Yesterday afternoon, received tips readers, the reporters came to the scene.The first camel, halfen channel in Silver Road and Haitong street intersection on the sidewalk. This is a Shuangfeng camel, large, brown and yellow hair. The host is little, said to be from Hubei to. The old man clutching the elongated chains, camel does not obey a few steps away, the old man pulling chains, it obediently stood. On the edge, a young man is soliciting customers, take pictures, have a digital copy machine, the size of different color photo and paper and a ladder small tricycle aside, the car is also hanging a broom and a dustpan, is used to pick up the camel shit.The reporter asked the young man, look in the eyes of some vigilance, just ask “would you like to take pictures”, the other is also not much to say. Next to the crowd to take photographs of people also really many, in front of several pupil excited rushed to the camel, want to touch it. One of the parents to let children and camel photo, and the young man for a supply of sth.. The young man said, big photo to 35 yuan, a small frame to 25 yuan, cheap. Parents ask, can send a photo of the electronic version, the boy embarrassed to say, not to pass.In addition, a camel business much better. The camel quietly standing under a tree, motionless, ladder beside, allow children to go up and down, to have parents and children together to ride up the photo. Small tricycle around the parents, are waiting to print out the pictures after put into the frame. The camel owner — a couple of good mood, busy awfully, but also the people around talking about the day.

Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Kunwei Ai Fangxing correspondent Huang Jieying) 20 days ago, a half foot Viper ran into the house, grabbed 1 year old boy Xiao Gang’s left hand. Parents adventure killed Viper rescue the son, can Xiao Gang’s left hand rapidly enlarged two times, toxins into upper limb. Yesterday was informed that, after two times the current operation, Xiao Gang in stable condition, upper limbs have been retained.Xiao Gang’s family in rural Suizhou. The morning of September 27th, the parents are doing housework, Xiao Gang on the side to play. Suddenly he heard a sound of crying Xiaogang, parents turned, found a half foot long snake bite Xiaogang’s left hand.Father risked killed the snake with a stick, hastened to Brock sent to the local hospital. Injectable antivenom, not better, and an emergency will Xiaogang referral to hand surgery of Wuhan Union Hospital.Xiehe Hospital Admissions after hand surgery Chen Zhenbing director, judge poisonous viper bite. At that time, the coagulation toxin Agkistrodon halys secretion has immersed in Xiaogang upper limb bone ribs, upper limb muscle necrotic amputation risk, such as the spread of toxin is aggravating, and even endanger the life.Chen Zhenbing immediately to Xiao Gang again injection corresponding antitoxic serum, and operation treatment, do the wound debridement and drainage upper incision decompression operation for Xiao gang. After two stage suture operation, Xiao Gang’s condition gradually stabilized, the upper limb is preserved.Chen Zhenbing introduced: autumn is the high season for snakebite. Was bitten by a snake and most involved the extremities, should immediately strapping extremities, extrusion secretion and blood poison, the emergency hospital, as far as possible to retain the snake body, in order to identify toxin types, corresponding treatment measures.

With women’s chest display advertising truck on a Moscow street. (Webpage screenshot)According to the China daily according to the British “Daily Mail” reported on October 15th, a Moscow show women’s chest advertising a day caused more than 500 car accident. Finally the police patrol car rounded up all the advertising with trucks, pfeifer VS box and they seized, shuttering magnet all advertising was removed.The ad was placed in the side of these 30 trucks, truck parade in the streets of moscow. The advertisement display in the hands of the female breast, above is also writing slogans: “they appeal to you!” These advertising leads to many male driver distraction, induced by the 517 accident. These ads are specializing in mobile advertising company Sarafan production, causing more than a car accident, the police dispatched a patrol car rounded up advertising truck, and will they detained, all the advertisements were removed.The 35 year old driver Idall Yurif said: “I’m going to attend business meetings when, suddenly saw a huge truck carrying female chest pictures after. I was behind a car rear end collision, the driver was also advertising distraction. These ads that I was late for the meeting, let my car is in the garage.”This advertising companies have complained to the police, the anger of the Moscow drivers, and asked for compensation. Sarafan spokesman said: “we are planning to invest in the market of new advertising formats, to encourage companies to use truck side to publish their ads. We hope to bring attention to new forms of advertising through the propaganda.”The spokesman also said: “in all the accident, does not contain to auto insurance part of the loss, will be responsible for compensation by our times.”

Recently, more and more video software have on-line. In addition to the “taken”, “nice shot”, “second beat”, “micro” Tencent mobile phone App, Micro message version 6 on the line, and also added a took 6 seconds “small video” function, touted by users.Netizen “walking the wind” is a typical “self control”, she just used mobile phone and close friend to share a star concert. “Before the self play recorded sound, now mobile phone also has a dynamic MV feeling, treatment after shooting coupled with sound effects and filters, the feeling is very cool.” The “live”, let not to live to see the concert’s good friend, also feel the scene warm atmosphere.The filming of “small video” is a very simple, first ensure that the mobile phone has enough memory space. Then, in order to Micro message 6 as an example, in the “circle of friends” first click on the upper right corner of the “camera” icon, then click the “small video” option, and then press the “hold the racket” button, you can start the video. After finishing, click the “send” button to get.Need to pay attention to is the mobile phone, the video features are generally “fool” type, do not need to debug the aperture parameters, but try to shun the light, no backlighting. Before filming, the best will screen content to good, special attention should be paid to hold the mobile phone, the best hands to shake.For the flow problem of netizens worry, Tencent said in response, each section of “small video” flow around 300Kb, “but only the user is watching a video will be loaded, have seen or didn’t see not loaded, it won’t consume flow.”

Men sleep not awake was asked to move the carReport from our correspondent (reporter Pan Bin Liu Hongxi correspondent) yesterday, the reporter learned from the traffic police department, late on the night of October 14th, Sichuan male Huang will be a car parked in the downstairs neighbors went to the door to sleep. Due to hinder the entry, erection anchor followed by neighbors wake requires the vehicle to drive, perhaps because only half awake, when driving, Huang unexpectedly accelerator as brake, the result makes the vehicle suddenly across the road into the river. Fortunately, just caused damage to the vehicle, causing no casualties or other huang.In October 15th 5, Xiaolan traffic police brigade received a report, said Xiaolan Ji east two Yee Fung Road, a car out of control into the river traffic accident, request disposal of the police. Police on duty rushed to the scene, saw a man wearing only shorts are river cable car conductor will a silver car hanging out of the water.The lifting work is finished, the police immediately conducted a survey on the case, that the driver called Huang, Sichuan people. In the meantime, Huang told the police, said the night because of too tired, casually put his car in the park near the home downstairs, and then go home to sleep, night about eleven fifty, he vaguely heard the door sound, then get up and understand the situation.Knowing their own vehicles prevented the normal access to others, someone asked him to drive away, he took the car keys down drive. Perhaps it is because only half awake, start the vehicle after drowsily, mistook the throttle when the brake, resulting in vehicle arrow rushed out into the street, over roadside river.Until then, he suddenly completely awake, so quickly get out of the window, climbed up the bank, then call someone to salvage vehicle. A people at the scene witnessed the accident said, fortunately, the late time, road vehicles and pedestrians are not many, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

On one side is the second girl, one side is more than 30 years of age the kidnappers, who will end is the “winner”? In this regard, teenager schoolgirls Xiaoyuan (a pseudonym) answer: after being kidnappers, after a battle of wits, she managed to escape. But the kidnapper is in after missed, be completely drunken, lying in the street by the police found “”.Recently, the Yilong city Nanchong County People’s court, the kidnappers to extort property for the purpose of using violence, coercion, the hijacking of others, infringe citizen’s life and health and personal freedom rights, their behavior has constituted the crime of kidnapping, was sentenced to 7 years in prison.Street “Ouyu” not calm the road to go to schoolThis year in April 18th at six thirty in the morning, a Yilong teenager schoolgirls Xiaoyuan getting ready to go to school. Go to the post office in front of Nikko Town Street, suddenly changes: a strange man suddenly from behind her and rushed over, covered her mouth with his left hand, right hand holding a knife against her neck and said: “take out your mobile phone and money!”Suddenly, although very afraid, but small yuan in my heart tell yourself not to panic. In order not to provoke the kidnappers, Xiaoyuan with very with attitude said: “I have no mobile phone no money, you want me to lend you how much money.” The man said: “I killed a man, I’m afraid you can’t borrow the money needed to play.”Feel so conspicuous in the street, the kidnappers holding her hand to bring it to a nearby building, began to ask what grade, parents phone numbers on the problem of small yuan. “I can truthfully answer the other questions, but pretend to say do not remember their parents and other members of his family’s phone number.” Xiaoyuan said, at that time she told the kidnappers, “what time will you let me go, I go home and get the money.” After a while, the kidnappers with transparent tape to carry the little gentle hands and feet tied up, still sealed her mouth.The little girl turned over the kidnappers witThen, a man suddenly found that workers walk upstairs, so the small yuan restrictions. “Then came a middle-aged man, said to be the owner, asked us in this dry what……” Xiaoyuan said, at that time can only be washed middle-aged man winked hints, but he did not understand the meaning of.Subsequently, the kidnappers with small yuan left, and took her to the town of Nikko Longbai mountain. Pool in the mountains meet old people doing morning exercises, found a rare opportunity, Xiaoyuan pretend said: “here is narrow, hand is bad, I also can’t run, you let me go.” The kidnappers for gospel truth, let Xiaoyuan told him in the back.Find the kidnappers straight ahead, not pay attention to their own, small yuan immediately turned toward the mountains run. “I found back after I run after, but fortunately, I ran out into the street, the kidnappers gave up.” Xiaoyuan said, rushed to the school immediately after will tell teacher the matter to the public security organs, and to report to the police. Later, after investigation, the kidnapper Liu Lei missed, he invited friends to dinner drink. Subsequently, drunken stopped at the roadside, sleep, was rushed to the police arrested.Dong Cewen West City Reader reporter Liu Hu

In the work of communication is essential, halfen frimeda but it seems to make a lot of people be at a loss what to do.Therefore, anchor socket in order to make our communication more meaningful, here are 5 tips to provide to you.Stop saying “but”, swift lift anchors began to say “maybe”I don’t know if you noticed I often say, “I like the idea, but, we have to do in a different way?”Once you said “but” word, people will immediately forget you like the idea of this sentence. Because the “but” the word makes people feel in front of them is entirely without meaning, while “but” after the words is the key.However, if you use “may”, the same words can be expressed as: “I like the idea, when perhaps do slightly change the way would be more effective.”Hear the difference?In the Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” in this book, she broke the improvisation rules. These rules have a will always say “yes, maybe……” It shows you to your partner says and what the respect (even if you don’t agree with each other’s point of view), this will help you keep an optimistic and open mind in the performance process, and for your participation in the exchange, based on the ideas of others increased their ideas is of great benefit. The same is true in the work of communication.Stick to the factsWe often hear some statements and not based on fact — like “this is she gave me,” “I hate my boss,” or “I know she regret hiring me”.For these I always ask: “is this a fact? Did she tell you? Or what observation let you draw those conclusions based on?”Effective communication is very difficult, but also need not talk rubbish in do not know the facts of the case. A good communicator must be based on facts.Remember that any questions of fact are likely different from your thoughts on it. Perhaps you see the situation is and you are unique working style related, or just your boss when the pressure is very great, irritable mood, just vent to your body. Anyway, unless you know the truth, otherwise, you’d better not wear a tainted glasses comments, but to focus on the question of truth.Avoid “position defense”When people communicate in the work process when problems arise, we seldom go to communication, more is to defend their position.For example, Megan and Jason are colleagues, they are discussing a project, Megan said: “this project is a bit difficult for our team, we need more people to help.” Jsson said: “everyone to spend a little more time, we will finish.” Their concerns are different, so this is not a meaningful dialogue, not achieve good communication effect. Megan felt depressed because Jason does not listen to what she’s saying. Jason thinks Megan is like a broken record, a little confidence and no confidence.This is not to communicate, but defending the position.Excellent communication, will ask questions and aspects — and not always restate efforts to understand issues their views.For example, Jason can say: “what part of the project’s bothering you?” or, “talk to me more about what you think a weak area”.Similarly, Megan can express like this: “it sounds like we think of this project is completely different, I think if everyone spend more time to really solve the problem,” or to say: “we Is it right? Should carefully evaluate the project and make sure that in our existing resources situation spend more time realistic?”Have you found that, as long as we carefully listen to the views of others and explore wouldn’t be so depressed, it will let you reach a higher realm?In the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” in one book, Stephen Covey believes: “we must first learn to understand, then to be understood.” Only when we go to understand the thoughts of others, others also will come to understand our.”Silence” strategyMuch of the dialogue no effect because the participants are busy thinking about what to say which ignores the listen to each other speak content to the next. How to remedy? It would be hard to use silence moment.When you feel the silence is negative or uncomfortable, which requires the listener to talk just about the content and give the speaker time to organize their thoughts in order to ease the atmosphere response.Therefore, the next time you are in communication with others, be sure to concentrate on listening, make good use of the time of silence, in this paragraph of time trying to understand each other talking about content and seriously consider how to respond in your mouth to speak. Learn to learn to cherish and use the silent moment rather than fear, this is a method to build a better communication.Actively participate in the views of othersThere is a in a UK hotel chain practice back American students, asked him to work in this period in the most part of the challenge, he said the diversity in the work place staff surprised him, everyone seems to have come from different countries and their respective speak different dialects.One of the most challenging is that he does not know how to communicate with colleagues to let the other person truly understand. In order to do better, he must understand where colleagues from English, how, and duties, more important is the difference between each one of them.Such a high performance AC is indeed a very good example!In order to allow people to truly understand you and you come to a better understanding of others, you need to filter the main content, each other speak to sum up experience, because of the cultural factors have an effect on their point of view. The most difficult is, you can’t see what they experience things personally.In short, because you speak something doesn’t mean that everyone can understand, good communication need time to know where each other from, whether they are local culture, professional and personal factors, once you understand these differences, to a certain extent, in communication, the better you will be understood.Good communicator may be born, but also need the efforts of the day after tomorrow. This time they used this way to communicate effectively, but the next time would not necessarily, because your co-workers will notice. So you have to constantly change, will be more in the next communication and confidence, which will continue to work in progress, strive for further improvement! Reprinted from the Internet

Autumn fruit harvest season, not many varieties, the taste is the best. The autumn weather is dry, easy to cause dry throat, coughing and other reactions, most of the autumn fruit with Shengjinzhike, lungs Quhuo effect, the favorite for the general public.Seasonal fruit to occupy the main positionNow is the best season is fruit, all kinds of fresh fruit in autumn have been listed. A few days ago, life magazine reporter visited Xiaoshan District supermarkets, farms, fruit shop to see, the original selling watermelon, grapes and other fruit in summer has been out of home court, replace sb. pomegranate, persimmon, jujube is seasonal fruits such as.A K orchard the prominent place of the shelves full of honey pomelo, many people stop to pick. “Some time ago to basically eat a grape, watermelon and other fruits, now listed seasonal fruit, but also more selective.” A clerk said, now gradually into the late autumn, winter jujube, persimmon, pomegranate pomelo, become the most recent popular seasonal fruits.Subsequently, the reporter also saw in life magazine Simon Cai Chang, a lot of fruit vendor in the sale of fruit, a while ago I often see the “watermelon” car “has been replaced by the apple cart” and “orange car”.Prices are generally ProLife magazine reporter notes, the most popular to the number of winter jujube, high streets and back lanes are hawkers wheeled the selling, the supermarket, fruit shop are often attracted to members of the public panic buying selling jujube. “Dongzao crisp and sweet, we all like to eat.” The beauty of the garden near the fruit stall, is picking the jujube week aunt said. On the basis of the jujube maturity, varieties, prices are also different. The general is 8 yuan a catty, a big colorful sweet 13 yuan a catty. Because often buy jujube, week aunt told reporters to share her experience: “13 yuan a catty, size, colour is bright, very sweet, but no water. This small, sour and sweet, water, I still love this little.”A supermarket in Xiaoshan, life magazine reporter saw, yellow grapefruit a mound, the price of 3 yuan to 9 yuan a kg range. Small grapefruit ordinary 3 yuan a catty, and pomelo is the price over 2 times, nearly 9 yuan a catty. Queuing for said component Miss Yu said, at present the seasonal fruit prices fairly close to the people, to accept.In addition, grapefruit, pear jujube, pomegranate, persimmon fruits also favored by the public. Life magazine reporter saw at the supermarket, fruit shop, farms and other places, pear prices generally in 2 yuan to 6 yuan a catty, persimmon is 2 yuan to 4 yuan a catty, pomegranate is 6 yuan to 9 yuan a catty, these fruits according to variety, origin, product phase, maturity and different prices different.Nutrition is rich, also need to pay attention to food taboosSeasonal fresh fruit tastes good taste, high nutritional value. However, pay attention to some of the taboo to eat fruit.Grapefruit has multiple nutritional efficacy, is suffering from cardiovascular disease and kidney disease patients is one of the best diet of fruit, large amounts of vitamin C can reduce the cholesterol in the blood. According to nutritional analysis, per 100 grams of grapefruit carbohydrate content of 9.5 G. This for the obese, is undoubtedly good news.Jujube is known as “Bai Guo Wang” is called, is rich in a variety of essential amino acids and vitamins, especially vitamin C content is particularly rich, each one hundred grams of content is 100 times 70 times, apple pear. Nutritional value of persimmon is very high also, vitamins and sugar content than the normal fruit of high 1-2 times, especially beneficial to heart health. Pomegranate contains high in antioxidants, often eat pomegranates can prevent aging, prevent cardiovascular disease. Research confirms, such as daily drinking 50 ml of pomegranate juice, continuous drinking for two weeks, the oxidizing process slows down 40%, and can reduce the oxidation of cholesterol deposited.Although the nutritional value of these autumn fruit is rich, but people should also pay attention to eat moderately and corresponding food taboos. As of now many people are like to eat crabs and other seafood, this is unfavorable and Dongzao jujube, persimmon with food, and orange, cucumber, radish should not eat persimmon, should not and sweet potato, liquor, equivalent to eat banana, but the patient medication is best not to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice. If these fruit food taboos in doubt, people may wish to access to the Internet look up some information or ask the expert, not only want to eat delicious, also want to eat healthy.

Close to 60 years of age, but has a graceful girl figure. From pulled the team began to jump square dance, to take sisters national show, a Chongqing art group this group of synchronized grandma into dance reds, each big show invited. The morning of October 15th, 12 Figure grandma came to Chongqing for a plastic surgery hospital, declared that he wanted to do plastic surgery, and to sprint sheep in 2015 spring festival. (in October 16th the “Chongqing morning news”)Huang Chunjing: in my opinion, grow old gracefully, old style, this is the life the true charm. To the Spring Festival evening, there is this necessary collective cosmetic? From a medical point of view, the elderly are generally not suitable for operation of the project bigger, whether wrinkles or in addition to bags under the eyes, must go through strict examination before the operation, in the face of such risk, should look before you leap.Long Minfei: “cosmetic on the Spring Festival Gala” this is freedom and rights figure granny, they can “to the whole as a whole”, as for the risk of cosmetic may bring, they must also be considered, after all, they make collective cosmetic decision, family members from opposition to support, but also the difficult process.Li Xianzi: each age level owned the age of beautiful and wonderful, already is older, but want to go and the girl went to the match, which would make people feel awkward. Some people say, girl shy is lovely, but the old lady is a disgusting bashful. This may mean some, but it also shows that, the elderly should reflect the beauty and young people are different, insisted on showing the little girl’s charming, the result can only be get the opposite of what one wants.

The people of a building had SMS family give instructionsReport from our correspondent (reporter Lu Jianluan correspondent Li Gong Xuan, lifting socket Gong Xuan) Guangzhou Liwan police bulletin, October 16th morning 10 when make, the Liwan police received the alarm, saying in a building people’s road killed a woman jump off building. After receiving the report, police officers to the scene disposal. After the scene investigation and interview investigation, the police initially confirmed that the dead Qi (female, Qinghai person, 32 years old) to jump off building Dutch act dead. According to the family members of the deceased to reflect, the deceased had to send text messages to family members called Dutch act because of pain and mental stress or, and explain the words. At present, the police are to assist relevant departments to do a good job in the aftermath.Also the news (reporter Xiao Guilai) yesterday, reporter in the morning 11 when, the reporter went to the site of the incident the people of Yuexiu District Road No. 555. The reporter saw the scene has been cordoned off, because the place is located in the crowded road, the crash site has been surrounded by thick blue tent, tent reads “the police investigation at the scene”.”I just preparing to enter into a bank ATM withdrawals, unexpectedly behind the sudden fall of a person, scared out in a cold sweat.” Witnesses said Mr. Li, he and the woman the crash site at a distance of less than 2 metres distance, but not their walk fast step, almost hit their own. Allegedly, the woman from 27 buildings fell.After the incident, the site was an alarm and call 120, about 5 minutes later, police and medical personnel arrived at the scene, the scene confirmed hanging persons have no breath. “I and the nearby security personnel to take some of the items covered her.” Mr. Li sigh, “young, really sad ah”.Witnesses Mr. Zhang said, he saw the crash site scattered some branches, hanging woman wearing a casual denim shirt, and no dress. Witnesses also said, the women’s lower body should be wearing skirt or pants. “Don’t know Is it right? Fall in the process, are the branches tore.”