the hull near its boundary, can also taste the rich lotus banquet in vacation cabin.Blue, flowing style”Wusuli River is long and long, blue waves of the river”. In the “Sino Russian boundary river Wusu beautiful, rich, pure” famous Li Jiang begins with the tiger, is the world’s one of the few large rivers are not contaminated.The tiger of Binjiang square, a piece of engraved with the “big rocks Wusuli River starting point”, standing quietly. A boat along the river roaming, as if exposure to fairyland in the gallery, the wide river reflecting the azure sky, on both sides of the original lush vegetation, water, trees, gangluan gain by contrast, fishing boats, cruise ships from time to time passing, more gull Elique, diving water mallard.The Wusuli River keeps the original good ecological environment, the river is rich in the “three take five Luo eighteen” and so on more than 40 kinds of rare northern cold water fish, especially in the specialty “salmon” and famous. Named “water fish” river fishing spot in one place, a surname Zou master and his companion, a man driving a boat just landed. According to introduction, they allowed in water, a day after midnight to cast his net two times, and then the fish to the morning market to sell. We learned from afar visitors, then for inviting us free taste he just caught fish the river. He saw a fish in the river clean profile in a big iron pot, add salt and red pepper, boil and simmer after use, not for a while, fragrance from assail the nostrils, entrance is also very delicious. It is said that, there are a lot of Wusuli River fish boiled, steamed, braised practice, sauce, sauce, braised, Maru Ko and so on, the most unique among the Wusuli River fish.Hulin enjoys a level of air quality, the Wusuli River National Forest Park is a taste of Hulin frontier fortress scenery of the beautiful resort.White, colorless holy”Northland scenery, ice thousands of miles, miles,” added the most distinctive scenery beyond the Great Wall to Hulin.The year after the Spring Festival, I flew to Hulin from everywhere Aoba Jiangnan, the snow drifting profusely and disorderly merrily greet me. Pure white snow, gently floats in the thousands of miles of fertile, the Pentium river into the sleeping ERON, let the huge Hulin cemented a white quiet world of glass.Standing in the country most early to see the sunrise, the highest peak in Hulin God peak, vision and are covered with white snow beauty. Linden tree node Yinhua, pine bursts guayule, gushing out of the sun, and the glittering and translucent white world covered with colorful mysterious veil.In the frozen Wusuli River, fishing people still with primitive tools pecked a hole in the ice under the round, net, net. A lucky day, one day you can catch hundreds of pounds of fish. Hulin people love the fine scale fish skin, with a knife into small pieces of raw mix vinegar, is a pure Erguotou brewed, is the world’s most beautiful flavor.The winter here to watch the sunrise, participate in fishing, drinking the local small burn, suffered the pure taste of the Northeast cuisine, sitting in a hot Kang to listen to the villagers about rural man story, this is a vagrant life I long review.Tourist tips:[traffic] Hulin Heilongjiang is located in the most eastern border, Guangzhou or Jixi to Mudanjiang flights from Mudanjiang or Jixi can take the train or the bus arrived in Hulin city.[stay] in the city of Hulin Hulin Hotel, good time Hotel high middle and low Gaestgiveriet Hotel several options.[food] chiefly on fish based. The fish in river water features, and fish etc.. The most famous is the Wusuli River four famous fresh: carp, catfish, carp head fish belly, worm mouth.[shopping] fungus, ginseng, dried fish, the Great Northern Wilderness food wine, Russia and other small commodities. The Russian tourist shops located in Hulin Hongqi Street Center Committee 6 salesroom, authentic Russian goods, variety.In the high grape Dongxing Cun Bao Dong Zhen Bao Dong picking garden planting cooperatives, can taste to buy black land rich in grape.

The evening of October 14th, the welfare lottery Shuangse Qiu 14119th. The current national out 16 note the double chromosphere first prize, the single note bonus is 5570000 yuan. Two note first prize, the Pingdingshan province in the city of Henan over the weekend, aop formwork from Pingdingshan City, Ruzhou lucky lottery Mr. Zhang and his wife came to the province luck color center to receive the note awards.The winning ticket of Mr. Zhang’s display, this 10 yuan betting lottery is 14 night sold. Mr. Zhang said that the day he is at home after eating dinner and did not go out to buy lottery tickets to, as he lay on the sofa comfortably watch TV, his wife, let him go out garbage, Mr. Zhang, the do not want to go out for a long time without thinking about accompany wife turned out, he would discuss with his wife: garbage can, as the way to go out together. In the process of the walk, pass by a lottery betting station, Mr. Zhang think of light around also means nothing, it is better to spend money to buy a few lottery note, also appears on this trip not made such a back, so he went to the betting station to spend 10 yuan Jixuan 5 note the double chromosphere.Walking in the way home, Mr. Zhang impatient took out mobile phone online viewing the double chromosphere winning number, and then carefully check your buy lottery, Mr. Zhang and his wife jokes are instantly silent, he whispered to his wife said: we in the grand prize, about five million! When they re not in the mood to walk slowly back, Mr. Zhang said at the time they know only in pockets squeezed lottery go back home, the faster the better.Because not far from Zhengzhou, Mr. Zhang had been no more, in the simple preparation and came to Zhengzhou to accept the award, after the cashing procedures, Mr. Zhang affectionately patted the shoulder of the wife say: “this is my wife ah, I’m not a hardcore lottery, lottery is the day think of it will be a few note to buy, that is to say, if the day she didn’t call me empty the trash, I won’t go out, also will not buy lottery tickets, more won’t have this award.” (Hyacinth)

Laohu get parachuting licenceAs an amateur, Laohu put all the diving license tookNanjing citizens Mr. Hu this just two days from the American back foreign said, is to travel, precast accessories is actually spent nearly 20 days, to get a “bullish” parachuting license — this is his list of targets in one.3 years ago, Mr. Hu made a long list for yourself, do push ups, including English, to support environmental protection, go diving, skydiving, driving dynamic delta wing, and the “ultimate” tourism space, so far, he has completed nearly 1/3. Mr. Hu told Modern Express reporter says frankly, oneself once also had a daily nest at home playing games day, today to share their experiences, is to “give others live in chaos in person some incentive”.Modern Express reporter Wang YingfeiOnce the houseThe empty nest at home playing games, planted a big fallMr. Hu, 39.5 years old this year, but everyone called him Lao Hu, he accepted the call. Because is low-key, coupled with the fear of the impact of family and work, he did not want to give his full name.Reading the Laohu micro-blog, many netizens are most probably it did not actually happen to think that this is a strong man, but in reality the Laohu, was a thin, wearing rimless glasses the ornamental and the combined plain properties of man.The old nonsense, actually oneself before the age of 30, like many boys, as long as there are empty, will nest at home playing games, “at that time as long as the name of the newspaper of the game, I basically clearance.”But at the age of 30 “planted a big fall”, let his life idea slowly changed, he started to pay attention to the different lives of other people, and inspirational experience.The target listFitness painting to learn English, diving plane parachute opening……By the age of 36, before the basic thing to finish processing; profile also has from some outdoor website, know all “expert”; he also aware of their own, “is going to live by half”. So the spring festival that year, became a new beginning — those that have little time or when young, in her heart the goal, a jump out.Laohu put these, including some target they had insisted on, one by one listed, such as fitness, travel, learning English and French, playing the piano, painting and photography, as well as the “difficult” the diving, parachuting, flying a plane, and so on, are also each clearly marked the expected time, completion time, budget, schedule, the existing amount, etc..Hu told Modern Express reporter, in fact his list a total of 100 goals, so he gave himself up micro-blog name is also very straightforward, “@ my 100 goal”. However, due to the current “just want to up to 63″, so from 63 to 97, temporary or blank, ninety-eighth wrote a “space tourism”, “I think this life can achieve it, should be the pinnacle of life”, the ninety-ninth and 100th is blank, “maybe there are more worthy of the challenge, keep the first position.”Start to workOut of the abdominal muscles, but also to learn English for an hour every dayFor the eyes of others admire, he is not proud, “a lot of people have the same idea with me, just ‘time is money’ or ‘have time and money’, in fact, as long as a person is determined, the time and the money all powerful squeezed out.” Many years of savings, coupled with the support of his wife, to help him achieve some dreams.”From the hand to do start to do.” Laohu first, fitness. He is thin, when the light only 60 kg. The beginning of the barbell bench press, ordinary people can push more than 60 kilograms, but he “even empty barbell couldn’t budge”. However, soon after, he discovered the obvious change, not only push barbell reached the average level, and he proudly said, “although there is no 6 pack abs so much, but there is.” The heaviest weight, rose to more than 70 kg.English, reading, photography, painting and so on, also the synchronization start. In addition to some time ago to the USA delayed a, Laohu still persist in learning English for an hour every day, every week one still remain fixed time reading. Also because of this, originally only “dumb English” Lao Hu, this time in the American stay very smoothly.MadnessTo America round parachute dream, high-altitude almost had an accidentIn April this year, in a friend’s “strings”, American Laohu in Arizona a skydiving center signed. The National Day holiday this year, plus 10 days of holiday, and two weekends, he finally won his skydiving dream from childhood there. For a start, the Lao Hu from the height of jump 4000 meters, “fell to the ground and takes about 55 seconds, this gives the time a stable posture, the parachutist enough open umbrella.” Jump in more than a dozen times, the ability to train students to deal with an emergency, the coach let them to jump from a height of 1000 metres. “Arguably, (from the cabin) out of 5 seconds to open an umbrella, if 10 seconds are not open is very dangerous.” However, because of a cabin air is too large, Hu said the whole was blowing up a turn round. They were afraid to be tied to the umbrella, he simply waited 10 seconds to open an umbrella, but fortunately landed safely, after the coach gave a meal. Getting pretty excited Laohu and made a rookie mistake. He is also another novice student want to in the sky “little figure”, the result because the technology is not in place, two people with high speed towards each other, “if hit miserably, but pass.” After landing was ruthless Laohu coach training meal. But in the end, he was successfully get bailed A license. He told Modern Express reporter, in March next year, he plans to go to the American, higher-level exam license.Bali Island to a diving certificate, the future want with sharksLaohu goal and a very important one, is diving. From last January to May, from Phuket Island, Bali Island, to Philippines, he is taken an examination of various levels over amateur range test of the diving certificate. The future goal is to some of the world famous diving experience, and whale sharks, dolphins, humpback whales and other large sea animal to “close contact”.There are exceptionsVoluntary blood donation in XinjiekouResults the faint failureHowever, it does not mean that all objectives can be completed.One is a “blood donation” display the completion situation is, “faint failure”. Laohu said with a smile, about two years ago, his work just after Xinjiekou flow of blood donation car, went to the. “At that time I was not eating dinner, two is because the array work pressure is very big, very poor state, coupled with the thin.” Originally planned to offer 200 ml, the result just offered 70 ml, Laohu had fainted become unconscious in a chair. “About 5 minutes when you wake up, see the little nurse was carrying my feet, really feel shy.”When it is available, Laohu will go to Nanjing a large store of learning slip like ice, despite being around children “ridicule” Lao Hu, but is still very optimistic, “I was sliding now has no problem.” He also teases summary “, want to learn things, ‘shame on you,’ don’t be face bound.”Hu said the manThe self proclaimed “work”Do not buy a car not to buy a big house.So far, the Lao Hu oneself establish goals, has completed nearly 1/3, there are some goal state display “pause to engage in other projects”. “A lot of people who want to complete the dream, but always think of ‘money to say,’ what do not last.” Laohu said, oneself is also just a “working”, with ordinary income. “But not to buy a car, don’t buy a big house, the money will (save) out.” This trip to USA, even science with live, spent about 60000 yuan, before diving is spent about more than 3. In this regard, the Lao Hu would also like to thank his wife, “she has been very supportive of me.” He has a desire — to share their own experience to go out, “give others live in chaos in person some incentive”.”But Lao Hu also understand, more to the back of the target, the light on his people’s economic strength, it is difficult to achieve, therefore he hoped to gain the support of businesses. “The idea may be too naive, but I also want to strive for a minute.”

Report from our correspondent (internship reporter Sun Leqi) reporter yesterday from the Imperial Palace museum to know, during the period from November 7th to 12 on the APEC meeting, the the Imperial Palace open as normal. Among them, the November 10th falls on a Monday, the Imperial Palace museum will be played closing.At the same time, the Imperial Palace to remind the audience, since November 1st since the implementation of open time and ticket off-season ticket policy, eight thirty in the morning, at three thirty in the afternoon at three forty in the afternoon to stop selling tickets, admission tickets to stop, reduce the price of 40 yuan (not including the museum). J245

In a cooperative in Tai’an Province town of cultured dairy herds declining, the amount of.From last year the national “milk shortage” to today’s excess milk production, scaffolding clamps acquisition of the original milk market as if in a roller coaster, has since February this year, the acquisition of the original milk prices have continued to decline in 8 months, fell more than 20%.Reporter visited Shandong two major pastoral areas of Dongying and Tai’an, to the current market, many dairy farmers and manufacturers will direct the spearhead at the import powdered milk and dairy processing enterprises to import large quantities of cheap milk powder.Xu Hanyun of our newspaper reporter Gao Wen trainee reporter Fu LianxingLarge farms: highest last year every kilograms six block, four block eight this yearDadi dairy company is Dongying’s large-scale dairy enterprises, farms can accommodate million head of dairy cattle.Dadi dairy company Liu Dong told reporters, this year the original purchase price of milk from the first day of fall. Last year the earth Nissan 50 tons of fresh milk, this year Nissan 80 tons. Yield up, but the dairy processing enterprises purchase price is down. Fold in the current every kilograms 4 pieces of 8 cents, and the highest last year every kilograms of 6 dollars the price is No.Shandong animal husbandry and Veterinary Information Center of animal products market analysis shows, this year thirty-ninth weeks of milk price of 3.62 yuan / kg, 4.49% year-on-year decline, a decline of 0.28%.It is understood, the past year. “Milk shortage”, large-scale dairy processing enterprises in order to buy milk robbed at high prices, enterprises will even money to score the milk agriculture accounts, the original purchase price of milk rises, a step by step up to a peak of 6 yuan per kilogram.But this year, raw milk prices have been declining, although the two sides have agreed in the contract, a lot of dairy processing enterprises unwilling to press before the agreement price to buy, and then to the index is not standard or other reasons to reduce the amount of the acquisition or rejected, and the original milk shelf life of only 3 days, milk prices do not have had to compromise.”If the other side pressure section, the enterprise has difficulty runs, so have signed fixed price contract processing companies and dairy companies, the purchase price does not fluctuate with the market, but such businesses last year failed to catch the wave of market. In addition, the contract also set a protective price.” Liu Dong explained, the protection of the purchase price is far below the cost of production, if the milk production enterprise implementation of the price to sell milk, the loss will be very serious.At present, the earth has been temporarily abandoned the dairy farming industry park expansion plans.Small ranch, retail: feed costs accounted for 70%, sell the cow to go out to workAn anonymous farm manager told reporters, cost of raw milk price is generally in the 3.5 yuan / kg, large-scale farms raw milk price although relatively glided last year, but at the cost of the line above, and some small farmers sales bleak, and even rejected.24 morning, the reporters came to the city of Tai’an Province town a dairy farming cooperatives, quantity of amount of livestock on hand reached 2000 bull cow feeding area, sparse distribution. Spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to build milking hall door closed.”From the beginning of April the original purchase price of milk has been down, nearly two months or more, around many dairy farmers are not raised, quantity of amount of livestock on hand has been dropped.” Cooperatives responsible person said Ms. meters, the original purchase price of milk in April from 4 yuan per kg down to the present 2 yuan per kilogram, some even fell to 1.5 yuan per kilogram.”Relative milk prices, dairy farmers there is no right to speak. Every day in the output of raw milk, milk prices do not charge can only be drained, sold under the money, not to sell more money, helpless, some dairy farmers to sell the cow out of work.” Ms. meters said, cooperative members of the household had thirty or forty head, in the first half of this year nearly 6 into the farmers sell the cow.A farm manager Xing Liu calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, the original purchase price in the 3.5 yuan / kg, the remaining milk sales price less than 3 yuan, this means that a ton of raw milk on the loss of five hundred or six hundred yuan, up to now has been a loss of several million yuan. “Feed the cows accounted for 70% of the cost, had to sell the cow to stop part.” Liu manager said helplessly.  Daily output of a dairy farm in Guangrao county about 10 tons, now purchase of raw milk milk prices fell sharply, the company surplus milk without sales, but with less than 3 price to Weifang dairy company, do “dusting” treatment by the latter, namely the liquid raw milk processed into milk powder, etc. when the need to make the recovery milk.The first half of the year compared to the same period seven into imports of milk powderRelevant data shows, Shandong Province in 2013 the total output of dairy products fell in 2012 compared with 14% in 2014, down again. This year 1-6 month, the province’s total liquid milk output of 1090000 tons, 6.7% year-on-year decline, only in June was down 23%, the decline rate is higher than the domestic dairy producing provinces.”The low price of imported milk powder, is one of the reasons for the original purchase price of milk falling.” President of the Shandong provincial Dairy Association Zhang Zhimin think, some dairy products processing enterprises will choose lower cost imports of milk powder is made into milk reduction.It is understood, 1-6 months of this year, China’s imports of milk powder 680000 tons, year-on-year growth of 75%. Zhang Zhimin said, and now is the northern breeding base of the milk production season, a variety of reasons superimposed appeared the original milk surplus, the purchase price lower.Zhang Zhimin think, the domestic dairy industry chain is not perfect, is easily affected by external environment. The market structure in normal temperature milk, milk based products, coupled with the modulation, let the import powdered milk production to restore the milk has entered the market conditions, if the market is pasteurized milk as the main raw milk, milk powder imports would not be so affected by the impact of.Jin Lanying: People’s Congress called on the government purchasing and storage of raw milkThe original milk farms Nissan deputies to the National People’s Congress, Tai’an Jinlan dairy farming company chairman Jin Lanying about 10 tons, two months ago, milk prices began to limit daily acquisition, only 8 tons, the rest can only deal with the price per kilogram to 1.5 yuan.Jin Lanying suggested, dairy cattle breeding base to improve its ability to resist risks, expand raw milk sales channels, to get a certain right to speak in the cooperation and the dairy products enterprise.Jin Lanying suggestions, whether the authorities issued similar meat “stockpiling” measures, the original milk dairy farmers in Shouchu price is too low, sprayed into the milk preservation, etc. when prices are high and then thrown out, to protect the dairy farmers to some extent the interests.At present the milk business contract offer many are “despot clause”. Jin Lanying suggested to have involved the third party pricing mechanism, by stakeholders consultation for raw milk pricing, to protect the interests of dairy farmers.

Filial piety, cast in sockets is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, ancient China and “twenty four stories about filial piety” story, BFD coupler is about twenty-four Xiaozai ancient China filial piety story in different ways in different environment. Mr. Lu Xun once commented over Ershisixiao map, he said, some of the stories could barely follow, some do, there will be dangerous, lost his life there, can let a person very repugnant. Recently, Lu’an City, Anhui province to twenty stories as his subject produced a group of street public service advertising, has caused controversy. One of them is “buried child mother” unacceptable, and even criticized as “filial piety”.Lu’an citizens Ms. Mu said, recently, she found the Liberation Road side of the road, the installation of a lot of public welfare billboard sign, is about “24 filial piety” story, and are equipped with illustrations, including “one hundred meters,” negative “to bury the father”, “show filial to parents” and other familiar allusions. But the “burying son mother” billboard, frightened people, looking uncomfortable, also quite be inopportune or inappropriate. “Burying son mother” of the story is: Han Dynasty there was a man named Guo Ju, worried about the child support will affect the worship of his mother, so he and his wife buried her newborn son, eventually “day its sense of filial piety, given gold altar” perfect ending. Mu think, using advertisements to promote filial piety, is a good idea, but the “burying son mother” story, which belongs to the dross of China’s traditional culture. And the people said, if according to this allusion said to do, put in is now a crime, think feel be horrified. However, in support of the netizen thinks, should focus on filial piety, not the literal meaning, “burying son mother is teaching people about filial piety, but is not really the son alive.”For the dispute, the production unit explained, “filial piety” is the selection of superior leadership decision. The current public roadside billboards have been withdraw.The famous scholars, collectors Ma thought, morality is a time-efficient concept, although said that in ancient times the social environment and now not the same, about “filial piety” standards have also changed, but filial piety, still have its significance. Xiao Fang professor at the Institute of Ethnology and social development of the College of Beijing Normal University said, has its positive significance of twenty, but many practices, have been and present values do not match, can not adapt to the thing, it may not be able to go to publicity, to emphasize, especially in the public interest advertisement inside. Comprehensive center wide network of Xin’an Evening NewsComments]@ beam Sir: serve the mother should be, but buried “son” to promote? It is a criminal offence. This is a kind of “filial piety”, not worthy of praise, more should not be used as a public service advertisement.Seeds are completely contrary to @ Diamondback: humanity, dross, how to think.@ Lou Xianzhong: “although burying son to serve the mother” of the story can be spread, can read, which contains teaching people tell filial piety means should not be distorted, but if the public service ads appear on the street on the way, I am afraid it is not “public interest”, but a bit “public harm”.Jia Zhiyong: the blind!@ Tianshui ditty: cultural inheritance, need to combine the reality of inheritance. The environment could not take specific period, the ancient things unscrupulously preach.@ o crystal 07: not all allusions can be directly moved to use.@ Zhongqing comment: when the government vigorously promote the filial piety at the same time, should also actively exploring the modern old-age security pattern, otherwise, the public service advertising such as “burying son mother”, make people disgusted over, more easy to let a person suspect are where.@ Wu talk: public service advertising is facing today, its advocacy should be in line with the current values and ethical consensus, if not met, run counter to one’s desire……Liu Changhai: public advertisements are intended to educate the public, this is true; Guo Ju burying son practice can not learn, this is also true. However, public welfare advertisement says content, who let you copy mechanically students, do the same?Yao Shupei Y: Twenty story, inheritance is the heart, why intertwine details.@Rix_Chan: why from a story read a “buried”, only to insist the “buried”? Every story has its meaning, the story of the apartments is a “mother”, instead of “burying son”. Don’t say “firefly Yingxue capsule” really should advocate people now catching fireflies, lying snow?

Stacked in the corner part of counterfeit drugsRecently, formwork accessories the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau of food and drug ring reconnaissance detachment and Huaiyin branch of the Public Security Bureau overnight destroyed a suspected of production, storage, sales of counterfeit drugs gangs. The scene seized “Qufengzhitong capsule” and other 6 kinds of drugs up to more than 6 bottles of fake products, capsule up to more than 500 grain, total involving up to 500 yuan.It is understood, the processing of raw materials of the counterfeit medicine is more expired drugs from the hospital recovery, crushed into powder after mixing and processing, and then labeling packaging, county-level city are mainly sold to all over the country. Reporter Chen Xinru photo provided by the policeRecently, the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau of food and drug ring reconnaissance detachment and Huaiyin branch of the Public Security Bureau overnight destroyed a suspected of production, storage, sales of counterfeit drugs gangs, assault check out crime dens 6. After the inventory, the scene seized “Qufengzhitong capsule” and other 6 kinds of drugs up to more than 6 bottles of fake products, capsule up to more than 500 grain, total involving up to 500 yuan.It is understood, the processing of raw materials of counterfeit drugs is more expired drugs from the hospital recovery, crushed into powder after mixing and processing, and then labeling packaging, county-level city are mainly sold to all over the country. Reporter Chen XinruCounterfeit dens hidden villages only at seven or eight in the evening delivery  In August this year, the beautiful lake Huaiyin branch police station in the area received daily visits, Mei Li Zhuang residents reflected, in a place within the rent, do not know what to produce, approached the feel of choking.Subsequently, the police through more than a month of squat down, find a lot of rental room to participate in the production of people, seven or eight at night, a man driving a car delivery to the logistics company.Ji’nan City Public Security Bureau of food and drug ring Huaiyin Bureau Police Brigade reconnaissance squadron police Xu Zhengbin said: “we followed the logistics of goods, has carried on the inspection, found to be fake.” After days of visiting Mopai, police quickly locked Wang has a major crime suspects, also found in Huaiyin District Meng Wang Zhuang, Mei Li Zhuang etc. there may be multiple hidden dens of crime. The evening of October 10th, Huaiyin branch project group and the city Bureau of medicine and food ring Investigation Detachment located on the village dens beauty spot checks carried out.”There were 6 dens, 3 of them in Huaiyin District of Xiao Jin Zhuang, we learned that the investigation in February, Huaiyin District Quality Supervision Bureau for the inspection of the surrounding, find Wang Moumou neighboring homes, they will be transferred to the production line of beauty Li Zhuang”, according to police Xu Zhengbin introduction, a total of three warehouse, a discharge finished, a production line, another to put raw material.Reportedly, the police seized at the scene “Qufengzhitong capsule”, “Tongluo Fengtongning capsule” wait for more than a total of 6 bottles of fake products, fake capsule up to more than 500 grain, also seized a large number of raw materials for the production of counterfeit drugs and packaging.Recovery expired medicine from the hospital when the raw material is crushed into powder processing and packaging  The police Xu Zhengbin introduction, in the raw material warehouses filled sacks, expired drugs containing various types, “these medicines are drug traffickers from hospital recovery, already expired, can no longer be sold, what are inside the bottle, red, yellow, blue, white, are installed in large sacks.”At the scene, a processing region similar pipelined, workers through surface grinding machine, the expired medicine grind into powder, then three or four individuals responsible for filling, with head and tail capsule capsule, with machines together, then the planer put powder capsule surface clean, and finally with the sealing machine sealing. The police raids, the house is full of dust, still choking, medicine has more than 6, has been labeled on the house, were seized fake equipment 6 Taiwan, producing 15 piece mold.After investigation, capsule filling processing machine use, buy directly from Zhejiang, capsule skin also have into the supply fixed, “capsule skin mainly concentrated in the Zhejiang, Henan area, 11 cases of capsule shell consists of 440 yuan. Now medical check particularly strict, all medicine require that source, the soil workshop production of counterfeit drugs, with the majority of poison capsule.”Counterfeit drugs after the re packaging, workers responsible for the label, marked with herbal ingredients, “in fact there is maize powder, then add the anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics crushed into powder, mixed with short, also have certain anti-inflammatory pain, but long-term consumption can’t do.”At present, the police are on the fake drugs raw material suppliers to investigate, “Wang Moumou admitted that raw material is from the drug traffickers hand collected, according to the logistics documents show the address, mainly come from Henan.”Online to sell drug advertising mainly sold to the county level city  Wang production medicine mainly for asthma, rheumatic pain, three kinds of diseases, because of fake doped in the anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and powder, vitamins and other ingredients, so to have the short analgesic anti-inflammatory effect.After investigation, these fake drugs are mainly sold to Inner Mongolia, the three northeastern provinces, Henan, Anhui etc.. The police Xu Zhengbin introduction: “are some underdeveloped areas, directly to the county level city. Some drugs directly into the local pharmacy, 20 diverse drugs sold 15 yuan, and then sold to farmers, because the price is cheap, and there is short of anti-inflammatory analgesic effect in 1 hours, so sell very quickly.”Sales directly on the network, there are professional propaganda Webpage, and for the “400″ free phone in the telecom sector. “These people are more astute, 400 phone calls and two individual telephone hook, sellers see advertising, dial 400, side there are people reply. There are pharmacies questioned them, ask Is it right? Qualified, here to do a fake qualifications to each other, and to ensure that at any time to keep the fat “, the police Xu Zhengbin introduction, they through the express list, one farthermost to somewhere in Yunnan.According to the police know, have a record of this crime gang in Henan, once had the experience of manufacturing counterfeit drugs, then traveled to Ji’nan, “from the Internet to check the records, they came to Ji’nan in 2012 from the dens, seized in Ji’nan information, from this year to start production and sales.”In the lamp box cover 6 logistics companies involved in the transport  Police investigation discovery, now only to find counterfeit refined value close to 5000000, for the customer is very wide. In October 10th seized a logistics company, only from September 25th to October 10th, Wang in the logistics company’s collection reached about 60000000 yuan.The police Xu Zhengbin introduction, to the regular post office, powder like objects have to be strict examination, must have the qualifications and legal procedures, clear the source and destination of the goods, especially of medicine, of more stringent requirements, “but some express company, as long as the money on the line, the items checked loopholes no, what’s in the backpack, nor approval, take the money and go.”And Wang Mou some is the use of this loophole, frequent delivery of the counterfeit drug logistics company. According to the survey, he put the packaging box of fake seal finished processing the existing lamp, from the outside it is very difficult to recognize. From the beginning to now the size of sales, logistics companies involved a total of 6 home, “some logistics company is in Inner Mongolia, some in the northeast, the logistics company on behalf of the collection, they each other delivery, are very familiar with, sometimes direct hit to the other side of the bank card.”At present, Wang and other 8 suspects have been detained in accordance with the law Huaiyin branch, of which three were relatives, other are the same as for Henan province countryman, the case is under further investigation.

The tiger stool, the unique ancient China tortureThe Ming Dynasty eunuch stood cage, Liu Jin invented the instruments of torture”A story of a church documents” scenes drawn from the “old” travels inThis is a workshop, with peeling stool and tools (pictures have been doing code processing)Huaian exhibition government department in the ancient instruments of torture and the torture scene CFP for mapYesterday, aop formwork a “Jiangsu Huaian’s anti-corruption education base holds the ancient torture Exhibition” news sparked controversy, the exhibition of the ancient Chinese nearly two hundred kinds of instruments of torture, “tiger” stool “skinning” “breast clip”…… A model of the photo to see torture people shocking. Modern express the reporter understands, display instruments of torture is a national key cultural relics protection units “Huaian government”, the exhibition is open to the public from last year. The netizen says, such horrible exhibition, on the integrity education can play what role?However, the Propaganda Department of Huaian city discipline inspection commission of a surname Li Vice Foreign Minister yesterday told reporters, “ancient instruments of torture exhibition is an exhibition in Huaian in the government department”, the exhibition also is not to the education and set, “Huaian government” only a small part is to the incorruptible education. Modern Express reporter Ji Jinjing integrated surging newsControversyTorture show, “cruel, terrifying”Yesterday, the network exposed multiple pictures, called “Huaian’s anti-corruption education base for ancient instrument exhibition, show Chinese ancient nearly two hundred kinds of instruments of torture”.From the picture, in addition to the tiger stool, pan cangue and other instruments of torture model, there are several groups of wax show burn the ancient torture.For example, a group show in the wax, the prisoner upside down on the beam, the hair fell on a stone, the stone below is the hot coals. Another scene, shows a workshop, furnishings are peeling, peeling tool stool, wax figure holding a sword. These wax, many naked prisoners, also appeared the breast bare punished women.This group of photos from the spread in the network, caused many users to hot debate, many netizens sigh ancient penalty cruel, a net friend call “terrifying”.Still the netizen raised questions about the bloody scene, so the external display appropriate? Taking into account the child?However, also the netizen expresses, should have a look these horrible punishment for corrupt officials.Huaian government departmentThe door “children visit prompted caution”"Huaian government” is located in Huaian District of Huaian City, is a national key cultural relics protection units. Built in the Ming Dynasty, followed by the end of the Qing Dynasty, Huaian has been the government’s government, one of the two seat is the only country in the government department, age-old grievances Qi Dou E cases occurred here.Modern express the reporter understands, posted online show pictures of ancient instruments of torture, from Huaian government agency in the Department of catching the hall. The government has an area of 50000 square meters, in addition to the lobby, two hall, six families, a total of more than 50 buildings housing the yamen, among more than 600. In the Ming Dynasty, Huaian Prefecture is Jiangsu area the biggest government department, in addition to a normal office agency officials, and the prefect and family living places and welcome banquet, stage and so on, in the Department of catching the hall is located in the west, is only a small part of government department.”The army is catching the hall department last year first half of the exhibition, not only recently some.” “Huaian government” staff Huang Yi told reporters, the exhibition is a part of mansion Ya cultural exhibition.”(exhibition) is a little scary. A terrorist content in each display the door will have a warning to remind, such as hypertension, heart disease patients, children should be cautious to visit.” Huang Yi introduced, part of the contents of the exhibition is a bit scary, though not mandatory restrictions visitors, but in every show the door have prompted.Huang Yi also saw the Internet about ancient instruments of torture exhibition news, he said, “Huaian government” about couplets and ruling the LIANLI part, in 2010 was listed as Jiangsu province honest culture demonstration.”But, (exhibition) is in fact not demonstration sites do, is a scenic spot inside the exhibition we, Chinese ancient instruments of torture exhibition perennial is such, not temporary to clean government office of education.” Huang Yi explained it.Huaian’s Commission for Discipline InspectionDisplay and anti-corruption education independentSpeaking of the Internet “Huaian independent education base held exhibition of ancient instruments of torture” this news, “should be a misunderstanding,” the Propaganda Department of Huaian city discipline inspection commission of a surname Li vice minister said, “we really listing honest culture demonstration in Huaian government department, but the scope of this demonstration point contains only about ancient couplets — content the history of Huaian ruling the LIANLI story aspect, then Huaian government expanded a lot of other content, such as military catch hall department, housed ancient instrument display.”"Huaian government” on couplets and honest and upright official officers is only part of the model, not education base. Li said, in the “Huaian government”, many on the official politics couplet. For example, “one official not Rong, lost one officer not shame, don’t say a useless officer, a local official entirely; people eat the rice, people wearing the clothing, say people can be bullied, is also its own people.” On the implicit — an official, should recognize their servants of the people, work diligently for the people; the second line of a couplet is revealed, the people is the official Yisifumu, officials with the people heart to this truth.”When we first listing anti-corruption education demonstration sites, is the ancient couplets and honest and upright official Li hung. These ancient wisdom educational very on future generations, is the honest government culture in traditional culture.” Vice Minister Li told reporters, “ancient instruments of torture and ancient incorrupt government culture does not have what relation. In fact, when the Huaian government management department to get the (ancient instruments of torture exhibition) when, in the preface says very clearly, feudal penalty is indeed very cruel torture.”Vice Minister Li hoped that everybody can verify clear speaking again. “Now some of the network public opinion is not reasonable, actually released as public opinion of the people, should be to the relevant departments to verify, and then make a decision. Otherwise, this is not a socially responsible attitude.”Net friend”The use of these torture frighten corrupt officials”"Torture exhibition is normal.” Home grandpa Wang, near the Huaian government said, government department is based on previous history like rehabilitation, “when the Huaian government is very large, it is torture, rehabilitation of this is very normal, the ancient criminal law is so cruel.” Uncle Wang think, “show things, history was there, don’t take the child look into.” Some people say, “to have a look of the corrupt officials, in ancient times is more ruthless, cruel to come.” Also the netizen says, see this kind of torture can scare corrupt officials.”Listen to the story, don’t need to see real”"That’s terrible, very sick, almost with one’s hair standing on end.” The netizen is in see network picture after the said, the ancient criminal law is too cruel, now displayed, Is it right? Too cruel.The netizen expresses, these ancient punishment, when in the history books look feel very terrible, now the society is different, tell the story before it becomes, why the need to make a wax figure display, and the picture is so terrible, who has the courage to see?LinkSee how Chinese ancient “anti-corruption”China regime ancient explicitly put forward the strengthening construction of a clean and honest administration principle, anti-corruption provisions summary of each period and examples, Chinese ancient dynasties in the construction of a clean government culture measures divided into the following five types.1 cleaning movementThis is the ancient regime in the cultural construction of honest and clean government measures is one of the most violent, bloody, usually with a great number of implicates, involving extensive. Mainly for the punishment for violating the provisions on clean government officials.2 the establishment of specialized personnel, organization managementDynastic regime, in order to ensure the honest and upright officials in the political system, set up a special police officer and low-cost of permanent establishment. During the Qin and Han Dynasties as the most important court three one of the imperial censor doctor’s duty is supervising all officials, while establishing them to supervise the local inspection place.3 corruption award cheapDynasties ruling class realized official corruption inevitably leads to the suffering of the people, thus lead to social chaos, national failure. Therefore, the representative of Legalist Han Feizi put forward: Ming attending official does not treat people and countries will have civil and military, official governance will be reward and punishment. According to the law, official to Ren Xian, the title used to enjoy work, and held not to avoid the dear, team of rivals as Ren Xian principle. In China ancient dynasties, corrupt officials in vain to judge the punishment is also very severe.4 high salaryWith high salaries to ensure official life to enable it to achieve the clean fingered self-discipline thought comes from the Northern Song Dynasty reformer, politician Wang Anshi proposed anti-corruption strategy “Rao to wealth”, “with” about “cutting of the law”, in order to achieve the purpose that is clean, the reform of salary system, to strengthen the official discipline restraint, and with the law means to punish the corrupt officials. During the Qing Dynasty, the further development of the silver honesty system, the intention is to by high salary, to encourage officials clean, and avoid the occurrence of corruption, so called “honesty”. The source of the silver honesty mainly comes from local taxes, therefore seen around the rich or not, the silver honesty amount are different. In general, the silver honesty for the salary of 10 times to 100 times.5 to improve the examination systemIn the implementation of China’s ancient cultural construction of honest and clean government measures, improve the relevant official examination system is the most important and basic.According to the network data

Language see Southern Song Liu Yiqing “Shi Shuo Xin Yu – birth” set: the Jin Dynasty drinking Bi Zhuoceng said: hand pincer (crab), lifting loop hand holding a wine glass, to life. Describe autumn crab the pleasure of drinking.Autumn, it is the crab season most fertilizer. To crab bucket of wine, lifting anchor enjoy the chrysanthemum poems, is really a great enjoyment of people. History Chinese cynomolgus long, “Zhou Li” contains “crab Xu”, is said to be a crab sauce, visible as early as two thousand years ago, the crabs have been used as food appear in our ancestral feast. Northern Wei Jia Sixie’s “Qi Min Yao Shu” introduced “pickled crab crab, the crab hiding method” method and improved one step. Later Lu Guimeng “crab Zhi”, “Fu brachial crab spectrum”, the “Gao sisun crab slightly”, are about the crab’s monograph, Chinese on crab more knowledgeable.China crab species more than 500 kinds of. The main varieties are swimming crab, crab, crab crab frog, Guan Gong, due to different geographic areas, so there are hierarchies, such as crab is a lake, Yangcheng Lake, Jiaxing Lake; two is the river crab, such as Jiujiang, Wuhu; three is the crab; four is the crab; five is the ditch crab; six is the crab.Crab is recognized food delicacies, there is “a dish of crab, the top table of” minyan. It not only taste Chi Mei, and rich in nutrition, each 100 grams of crab with energy of 103000 cards, 17.5 grams of protein, 2.6 grams fat, 2.3 grams carbohydrates, 267 milligrams of cholesterol, vitamin A389 micrograms, 0.06 mg thiamine, riboflavin 0.28 mg, niacin 1.7 mg, vitamin E6.09 mg, 126 mg of calcium, phosphorus 182 mg, potassium 181 mg, 193.5 mg of sodium, magnesium 23 mg, 2.9 mg of iron, zinc 3.68 mg, 56.72 micrograms of selenium, copper 2.97 mg, 0.42 mg mn. Is a kind of high protein supplements, is very beneficial for nourishing the body.In the Lake Superior when the number of Yangcheng Lake hairy crab. Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, a general fertilizer, general three weight 500 grams, big weight more than 260 grams, the largest up to 480 grams, the greater the more scarce, the annual September to December is the crab eating season, especially in the November best. Green back white belly claw losea gold, ten powerful limbs, plump crab meat. Since ancient times, the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs even countless patrons for dumping. Mrs. Zhang Taiyan Ms. Tang Guoli has said: “not the Yangcheng crab taste good, why live life in Suzhou!”In crab, Eriocheir sinensis is famous for. Panjin city is the largest crab China origin, known as the “crab” say, growth characteristics of Panjin river crab is born: seawater, freshwater long. Panjin face Bohai in the Liaodong Bay, has a vast sea area, adequate water, the river crab to “students”. At the same time, inland enough fresh water and lush grass, and also allows the crab to “long”.In the crab, Portunus trituberculatus renowned at home and abroad to. This crab is Shandong Laizhou specialty. On the back of Laizhou big crab has three ridges, front side edge of each of the 9 toothed, the last tooth is particularly long, the shape of the shuttle, it is commonly known as the “three crab”. The crab Xian a big, tender meat. Weighing 0.75 kg maximum female crab. The female crab eggs, the male crab fat, white matte finish muscle chelating and big crab meat on the hind legs, eating up more delicious, a lead a person to endless aftertastes.The crab is not only Food delicacies, more many therapeutic efficacy. Crab taste salty, cold; liver, stomach and small poison. Don Mon said: the crab, the LORD scattered the heat, cure stomach, Neo tendons, digestion. Vinegar to eat, Li limb. “With interest in the diet spectrum” said: crab, sweet salty cold, fill the bone marrow, Li Zhijie, is to, nourishing the liver yin, filling juice, nourishing tendons. Jaw is oxytocin, abortion. “Materia Sutra” set: the traumatic injury, blood stasis are appropriate. The crab has heat clearing and detoxifying, Bugu Tim marrow, raise the sinew and bone, promoting blood circulation and eliminating phlegm, and efficacy of yellow, Li segments, nourishing liver yin, filling juice; the study found, crabs and anti tuberculosis effect, crab on tuberculosis rehabilitation of great importance. Generally, medicinal to freshwater crab as well. Have a certain therapeutic effect for breast pain, evil heat knot, Kouyanwaixie, hearing loss, facial swelling, malaria, blood stasis, damage, jaundice, pain in the loins and rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. Postpartum abdominal pain under the same and blood, can cure. Injury of muscles and tendons fracture, students work after fried rotten posted on the affected area. Baby fontanel (located in the front head) not, crab forefoot with Bletilla work after coated with the end, until the closing date. Crabs can also solve drug and eel virus.Crab is great cold food, abdominal pain and diarrhea often gastrointestinal deficiency of people eat crab. Yellow Wine amino acids and esters in rich material not only has the seasoning effect, deodorization by fresh, and the temperature of the Yellow Wine can inhibit the crab cold. Add wine spice powder, can promote the crab Huoxue Tongqiao work. Yellow Wine to Huadiao Shaoxing Medium Sweet as the best gourmet with crab.Ginger can keep except fishy, but also has the effect of protecting gastric mucosa. Vinegar can not only sterilization, can enhance its fresh beauty. Steamed crab add fresh ginger, fresh crab dipped in ginger, vinegar combined juice, regulating qi and harmonizing stomach, solution crab poison, promote the secretion of digestive juice, enhance the gastrointestinal peristalsis.Although the crab dishes, but also can not eat, everyone. Crab mobile wind, it is not easy to cold. Can’t eat dead crabs, because the harmful material dead crab body contains a large number of bacteria and decompose produces, can cause allergic food poisoning. Liquor-Soaked Crabs or pickled crabs undercooked crab is unfit for human consumption, should be steamed cooked before eating. For a long time of cooked crab is unfit for human consumption. Suffering from a cold, fever, stomachache and diarrhea patients, gastrointestinal inflammation or ulcer, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, active hepatitis people should not eat crab. Coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, high blood fat people should eat less or do not eat crab, crab meat should not eat. Patients with cold coagulation and blood stasis disease should not eat. Take Chinese traditional medicine Nepeta is edible. Crab bogey persimmon mixed with eating; not with the pear at the same time; not with peanut kernels at the same time; not with the loach at the same time; not with muskmelon at the same time; not with the water ice, ice cream and popsicles, edible.

Report from our correspondent (reporter Yu Jian) after several haze since the autumn, let while some businesses also homeopathy to start a haze of business. But intimate haze marketing also won consumer praise.Last Saturday, cuplock scaffolding reporter saw in the Shuangjing subway nearby, a porridge shop in the introductory place posted a “haze days” prompt, marked by the day of the Beijing PM2.5 index and little knowledge of the anti haze. The posters with green, very fresh. In the shop, the waiter gave each diner ladled out a bowl of soup Tremella Sydney free, and said: “it is good to drink pear water.” Some diners drank a bowl of a bowl, the waiter didn’t refuse. Mr. Li said, this bowl of soup Tremella Sydney although not too valuable, but business promotional very mind.Coincidentally, the reporter saw in the vicinity of a fruit shop near the Apple community, shop owner will be all kinds of pears are placed in the most conspicuous place, there is snow pear, pear, pear and so on, the boss also launched the “snow pear play 5% off” signs. “It is, people buy pears buy more, we could not discount, but let you eat, we go a little amount for.”Pass by a flower shop yesterday the people of Xiao Zhao is also not stand up to the owner of the enthusiastic add a few green plant, to the home and he said: “all is for your own good buy these, besides the shopkeeper gave me a small Scindapsus aureus.” The florist told Xiao Zhao, the use of plants to absorb pollutants in the air is really based on science, now on the market green, drop a Buddism godness Guanyin “dust absorbing artifact” especially by civil repeng.J180