PastThe implementation of the “package” and “ordering” the combination of single attractions tickets, steel chamfer visitors can choose to tour the ancient city of and coupon.NowStop selling single attractions tickets, unified implementation of 120 yuan of “one vote” the ticket price.In September 1, 2014, swivel coupler Nanchong Langzhong city scenic spot to stop selling single attractions tickets, the practice of “one vote”. This is since last September, after the ancient city of Langzhong to create a national 5A level scenic spots in the successful implementation of the reform, the first ticket.Statement in accordance with the local competent department of tourism, which is to “further simplify the ticket program, to maximize the benefit to allow visitors”. However, in the specific implementation process, but some tourists have not buy it, think of the ancient city of Langzhong scenic areas in the implementation of “make it rigidly uniform”, 120 yuan ticket is bundled sales and forced consumption of suspicion.Since the ticket reform formal trial, just over half of yesterday. The actual effect of Langzhong “one vote” of what? In this regard, West City Reader reporter conducted an investigation.Ticket reformLangzhong city scenic spot trial “vote links”In September 1st this year, Langzhong city scenic spot ticket reform implementation, implementation “one vote” the ticket price: tourists 1 people a 120 yuan ticket, valid for 3 days, can visit included Zhang Fei temple, Gongyuan, Confucious’temple, and other attractions Zhongtian building.Compared to the past, single attractions tickets and visitors can choose to tour the ancient city and the ticket is different, the ticket after the reform, the 5 single attractions tickets, the ancient city of Langzhong scenic area, will officially cease sales. This also means that, if the previous Langzhong city scenic spot ticket, is the “package” and “ordering” combination, then will be unified packaging, all into a “package” form. According to the ancient city of Langzhong Cultural Tourism Development Co. Ltd. announcement shows, this is to “further simplify the ticket program” and “maximum benefit to allow visitors”.Tourists questionedScenic spot ticket system alleged forced consumptionSince the ticket reform formal trial, just over half of yesterday. The ancient city of Langzhong scenic area “one vote”, how to response in the trial process,? Through investigation, the reporters found that the tourists do not agree to this, there are a lot of tourists recognized, but there are also part of the tourists do not buy it. Do not buy it of the tourists that: Langzhong city scenic spot implementation of “one vote”, the real is the use of “a knife”, the whole scenic spot sales package, deprived of the visitors to choose the single attractions, has forced consumer suspicion.In September 10th, Nanchong netizen “woke up 22″ was in the forum post, reported the ancient city of Langzhong implementation of the “one vote”, at the same time to stop selling single attractions tickets, “strong sell strong buy feeling”. Subsequently, the reporter was contacted the netizen himself, he was a teacher in Nanchong, surnamed xu. Mr. Xu confirmed, complain that Langzhong city scenic spot “posts pass a vote”, is indeed what he. As for the post of reason, Mr. Xu said he felt could not understand, “scenic spots suddenly stopped selling single attractions tickets, all turned to 120 per pass, is obvious in the bundling sale”.Mr. Xu said, in fact, he is no stranger to the ancient city of Langzhong, many places are already visited. A few days ago, “I was ready to play with friends in the past, just want to visit Gongyuan and Zhang Fei Temple”, but the implementation of the ‘one vote’, these spots are no longer separate foreign ticket sales, “without any cause or reason to spend 25 yuan, the feeling is very worth”.”I just want to play with Zhang Fei temple, why should pay to the other attractions? For example, I went to the restaurant to eat, originally only want to only a twice-cooked pork, the boss of the restaurant and on what end of an entire table, let me pick up the bill?” Mr. Xu accused, the ancient city of Langzhong as a national 5A level scenic spots, since the implementation of reform is to “let benefit ticket tourists”, then you should consider the actual needs of tourists, not only thinking about “simplified ticketing program”, deprived of the visitors to choose the right, the implementation of “make it rigidly uniform”. To this end, Mr. Xu also suggested that Langzhong city scenic spot, can continue to use single attractions tickets and 120 yuan ticket sold separately in the form, “so that we can not only meet the preferential around balance, the original intention of tourists, and respect the independent choice of tourists”.The ancient city of Langzhong to implement the “one vote” in Chengdu, home of Mr. Tang also think it is not reasonable. Mr. Tang said: “in the past, because of the time, I only visited the zhangfei and Gongyuan, now want to have a look several other attractions. But the implementation of the ‘one vote’, not to buy a single ticket attractions. If you asked me to buy a ticket, feel worthwhile.” In addition to Mr. Xu and Mr. Tang, there are many people are told they have similar views.Department responseTicket reform to comply with the relevant national policy documentsYesterday morning, for visitors to the “different reactions to pass a vote”, West City Reader reporter interviewed Langzhong cultural tourism city development limited company deputy party secretary Pang Shaofu. According to his introduction, since September 1st, the ancient city of Langzhong formal trial “one vote” since, “scenic area overall situation is good, although the number of tourists has no substantial growth, but tourism income has been improved obviously”.As for the part of visitors to the scenic areas in the implementation of “one vote”, has forced consumer suspicion, Pang Shaofu responded, “it must not exist. Tourists questioned scenic compulsory consumption, may also don’t know much about the whole Langzhong city scenic spot.” Pang Shaofu explained, since last September, after the ancient city of Langzhong to create a national 5A level scenic spots in the whole city has become a success, but a whole area, the implementation of “one vote”, to stop selling single attractions tickets, “is completely in accordance with the relevant documents of the state policy of”. Pang Shaofu said, this with the domestic other similar 5A level scenic spots, “just like the tourists to visit Jiuzhaigou, need to buy the tickets for the scenic area, not only for a certain attraction to purchase, consumption alone”.But according to Mr. Xu suggested, can recover the single attractions tickets and 120 yuan ticket separate sales mode, Pang Shaofu said, temporarily this is unlikely, the ticket reform itself has been brewing for a long time, and make full preparation for. The principle is based on the “further simplify the ticket program” and “maximum benefit to allow tourists”, “because it is the city successfully created the national 5A level scenic spots, first adjust the ticketing system, we have been very seriously, not only refers to the domestic same type, the same quality of scenic ticketing system, also specially invited experts, travel agency fully demonstrated, finally decided to launch 120 yuan ticket”. West City Reader reporter Liao Jincheng photo coverageTen years of playbackAfter several changes in the ancient city of ticketing systemThe ancient city of Langzhong, is China’s historical and cultural city, enjoy the “fairyland fairyland” is called. In recent years, the rapid development of the tourism of the ancient city of Langzhong, enjoys many praise at home and abroad.Through the query before the media reports, the reporter found out: over the past ten years, the ancient city of Langzhong scenic spot ticket system has emerged a number of movements……- 2005The ancient city of Langzhong in the scenic spots are single selling tickets, at that time, 5 charging attractions tickets included Zhang Fei temple, a total of 49 yuan.- January 1, 2005The ancient city of Langzhong scenic area launched the price is 90 yuan, including 12 spots “one vote”, also cancelled Dan Jingdian tickets. This one out, on suspicion of “bundling”, immediately aroused a great disturbance in the society. New year’s day 3 days of holiday, the ticket sold less than 100 zhang.- February 1, 2005Just launched a month a through ticket tour the ancient city initiatives to “concessions”, replace sb. is operation mechanism of “packages” and “a la carte” walking on two legs, “one vote” gradually fade out.- July 1, 2006″Package” comeback, 4 state-owned spots was again cancelled, thus leading to talk. But the implementation of the pass is based on the original 90 yuan pass “rule all the land”, added a B and C ticket ticket. B the ticket is 50 yuan can visit 4 state-owned attractions, C the ticket is 60 yuan including 3 state scenic spots and the Jialing River experience tour.- January 1, 2007″Double track system” the stage again, the original 90 yuan a ticket from the stage of history, and the 3 state-owned attractions tickets have varying degrees of rise, Zhang Feimiao, Gongyuan doubled in the original foundation.- December 15, 2010The ancient city of Langzhong held a ticket price hearing, intends to 3 place within the ancient city center view adjust. At the same time, the introduction of “travel pass a vote”, will Zhang Feimiao, Gong Yuan, Hua Guanglou, Wu Mingwan Sculpture Gallery (Zhongtian building), city exhibition hall, Jinping Shan, Dongshan garden, Pavilion of Prince Teng, the Red Army memorial park 10, Zhang Fei Cultural Industry Park attractions.- October 20, 2012The ancient city of Langzhong on the part of new attractions tickets and ticket price, adjust again. Zhang Feimiao, Gong Yuan on the basis of the original were adjusted to 50 yuan, 45 yuan, Zhongtian floor adjusted to 15 yuan; the new ticket price is divided into two categories, ten spots tickets per person per ticket is 130 yuan, the price ticket for five spots per person per ticket is 120 yuan.- September 1, 2014The ancient city of Langzhong again ticket reform, to stop selling single attractions tickets in the ancient city of scenic areas, the trial implementation of “one vote” the ticket price, 120 yuan per person per ticket.KnowThe ancient city of Langzhong, the state AAAAA class tourist attractions, and Yunnan Lijiang, Shanxi Pingyao, Anhui Shexian and known as the four ancient Chinese.The ancient city of Langzhong style of architecture embodies the Chinese ancient residential Feng Shui concept, chessboard like pattern of the ancient city, melt in one north-south style buildings, forming a “semi bead type”, “product” word, “more” word and other different styles of building groups, is the location of “the unity of heaven and a typical example of a” complete the ancient city Chinese built.Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Yesterday, lifting loop the Association announced the new “consumer protection law,” the implementation of the first half to the situation. Review of the implementation of six months, lifting clutches in CaseTrust think in the efforts to increase the number of areas of protection, the operator to escape responsibility problems are still more prominent. Currently in the “online shopping seven days no reason to return”, halfen frimeda “consumer durables inversion of the burden of proof”, “consumer protection of personal information”, “financial services consumer’s right to know” and so on the operators to implement statutory obligations not just as one wishes.Reportedly, the new “wave law” after the implementation, by the vast number of consumers to support and advocacy, the relevant provisions of the consumer awareness of up to 83.19%. Disappear assist the organization in new found focus on increasing the some areas of protection, the operator to escape responsibility problems are still more prominent.Such as can’t request online shopping “seven days no reason to return” the smooth implementation of. It mainly displays in online shopping, the operator of the “no reason to return” are not applicable to the commodity label is not obvious, consumers often in return requirements when told to buy “not to return” return of goods; standards are too harsh, operators will be the new “wave law” in the “goods” claims, unilateral understanding as “of the two sale”, to return the complaints increased; the operator of “no reason to return” are not applicable to the range of goods free to expand, consumers reacted strongly. Some operators take “seven return” as a shield, due to quality problems demands the return of consumers were “has been seven day return period, not to return” rejected on the grounds, to escape the operator shall assume the quality of products “Three Guarantees” responsibility.In addition, the new “wave law” provisions, for durable goods and services, “consumers in the acceptance of goods or services from the date of flaws were found within six months, the dispute, by the operator must bear the burden of proof about defects.” The first half of the year, disappear assist the organization found in handling disputes, “the durable goods and services” for the definition of the scope of business operators and consumers become the focus of controversy.And according to the social widespread concern “public interest litigation” work, the association said, “the new” wave law to infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of many consumer behavior, given a clear consumer association consumer rights of public welfare lawsuit main body status. However, as a new system, public interest litigation is still faced with some rules and theories of confusion in practice, increase the difficulty for its effective. (reporter Wang Wei)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

In new networkIn September 16, Nanchang Title: Jiangxi now “Trial Divorce” service experts: avoid divorce “hard landing”Author Wang Jiao”I hope that through this simulation divorce, swift lift anchors can let us cherish each other more.” Jiangxi Jiujiang after 80 guy Chen Yang (not his real name) told reporters, in their presentation, he and his wife met a month on the registration of marriage. ‘”flash marriage’ after a few months, we found that the personality clashes, resulting in the breakdown of their marriage, but I also want to save, don’t want a divorce.”In order to save this period shortly after marriage, Chen Yang ready to persuade wife together accept “Trial Divorce” service.In recent years, with the rapid development of society, the young people into the wedding marriage increasingly open mind, survival pressure is too big and other reasons, Chinese divorce rate increased year by year trend. According to public data shows, since 2004, the mainland of Chinese divorce rate increased for 10 consecutive years, 2013 Chinese mainland by divorcing a total of 3500000, than going up year of growth 12.8%.Subsequently, exhortations to divorce husband and wife “Trial Divorce”, “simulation” divorce services emerge as the times require.China News AgencyThis reporter learned that, in recent years, Jiangxi province has also appeared in “Trial Divorce” service, objects are “after 80″ young couples.Jiangxi marriage and family counseling innocence respectively in Nanchang, Jiujiang and opened a “Trial Divorce” service. Shin toldChina News AgencyThe reporter, oneself in the “Trial Divorce” to provide service to both the husband and wife before, will carry on the inspection, to determine the implementation plan according to the actual situation.”Many young couples because the spur of the moment to ask for a divorce, it is not sensible.” The childlike innocence, his reason for the introduction of “Trial Divorce” service, is to see that more and more young people in the experience of “flash marriage”, “flash off”, and therefore feel sorry. ‘”Trial Divorce’ to let the couple calmly to the marriage for reflection, re understanding of marriage.”Shin says to the reporter, “Trial Divorce” for a period of 3 months to half a year. The couple in before receiving a service, need to sign an agreement, the terms of the agreement the two sides need to jointly develop, observe. ‘”Trial Divorce’, both sides need to housing, shall not interfere with other friends, and like a formal divorce that handle property, child support and other issues.”"We have lawyers, counselors, marriage and family counseling is composed of professional team, in the couple simulation after the divorce, the whole family values, views of love and marriage counseling on them, supervising Compliance Agreement provisions.”Shin discloses to the reporter, at present the requirement of “Trial Divorce” husband and wife is not many, but there are husband and wife have been successfully settled.Nanchang Municipal Academy of Social Sciences, the deputy director of Institute Dai Qingfeng think, “Trial Divorce” allow divorce to avoid a “hard landing” problem to a certain extent, to give the couple a certain space, to reconsider the problems of marriage and family. But on the other hand, unnecessary secondary problems should also prevent unreasonable operation. “For example, in determining the service qualifications, ‘try Divorce’ should have a certification or supervision regulations relatively standard, to make the service to enhance the effectiveness of.” (end)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Speaking of happened in June 14th last year the bank card was stolen brush thing, Yueqing Ms. Chen is still a face of resentment.At nine forty-two that evening, Ms. Chen received a text message, her bank card in different brush off 980000 yuan. Ms. Chen a surprised, cast in sockets know their own bank card was stolen brush, flustered under, she hastened to call the bank customer service, hoping to recoup some of the losses.Which know, customer service has said, because it is the weekend of non work time, report the loss of my frozen account business, need to wait until Monday. 4 minutes later, Ms. Chen Bank card was stolen brush again, the card 2080000 yuan deposit only 300 yuan.Later, Ms. Chen to Yueqing court, with the contract dispute, requiring banks to pay compensation for the losses.Yesterday, Yueqing court verdict, assume responsibility for Ms. Chen 8 into the bank losses, to pay more than 166 yuan.Bank card was stolen brush about 2000000 yuanTo the banks for help but was refusedIt happened in June 14th last year, Friday, at nine forty-two in the evening, rest in the home of Ms. Chen received the credit card consumption messages sent to a bank, the amount of 980000 yuan.Ms. Chen suddenly froze. She immediately realized, bank card stolen. Ms Chan immediately call the bank customer service telephone, in determining their own card money actually brush was gone, she asked the bank immediately freeze accounts, suspending his bank card credit card function.”Customer service staff said, at that time coincides with the weekend evening, for those business I proposed, to wait until next week to work time.” Recalled the scene at the time, Ms. Chen is still very angry.Before Ms. Chen hung up the phone, her mobile phone and received a series of two short messages, the amount is 980000 yuan and 119000 yuan respectively.Her card originally being 2080000 yuan, was stolen brush, only 300 yuan! Ms Chan immediately alarm. After more than two hours, the public security departments to find out, Ms. Chen Cary bank money, through on a POS machine brush in Fujian province Xiamen city walk.The cardholder bought a watch in TaiwanBank card information from being stolenYesterday, Qianjiang Evening News reporter from the Xiamen police is responsible for the case to understand, in this case by the gang crime, involved a total of 14, of which 3 are taiwanese.Police in Xiamen to provide the material displayed, the gang from last March to October of last year, through his bank information and forging method of bank card, bank card stolen brush several others, victimization personnel throughout the country. In this case, Ms. Chen is also not the most miserable. There is a victim, all of a sudden the stolen brush off about 4000000 yuan.Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned that, in the bank card stolen before, Ms. Chen Zengyin things went to Taiwan, and bought a watch in a store credit card. The police speculation, it is the consumer credit card, the criminals stole Ms Chen’s bank card information, and according to the copy of information a bank card.How to steal bank card information, Qianjiang Evening News in August 8th this year the A11 edition reported. At that time, a mobile phone shop for greedy small profits, subject to criminal instigation, a similar U POS installation disc things worked on shop. It is this device, easily in the POS machine on the bank card information stolen brush.Card owners banking court court sentenced compensate 1660000 yuanThe case although the broken, but about 2000000 yuan Chen stolen money, but it is difficult to get a moment. To this end, Ms. Chen negotiations with the bank on many occasions, claim compensation for the losses, but has been rejected.In desperation, Ms. Chen to savings deposit contract dispute, the prosecution to the Yueqing court, require banks to return stolen savings deposit.Ms. Chen think, she put money in a bank custody, resulting in a loss, banks can not shirk its responsibility. “I was a normal credit card spending in shopping malls, and no fault. Bank as storage units, shall ensure that my fund security.” Ms. Chen said.But the banks but that, Ms. Chen on the bank card password safekeeping, make the crime suspect to, should be to bear the loss.Yesterday, the Yueqing Court concluded that, Ms. Chen and inter bank savings deposit contract effective, Cary money stolen brush, the bank did not do safety guarantee obligations, should bear the primary responsibility to. Ms Chan is not keeping a good password, negative secondary responsibility.Finally, the court according to the actual situation, determine the 8 into the bank responsibility negative case, Ms. Chen 166 yuan compensation.Extended readingBank card was stolen brush, Ms. Chen is how Gaoying bankIn modern society, bank card consumption, has been a trend. However, criminals are impossible to guard against, encounter stolen brush, how to minimize the losses? In the case of Ms Chen, is how to win the lawsuit with the bank?Yesterday, Qianjiang Evening News in an interview with the Zhejiang times business law firm lawyers Chen Yilai. He said, if people encounter such a thing, the first thing to do is to collect evidence.Bank card stolen, must be the card number, password and stolen from the following aspects: firstly, evidence to account, report the loss to the bank in time and alarm, so the case of Ms. Chen did, are correct;Secondly, the first time is to collect money from my brush was not taken or the consumption voucher. For example, the nearest to the ATM machine or withdraw money, and keep the certificate, to prove that the real card and password are in their own hands. For example, in the case of Ms Chen, in the report, the police escort, to the ATM machine took out 300 yuan card on the remaining money, keep the evidence;In addition, if it is to be distributed stolen brush, but also try to collect those who can prove that the stolen brush, the main card himself in another city evidence. For example, the main card in person to the nearest police station.Our correspondent Yue Sixuan of our newspaper reporter Wang Yimin in WenzhouSponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

The 35 year old Wei is from Henan. Two years ago, he and fellow went to Taizhou to work in Huangyan, prop nut but has been unable to find work.Pocket money is not much, prop sleeve see to continue consuming, should sleep on the streets. What am I gonna do?Weimou villagers have stolen things in the past, very experienced. He suggested, as go out and do a few votes, save worry. Although know this is illegal, but there is really no way, Wei had to agree.In 2012 September, under the guidance of the villagers, to October, he made the 4 case. “In front of 3 are from burglary, to steal 1000 multivariate cash. The last time, to steal a laptop computer.” Weimou said.Later, Wei finally in a plastics factory in Huangyan to find a job. Because willing to endure hardship, Weimou very popular with the boss for a raise, repeatedly. Now, he has stable income every month in 3000 yuan of above.”Day settle down, my mind started to thinking about the past.” Wei said, he increasingly felt uneasy, “the experience is my life stain, for every time I think about are very uncomfortable.”Wei said, an infamous day like a stone, pressed suffocatively oneself to.After the ideological struggle, the morning of September 1st, the Wei took the stolen computer, to the west of Huangyan police station to surrender.However, police told Weimou, these cases he surrenders, have not received the main report before fault. This means that, if you can’t find the owner, it is impossible to prove this computer Weimou brought is stealing, it cannot set Wei Mou theft.Heard of their active Lingzui may not do so, wie anxious. “I beg you to do me a favor, to find the owner, give me a chance to turn over a new leaf and bear the wrong.”Wei said, he had stolen the place, concentrated in Huangyan City West and Nancheng village residential area.”This computer, I remember it was parked in Nancheng Village Road in a black Buick car stolen, the location in 20 buildings near the village.” Weimou said.Handling the police Li comet view that computer, Weimou in hand, formatted, computer has been unable to find relevant information and the original owner.”Recently, we are contacting technology master, have a look whether can will 2 years ago out of the computer data recovery format.” Li Huixing said. In accordance with the relevant provisions, Weimou as surrender, stay in the police station under investigation, there can be at most 1 months time. If the last month, also failed to find the owner, also can only be released unconditionally weimou.Police said, if Huangyan Nancheng village who in a computer lost two years ago, please timely contact with the local police station west of the city.Our correspondent in Taizhou Chen DongSponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

The special commentator Wu ChunshanOnly let the public leisure life in the future more beautiful, erection anchor reform initiatives like this should be the public opinion, popular. How to achieve win-win and win-win target, a new joint conference is a long way to go before, and more high hopes.After 14 years of operation, “national holiday” formally revoked. Its superior organization “national holiday tourism coordination meeting”, “the State Council to replace sb. tourism by the inter ministerial joint meeting”. “Holiday office” to Teague, expansion of the public with say goodbye, is undoubtedly the reform measures a with all sectors of society and public relations, it is not only a division between the replacement so simple.Allegedly, the joint meeting function comprises five parts: macro guidance on national tourism; put forward to promote the reform and development of the tourism industry policy; coordinate and solve major problems in the reform and development of the tourism industry etc.. So rough expression, obviously very difficult to let the public understand among them about their interests and concerns. However, an indisputable trend is, “national holiday” in 14 years of operation, has not adapt to the need of time development but must be placed in history. This is a great impetus for reform lies.Needless to say, first established the holiday office, is more focused on holiday economy, tourism development. Although it has led the national leisure life active and rich, the establishment such as golden week for the public leisure life carved history. But indeed, this looks too monotonous, could not meet the needs of social development.From the development of tourism demand, the extensive management in the current management, has far not meet the needs of the public. The development of tourism, has reached a juncture, facing many problems. How the transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency, is a major issue to break. For the social public leisure life is concerned, this is a good source, digging the source, people’s leisure life will become more comfortable.Tourism, shopping, eating behind the travel, accommodation, entertainment, medical, and it involves many departments and industries, its connotation is obviously not the general sense of the small tourist, but a “big tourism” concept. Strategic development needs based tourism, the establishment of the higher level of management mechanism, in the reason. So in order to rationalize the various relationships, strategic issues can also focus on a wider, broader vision to study the development of the tourism industry.While for the general public, this focus may be difficult to understand, but will eventually be reflected in the public leisure life, let the public leisure life in the future more promising. For example, travel Is it right? More comfortable? Play Is it right? More be good to hear or see? Leisure life Is it right? Better able to enjoy life in a pleasant culture? In a sense that, and only let the public leisure life in the future more beautiful, reform initiatives like this should be the public opinion, popular.The joint meeting after the founding of new, or face the first block of hard “hoe” — how to implement the paid vacation system. Golden week the controversy for many years but is still strong, an important reason lies in, paid vacation system many units exist in the actual implementation, but the legal holiday to get just passable execution. So the golden week becoming the majority of employees can be in the right and self-confident, rigid system be right and proper vacation. This is why many people strongly called for the restoration of intrinsic reason five one golden week, although during the golden week often overcrowded.In this sense, no matter is the strategic development focus of the tourism industry, the public still looks more beautiful leisure life, need a top design, need a powerful mechanism to promote the implementation of. When the “outline of national tourism and leisure (2013-2020 years)” after the release, how to achieve win-win and win-win target, a new joint conference is a long way to go before, and more high hopes.See related reports A06 versionSponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

As of September 15th, ringlock scaffolding the Shenzhen subway to carry out a comprehensive security work for a month, precast accessories police and Metro Inc, in accordance with the new norms, in ensuring the safety situation, and not “make it rigidly uniform”, the greatest degree guarantee the safety of the passengers and travel convenience.Station, Grand Theater station, Shenzhen north station and other large metro station at the Convention Center, can see the armed police patrol. In order to prevent prohibited dangerous items into the subway, Shenzhen in August 15th in the city’s subway station officially implemented security.The 16 day, Shenzhen City Public Transportation Bureau Chen Jingguan introduced, in accordance with the “every bag to be seized, every solution will be seized, every doubt will check” security requirements, a total of 282 set checkpoint screeners, configuration of about 2800 people. As of September 15th, already accumulative total security 45500000 passengers, over packet inspection 26870000, the open packet inspection 283000 pieces, 5300 pieces of confiscated contraband.In addition, Shenzhen in early 9 has developed a “Shenzhen city subway for band limited object security check operating norms” (for Trial Implementation). Among them, in the provisions on civil life and production tools, emphasizes the possibility of harm caused by objects, are specified in the type of band limited tool, specifications, quantity, such as blade knife, knife, fruit knife, scissors, craft knife, knives and other cutting tool in the tool identified 10 cm above the limit with cutter; in the security, in goods must be packed well or take wrapped measures. In the life of flammable items band limited provisions, emphasizes the limit is flammable logo marked as stipulated by the state, with goods, and with limited number of varieties, respectively, to determine. For example: more than 50 degrees liquor packaging intact, shall not exceed 2 kg; mousse, hair gel, Hair Coloring agent, single product shall not be more than 700 milliliters, accumulative carry shall not exceed 1000 ml or 1 kg.The police introduced, the specification does not “make it rigidly uniform” don’t stop traditional practices, but in the premise of ensuring the security measures into quantitative limits, the greatest degree guarantee the safety of the passengers and travel convenience; at the same time of police and security staff in the disposal of band limited items performed standard, clear the disposal methods and requirements. (reporter / Li Ronghua)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

To yesterday, has for 5 consecutive days average temperature lower than 22 DEG C, precast concrete accessories but experts said, the final autumn time, need to look at the subsequent temperature will rebound, is still not sure. Whenever the coolness of autumn, is a day more strong. Today, the highest temperature of 24 degrees, a minimum of 14 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference between day and night, wear more clothes, don’t catch a cold. This morning the plain area has light fog, visibility, pay attention to traffic safety. The Beijing News reporter Deng QiSponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Sit for 3 months “rocket” egg prices finally halted the momentum of the cupola. 16 journalists from the Guangzhou City Price Bureau, last week Guangzhou egg wholesale prices dropped steadily, egg farmers market retail price also gradually stabilized, expected that the recent retail egg prices will also have callback.Reportedly, erection anchor the first quarter of this year, Cha tou egg wholesale market wholesale prices had dropped to low egg 8 yuan / kg, the retail price of egg at the end of 3 also fell to 10.02 yuan / kg years low. After mid July, Guangzhou egg prices once again continued upward, wholesale egg prices rose to 12 yuan / kg or more high, driving the egg retail prices to new highs.On Monday last week, Mid Autumn Festival, Cha tou egg wholesale market wholesale prices dropped steadily egg, egg farmers market retail price also gradually stabilized, the general red shell egg retail price 13.37 yuan / kg, than the previous week rose 0.15%. This low price in recent years has risen more than 30%, once again refresh fresh highs for the year. But the Guangzhou City Bureau forecast, with the steady decline in wholesale prices, retail prices recently egg will be callback.In addition, monitoring the city price bureau also revealed last week, Jiang Cun wholesale poultry market poultry overall prices edged up, among them, the local chicken, emerging three yellow chicken, goose, white duck shed wholesale prices were up about 4%. The poultry farmers market retail prices also fluctuate slightly, Qingyuan chicken, Zhanjiang chicken hair hair retail price per kilogram respectively 34.21 yuan, 33.3 yuan, than the previous week rose 0.91%, flat. In addition, the ice fresh chicken prices remain basically stable, the city of Dongchuan Xin Jie Feng Feng, farmers in agricultural butter chicken, Jiang Feng partridge chicken retail price respectively is 60 yuan, 40 yuan, 41.5 yuan.Last week the Guangzhou hog prices flat, pig gate fold 15.7 yuan / kg, down slightly from 0.56% week link. Pig grain price ratio will decline slightly to 5.6:1, 3 consecutive weeks at the blue warning regional price mild decline. Piglet prices downward trend has been accelerated, the average price of 31 yuan / kg, 11.4% lower than the previous week, fall. The affected part of the market pork retail prices still rise slightly, lean meat, the skin on the meat, pork ribs average retail price per kilogram respectively 32.46 yuan, 25.49 yuan, 44.87 yuan, annulus rise respectively 0.62%, 0.79%, 0.65%. (reporter / Liu Huaiyu)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Report from our correspondent (reporter Dai Lili) recently, the city announced the “Beijing City Tobacco Control Ordinance (Revised Draft)”, ferrule insert tobacco control people surprised to find, shuttering magnet the final form of the revised draft instead of progress, prop nut rather than the original submitted a draft has been a huge setback. The most controversial one is provide “immunity” as the unit leadership to smoke, make indoor smoking has led the exclusive privilege.It is reported, “Beijing city tobacco control regulations (Draft)” has been submitted in July 24th Beijing City People’s Congress Standing Committee deliberations, the draft stipulates completely prohibit smoking in public places, indoor area in the workplace and public transport and other indoor, has basically close to the World Health Organization “Framework Convention on tobacco control requirements”. In July 25th, the twelve meeting of the fourteen NPC Standing Committee of Beijing city were considered, on the draft review period, some members have different opinions on this clause, “make it rigidly uniform” advice to avoid smoking, suggested “workplace” is amended as “common workplace”. Finally, a trial after the return of the draft for the “Ninth” were drastically altered, the content is: the ban on smoking in public places, indoor area shared workplace and public transport.”Ninth”, tobacco control professionals found at a glance the problem. Tobacco control experts Yu Xiuyan said, according to the provisions of article ninth of the revised draft, a ban on smoking in indoor areas shared workplace, i.e. non leading cadre office shared smoking. Yu Xiuyan pierce to the heart of the matter that: “one unit of leadership in the requirements of all staff can not be at work in the indoor smoking, but smoking in his office, is a typical double standard. In addition, the draft is not for public places and workplaces is defined, then the school is a public place or place of work? If the workplace is enjoyed alone, in the school office teacher is smoking, it will not only make it possible for the students to the teacher’s office from secondhand smoke, also will give the students especially set up a smoking model of primary and secondary school students, making them easier to start smoking. Finally, the government through the legal means to impose specific obligations of public, but exempt their officials bear the same obligations in the same circumstances, it is not acceptable for any modern society. Similar legislation in any country or region, no one will be a part of the legislation of government organs work place do exceptions, government office is never smoking ban comprehensive place. Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, without exception. Obama became president USA haven’t quit smoking, but he should also comply with the Washington law, not to smoke in the White House, but can only stand in the yard ceiling.”In addition, the experts also say, modify the establishment of smoking rooms nor science allows release in the provisions of the hotel. The reason is unable to protect the other travelers, the hotel employees from secondhand smoke, and may cause the hotel costs rise, resulting in vicious competition between the hotel; do not meet the “Framework Convention on tobacco control”, is also behind the other city domestic legislation, such as Shenzhen, Harbin and so on; not conducive to law enforcement, increased enforcement cost.Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]