Amusia from congenital factors, genetic (genetic) reasons will lead to “music brain” in recognition of pitch, can be amplified and the identification of obstacles in the real music environment, then the music related to memory impairment. From the later development, when brain disease, can make ability of patients with loss of some or all of the cognitive notes, singing rhythm and music appreciation.Singing is not adjustable, also known as the “amusia”, is a kind of tone are not allowed to grasp, abnormal musical defects, often accompanied by music memory and recognition problems.Statistics show that, 10% were congenital unmusical, sing sing out of the tune. 4% of them are congenital. Fine recognition desensitization. In 2002, the University of Montreal researchers on amusia brain of conducted a comprehensive scan, problems are found about half of amusia in rhyme awareness, and found a slightly different cerebral white matter with a pitch discrimination and memory related brain regions and melody of ordinary people. They speculate that, in human brain should be there is a special music “module”, when this part of dysplasia can easily lead to symptoms of amusia.Why do people with amusia? There is no exact results. But in theory, it should be the result of the interaction between genetic factors of congenital and acquired environment. From the congenital factors, the human brain’s right hemisphere competent people’s imagination, color, music, rhythm, genetic (genetic) reasons will lead to “music brain” in recognition of pitch, can be amplified and the identification of obstacles in the real music context, appear then music related memory impairment. Like tritanope cannot ha looks nearly the same color as the singer, lost cannot distinguish pitch similar notes. Of course, studies have also shown that, amusia and left frontal lobe development. Motor Language Center in the left brain frontal zone, management language, character, judgment, attention, writing and other functions, and the clear expression of emotion, sound accurate imitation are closely related. When the temporal lobe is produced in front of the left hemisphere of the brain lesions, which easily leads to the loss of some or all of the patients with some cognitive notes, singing and playing as well as the ability to appreciate music, which shows the sing sing out of the tune.In 2009, Finland University of Helsinki researchers in 53 stroke patients with left or right hemisphere of the brain artery of long-term follow-up study. The results show that, too big difference in group song left, the right hemisphere and the normal population is not, just amusia groups often have more frontal and auditory cortex lesions. The test results show that, the acquired amusia generation and a series of cognitive function, attention, the brain function, memory capacity and related.Of course, many studies about amusia also support such as the primary auditory cortex, secondary auditory cortex, limbic system, and the importance of multiple cortical areas in the processing of music. Researchers think, other cortical regions of the lesions, and cortical thickness anomaly, neural connections and the plasticity of the brain defects, are also associated with amusia.Some research shows that, tone processing is generally controlled by the brain right temporal area (the area has the distinction of melody, tone and interval information function), change the normal secondary auditory cortex will deal with tone and control the correct pronunciation and intonation. Test the rhythm of the recent resolution tips, interconnected double temporal region and nerve motor area is most likely due to lack of congenital or acquired amusia produced important reasons.In addition, the internal memory is related to identify and record the tune appears, helps to identify the familiar songs and singing ability to enter into the brain, so the memory damage will greatly bring up the produce amusia.Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors scaffolding parts lifting loop

Revised draft of advertising increased advertising recommender behavior norms and legal liability. This means that, stars may prove the unused goods or not received services. Knew or should have known that false advertising is still recommended that, according to the law responsibility.The revised draft law submitted to advertising the twelfth NPC Standing Committee at its tenth session of the increased advertising recommender behavior norms and legal liability. This means that, stars may prove the unused goods or not received services. Knew or should have known that false advertising is still recommended that, will confiscate the illegal income and impose a fine; the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, shall bear joint and several liability.In the 30 revised draft day group advertising law review, Ren Maodong members think, star endorsement of false advertising should bear corresponding responsibility, “now called recommender, they should be on the quality of products and services recommended, that is responsible for, and not just the money do not bear the responsibility.”"Endorsement of products or services need to use, as far as I am concerned, always do this.” Actor Liuxiaolingtong said that, as the star, the endorsement of the product must be responsible for their words and deeds.Advertising Spokesperson product must be the actual user requirements, more severe punishment “false endorsement” behavior, this in fact is not originated in China, in many countries the celebrity endorsement has strict rules, once a problem, will face the violation cost and risk high. Because of this, the foreign star endorsement ads very careful selection. “The star is a representative of the image. More strictly regulate the advertisement behavior, is to protect the interests of consumers, but also cherish their feathers”. Liuxiaolingtong said.Sponsor scaffolding clamps steel chamfer

The Mid Autumn Festival small long vacation near, ticket booking gradually warming, ticket sales website have launched a “special ticket” “ultra low ticket sales,” some fishing sites in the fish in troubled waters. 360 security guards anti phishing system monitoring found that, before the mid autumn festival ticket class number of phishing sites increased, interception quantity nearly 100000 times a day. The expert reminds, to guard against various booking class fishing website trap. According to Xinhua news agency, Tianjin 31 August report (reporter Zhou Runjian)Sponsor Link:lifting socket adjustable base jack steel chamfer

The day before yesterday, Nanjing residents in Yuhuatai District, Zhang Xi Shan Qiao some Internet bar night when the Internet was asleep. More than 4 points the next day morning, Zhang woke up and found the stolen mobile phone. Zhang is very anxious, because this mobile phone stores a lot of business unit number. After dawn, Zhang went to a business office cafes nearby, buy a new mobile phone, and submit the new card number. The new mobile phone just opened, Zhang received a text message from a strange number, the content is: “you put the mobile phone to my father, he in Jiangning 100 Lake the gate of the subway station waiting for you, I will come back to you”. Zhang immediately thought, this must be relevant and stole the mobile phone thieves, and immediately report to the police for help.The police know the case after immediately decided to Counterplot, with Zhang’s mobile phone to Wang Moufa message: “I forgot your address, send to.” Along this clue, the police soon found a king buying stolen goods, at the same time in the shop of the seized stolen mobile phone. Stolen goods shop owner Wang said, mobile phone is Lin stole. The police track down sb. by following clues, catch Lin and chen. When Wang Mou to explain business in Jiangning mobile phone shop, know the suspect Lin et al., after Lin Mou repeatedly stolen mobile phone sold to Wang Mou, Wang Mou by selling mobile phone a taste of sweetness, and later as a result of mobile phone shop interior need money, he offered to let Lin et al. Stealing hand machine, and by the Wang Moulai stolen goods.Lin has told police, the day at 3 in the morning, he and his partner Chen Zhang mobile phone stolen, immediately sent to King somewhere fence. Lin that the boss Wang certainly didn’t get up at five o’clock in the morning, then called Wang phone. When Wang is sleeping mistily, only say “mobile phone sent to fall asleep again.”. Lin then take the subway went to Wang’s shop. On the subway, Lin with a stolen mobile phone to the king Moufa a message, want to meet him in a subway. Wang woke up and realized that he had stumbled, said the wrong thing, so when he is not in the shop. So he hurried to Lin to return phone calls, but can’t get through. Then, Wang gave Lin back a message “your mobile phone to my father, he in Jiangning 100 Lake the gate of the subway station waiting for you, I will come back to you.”Lin is certainly not see Wang message, because Zhang soon began a new card, information has returned to Zhang’s new mobile phone. Yuhuatai police beat him at his own game, several members of the criminal track down sb. by following clues will be involved in the rapid capture. Yesterday, several suspects in the theft police criminal compulsory measures. Yangzi Evening News (reporter Ji Yuxuan Yu Xuan correspondent)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches scaffolding accessories pfeifer VS box

In new networkOn 30 August, yesterday, “the glory of Changsha shine in the world” — Changsha National Advertising Industry Park appearance conference and cooperation with the Xinhua news agency media strategy signing ceremony, was held in Changsha today. Changsha National Advertising Industry Park “– a case of the valley” officially unveiled.The core area of Changsha National Advertising Industry Park “two types of social construction Changzhutan comprehensive reform pilot area”, as the first batch of nine “national advertising industry park”, by the cable estate, CITIC Capital and Tianxin District Government jointly build a wisdom advertising industrial park, will build a strong new media group to internationalization, high high efficiency level, advertising companies and emerging digital media advertising for the main, a rational division of labor, symbiotic win-win park the whole industry chain, the rise of new media advertising ocean era booster. “A valley” will be the incubation and development of an enterprise platform for entrepreneurs and investors, a platform.With our wisdom city construction progress, develop wisdom park to promote the new engine of the national advertising industry park. Wisdom Park as a carrier of new media advertising industry park development, intelligent building advertising industry park path exploration of a distinctive, to create a national advertising industry park “wisdom plate” is the key to lead the healthy development of the new media advertising. With the development of Changsha television advertising industry be richly endowed by nature of the condition, for creating new media advertisement industry base aggregation type, shape, scale. From the wisdom of start, start from the foundation, implement, to build Changsha National Advertising Industry Park has become a National Park Boutique, Changsha National Advertising Industry Park will join hands to create new media fusion “model”.Experts said, with the Internet media, grasping the fusion, thinking about promoting development, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading has become an urgent task. The technology and content are two wings of fusion development of the media, the traditional media and new media integration initiative to seek development, be imperative. An important mission which is to technology, construction and the content construction is put in the same important position, with more focus on technology innovation and new technologies and information content. The development of the Internet to promote traditional industries and emerging industries of cross-border integration, integration and development of traditional media and new media has become an important cornerstone of Internet content development, promote the traditional media and new media development is an urgent strategic task, advertising park to establish integrated development concept, from the content, channel, platform, operation, management and other aspects, to promote the traditional media and new media depth fusion do pioneering work. To uphold and strengthen the Internet new media thinking, in accordance with the laws of development, planning and promoting the work, means to fully apply the most advanced network technology to transform the traditional media, innovation mode of information communication, information dissemination high ground occupied.Director of the comprehensive Department of Xinhua news agency, the new media center general manager Shen Jiangying of deputy editor in chief, deputy director of industrial and commercial administration bureau of Hunan province Yu Yuncai, Hunan Province Changsha Tianxin District Party committee secretary Ceng Chaoqun, vice mayor of Changsha Tianxin District government, national advertising industry park CMC vice chairman Hou Xiangyu, vice chairman of CPPCC Luo Chaogang, Tianxin District Tianhong Real Estate deputy general manager Chen Bin, Hunan Tianxin Cultural Creative Development Co., Wang Yan, Liang Kai, the Ministry of Telecommunication Research Institute Enterprise Institute, Wang Yumin attended the meeting.Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors BFD coupler anchor socket

Stable work, income can, by the students and parents respect, there is a year two long holidays…… The teacher this occupation is often so jealous. But at the same time, many teachers, especially young teachers, often complain about work pressure, low income, no sense of achievement, feel confused to the development prospect of occupation…… No young people to leave their teachers. On Teachers’ day, the reporter visited the young teachers in Beijing primary and secondary schools, understand them under the platform of life, as well as their confusion and distress, and find teachers industry how to attract and retain talent.Case 1Two months ago, with a hint of nostalgia and don’t give up, Wang Fei resigned from the Beijing of a famous school teacher, but now he has become the teaching director Beijing a counseling agency in a teaching point. Before, he made the 3 year teacher.”In my first year I want to resign”"In fact, in my first year I want to resign. The main reason is that I and girlfriend separated, my girlfriend is a civil servant, in the Southern home work stability, also do not want to come to Beijing. I have to at least once a month round-trip between Beijing and my hometown, the Cowherd and the girl weaver’s life is really hard.” Wang Fei said the teacher, do daily daytime very tired, although he was in school, but earn is not much, every month most wages are contributing to the railway and aviation.Wang Fei remember, your first week after class, he a man went to Houhai to sit for a long time, feel the pain, confusion, do the teacher told him to imagine there is a big difference.”My university last year is in the school practice, at the time that the school’s temperament, the idea of running a school, the environment is very good, and students get along very harmonious. Then took my teacher asked me to want to teach, I do not think too much promise.” Wang Fei said his practice teaching is the high school, after the entry to the junior middle school.”The first lesson I feel fall, junior high school students naughty children, not obedient, class people talking to pipe the discipline, laboriously prepared lessons have not finished. I feel the practice is fall in love, work is married. Practice is not responsible, like playing, but the formal work have to bear great pressure and responsibility.”In just a few months ago, job, Wang Fei busy every day until two or three in the morning to sleep, in addition to prepare lessons, homework, new teachers and some tedious affairs to deal with, a lot of pressure, every day is tired. “Remember the year just graduated, schoolmate at college sometimes call me dinner, often have no time to go, want to have everything arranged in advance.”However, the most let Wang Fei feel anxious is the treatment of the school is not high. “Our school is good, but every month I will earn more than 4000 pieces, usually can not do a part-time job, how can Beijing to live well? In the past the teacher also divided into house, not now housing, rental housing is difficult after.” Last year, Wang Fei and his girlfriend married, they had to face the pressure of life. In Wang Fei’s view, the treatment of teachers is not make him a foothold in Beijing, his wife took it is delusion.”This year, and I have a good relationship, had resigned to educational institutions teacher told me, there is a lack of people, can give a higher position, asked if I was interested in, pay much higher than teachers in school. I’m tempted.” Wang Fei said, with much, he decided to resign.”I like this school culture very much, colleagues and students who are very good, but I’m in here is very difficult to see our way. If you have a certain economic foundation, I might even go back to school.” Wang Fei said.Case 2Xu Nan is an English teacher of a well-known Beijing primary school, has worked for two years. But she says frankly, oneself doesn’t want to be a teacher.When the teacher is for future school children”I don’t want to be a teacher, work without what a sense of accomplishment, but I will persist in doing it.” Xu Nan said, choose teaching here, a large part of the reason is the child after the school system can be in primary school and middle school. “My boyfriend and I are foreigners, there is no foundation in Beijing, also can not afford to buy school district room, my teacher is more for kids.”In the primary school, Xu Nan didn’t contact with children, after the job she and other new teachers in the district received training, but the training content comparison of surface, little help to work, so that she now are not what impression.”True to my teaching, management has helped or with my master, and colleagues. I and they learn a lot of things, problems will ask them. Now the primary school and my school is completely different, teachers and parents to contact a lot, basically two or three days to make a telephone call. Young teachers to participate in the activities of many things more complicated. The first semester I was at 8 in the morning to go to work, 10 pm to go.”However, Xu Nan is still relatively satisfied with their pay, has a monthly salary of seven thousand or eight thousand, it is possible that some schools cannot match. “School officials say to the teacher for the best treatment, but the school employment is the teacher of the whole person, not just 8 hours.” Xu Nan said, although the school a good treatment, but every year there are some teachers will go, including young people. “Might work too tired.”"I’m not what I came to the school to plan for the future, not only for my own. If only for my own estimate, three or four years also do not want to do, after all, this is not their own interests.” Xu Nan is going to the middle school on the child, and then to think for themselves.Case 3Just graduated from the University of Feng Yide did not want to be a teacher, a chance he entered a famous Beijing middle school with the teacher.Standardized teaching, the teacher did not “personality”From more than two years, most of the young teacher Feng Yide feelings and in the survey, “hard and less income”.”The school there is a female teacher as a male teacher, male teacher when livestock. The young teacher general chores are more, may serve many functions, such as the instructor.” Feng Yide says frankly, in my first year consecutive months sleep only three or four hours a day, some young teachers often work all night.”Work more to earn is not much. Out teacher said a month can earn ten thousand or twenty thousand, in school Lixinxin struggling to stem can only earn five thousand or six thousand more than ten years. So some teachers work for a few years, get it or learn some ‘technology’, in the educational institutions or business.”However, Feng Yide remained. “I’m slowly like this occupation. In the most happy time is in the classroom, some students’ creativity and progress will make people feel very surprise. The students are also very pure, like your class will say love, doesn’t love would say not good.”However, Feng Yide was always on some of the things work wonders. “For example, the school is the teaching and research group with the preparation, teaching, courseware, teaching methods are required to ‘standard’, the teacher how many things can speak? In some schools still exist ‘amateur expert guidance’ situation, some of the subjects is not very understanding of the leadership, by administrative orders and other ways to guide you how to teach.”"As far as I know, the young teachers are the future development path of about two, is a focus on teaching, another to administrative, management position.” Feng Yide said, a lot of young teachers may not concentrate on teaching, teaching the title may need 10 years, 20 years, to become a teacher, and to participate in some activities, many appearances in front of the leadership, may soon be able to take management positions.Case 43 years ago, read the normal school Zhang Yuting always wanted to be a middle school teacher, but because there is no suitable opportunity, finally into a newly established primary school.A teacher’s ideal occupation path confusedHave been a teacher for more than 3 years of Zhang Yuting is currently in the confused period, “it is difficult to see clearly their occupation development path.”Zhang Yuting said, the new teacher will take from the beginning of the first grade, to two class, and two class teacher, things very complicated. “Every day I open all kinds of meeting, fill various table, involve a lot of energy.”In Beijing, many primary and secondary school teachers have the new staff training, and mentoring to help young teachers grow up, but Yu Ting did not enjoy such treatment. “Our school set up soon, the new teachers are, not a teacher. But also for the two class teacher and teaching task, have no time to listen, learn, master also have little time to guide, more time can only rely on ourselves.”As for training, Zhang Yuting said the school had no training, but also in the new teacher training after the job while working and training. “The training quality is not high, many are superficial. Take the teacher a lot of time, but not very good results, for training and training.”Zhang Yuting think, according to the truth about Beijing should education resources is very rich, but in fact only focus on good schools. In the vast majority of ordinary schools or bad schools, much less young teachers to get something, in these schools for a long time, it is easy to have the waste one’s time feeling, future.However, there are desirable in a teacher Zhang Yuting does not swim, her as much as possible to seize every opportunity, to participate in various teaching competition, and strive to improve their professional level. “For 3 years I have been to persuade myself to be strong, waiting for his opportunity. The new teacher, I hope they can have a clear plan, work hard, good life.” (to be targeted for interviews, this paper figures are a pseudonym)SoundTo allow the new teachers to create their own unique teaching style, personal growth. Young teachers should grow into a good teacher, must and can only be himself, blindly imitate others can only be “moose”.– Dan Zhiyan, deputy director of the teacher Chinese Research Institute of Education Science Development Research CenterThe teacher can develop in different directions, first of all to correct understanding of themselves, and then to make planning, step by step growth. — Dan Zhimin, Beijing 165th middle schoolIf the young teacher can’t find in the occupation career satisfaction, well-being, the sense of achievement, it is difficult to self planning, growth, improve. — well Xu Chao, vice president of Asia Pacific Experimental School of Beijing Normal University■ new teachers “knot”Adapt to workData shows, the new teacher American 15% after the end of the first year out of school, 15% at the end of the second years out, 70% of the teachers gave up the teacher occupation in seven years. And they gave up the main reason of the occupation is the entry a few years ago cannot adapt or work.In contrast, Chinese system, teaching and research group mentoring, the situation is relatively better. A lot of young teachers will resign in work a few years ago the idea, but the real resignation may not be many, after all the teachers in the country is a relatively stable occupation.WagesThe pay is not only teachers face the problem, are all teachers face the problem. According to statistics, in 2010 the average annual salary of teachers ranked tenth ranking in the 19 major categories of industries, teacher or improve space.In recent years, countries have adopted a variety of ways to improve teachers’ living environment, the creation of attracting talent from the teaching conditions. To attract talented people, treatment is very important. At present, many college students are unable to find other work later when the teacher. The long run, is detrimental to the development of education. At present, teachers have not reached the first-class talents from teaching to let.Of course, to increase the salary of teachers is not accomplish at one stroke, in need of social development to teachers in national development strategy to consider this problem.Development planningOverall, primary and secondary school teachers occupation career planning are not doing too much. A survey found, 95% of teachers had no occupation career planning, 80% lack the sense of.Occupation career planning is very important for the teachers, but for new teachers, some planning can be rough. I suggest young teachers can do professional development planning 3 to 5 years, too long not realistic.The new teacher development plan to manage the classroom, hold the podium. In one or two years the lesson well, grasp the teaching material system 3 years, in accordance with the real physical and mental development of students to use the law to teaching. To be really familiar subject teaching system to guide students’ autonomous learning, classroom teaching, return to nature. (Dan Zhiyan, deputy director of the research center of teacher development China Education Scientific Research Institute)■ system securityThe new teacher training should be institutionalizedDan Zhiyan, deputy director of the teacher Chinese Research Institute of Education Science Development Research CenterFrom the theory of teacher professional development, 1-3 years is the new teacher induction period, domestic and foreign teachers will encounter various problems in their adaptation period.New teachers on the job 3 years ago, the identity transformation to be complete from the learner to educators, to adapt to the new environment, facing work, independent to teach a course etc.. In order to make the new teachers better through the adaptation period, the state and the school are responsible.Speaking from the national level, the new teacher training should be institutionalized.At present our country has not the new teacher training system. There are some small how do teachers in training, but not systematic. In 2011 January the Ministry of Education issued “on the strengthening training teacher” s work opinions “, clearly put forward the” pre job adaptability training for all new teachers, helping new teachers adapt to education as soon as possible. The training time of not less than 120 hours.” But this document does not require a specific operational level.I think that should be the new teacher training schools gradually moving towards the institutionalized, should be detailed provisions subject, new teacher training content, training and funding sources.From the school perspective, the university is going to in the adaptation of new teachers responsibility.Some foreign turnover rate of primary and secondary school teachers, the main reason is the new teachers in schools without guide. The domestic situation is relatively better, we have the system research group, and mentoring, these are very good traditions.Our research group system is a professional China characteristics of learning community, can completely into the mentoring, establish teacher professional leading professional development of new teachers learning community. In the community, there are excellent teachers, mature teacher, but also a part of the new teachers or teachers development period, this team is Lao Zhongqing combination, leading teacher teaching disciplines in the collective lesson preparation to teach the teachers teaching norms, which quickly familiar with the “workplace”, familiar with the teaching process. Teachers play a leading role fully in the collective lesson planning activities, the growth process can greatly shorten the beginning teachers.Incentive mechanism to encourage teachers to guide the growth of new teachers, learning to play in all the members of the wisdom and strength. More important is, to establish open, respect, equality, cooperation, self culture, respect the individual difference.Suggestions on the development of ■The young teacher development, 3 years is a snagLi Qiong, director of the Beijing Normal University Institute of Teacher EducationThe young teacher, 3 years can be said to be a snag. If a teacher 3 years ago is quite satisfactory, after the sticking probability will do much; if the teacher to do a few years ago is not particularly smooth, or feeling is not very suitable for, can choose to leave, do not go to affect their own, will also affect the students.The selection of teachers of Teachers Occupation Expectation is not particularly high, they before selection should be clear, teachers do not like to engage in economic, financial sectors as money, status and fame are not high. Many people engaged in the teaching profession for the love of the occupation, has feelings for students. If no such love words, just because the possibility of leaving the big small salary.Of course, teachers are not only love to stick to this work, the state, school support on the professional development of teachers is also very important. For young teachers, schools in addition to the usual apprenticeship, but also to find ways to provide good jobs for young teachers, cultural environment, such as trust, colleagues of help. We find that, some teachers may be because the environment is not suitable for you choose to leave, leaving many because of the good relationship between colleagues.For young teachers, my advice is to learn more, ask more, think more, and more reflection, especially multi old teacher learning, observation of the old teacher, class to write diary of reflection is also very important. At the same time, the work should not be too worried, pressure is not too big, take it as a period of adaptation.Academic or management development prospectsDan Zhimin, Beijing City, the 165th middle school principalsThe young teacher speaking, if found after working one or two years he is not suitable for the job, the child also does not have the love from the heart, the proposal to change, to choose their own like occupation, not reluctantly to. This is in charge of their own, is also responsible for the school, students.If you like when the teacher, just don’t know how to develop for the future, can sink the heart to calmly think about, using the psychological scale method for analysis of their advantages, disadvantages, also can ask some teachers, colleagues, and then make a choice of direction. For example, some teachers is academic, professional foundation in English, can become a scholar type teacher, can plan how in teaching and research support, can have the development in the profession; and teachers are good at using new teaching techniques and methods, it can be in these aspects of development; some teachers are good at do management work, and parents, students can communicate well, the teacher also has prospects for development in education.As for the working pressure of some new teachers to face, there is no way to avoid it. I think that within 8 hours to finish all the things the teacher, can not become a good teacher. This pressure can be overcome.To help young teachers experience the fun● well Xu Chao, vice president of Asia Pacific Experimental School of Beijing Normal UniversityNow the school young teachers and our time is not the same. The traditional teacher education focuses on teaching methods for teachers how to guide, how to work, and children have guide. Now young teachers have changed, the teacher education is very high, professional foundation is very good, but the teaching method, lack of practice, so they work the most confusing is how to adapt the work, especially how to communicate with the students, parents. I think it is most in need of attention young teacher a few years ago how to work, how to let the students love, parents, colleagues agree.The teacher this occupation has its particularity, choose this occupation is not to win promotion and get rich, income is not high and it may be very hard. So when it comes to cultivate young teachers, I think the key is not professional, but the occupation identity, let him in the students there to find a sense of achievement, satisfaction, love and dedication, can the occupation as a career to do. I for the young teachers to do is help them to experience the joy of work.The D06-D08 edition news / news reporter Kong YueSponsor Link:lifting anchor aop formwork ferrule insert

In August 29, 2013, Shijingshan District six one primary school gate, a quasi – the first grade boys lying in the arms of her mother. The Beijing News reporter Yin Yafei perturbationToday is the first day of school, nearly two months holiday let some students have not adapt to the school: fatigue, mental anxiety, attention is not centered…… Said counseling center director Wenfang elementary and middle schools in Beijing, students “school syndrome” mainly in two categories of people: one is feeling the holiday also did not rest enough, do not want to return to the tension of learning; another kind is anxious to go to school, “because the whole holiday, not the parents is grandparents day watch, don’t feel free, but eager to go back to school.”Psychological doctors think, the primary and middle school students showed obvious does not adapt to the morbid nonorganic performance the new semester of life, is the psychological defense mechanism of the subconscious mind will be reluctant to face, do not agree with the negative mood, depressed, unhappy into some somatic symptoms caused by, and will last for a period of time. Through the regular schedule and appropriate emotional catharsis can help restore normal.Poor student achievement of evading schoolNear the front, received a lot of “opening syndrome” student counseling center director Wenfang primary and middle schools in Beijing city.One day, Wen Fang received a pair of mother and son, the son of the school will be on the third day of this year, there are two subjects did not pass the first two days, the parents want to let him repeat heavy, but the school doesn’t agree to repeat. “The students now have the mood, do not want to go to school.” Wen said, with the psychological escape, the students began to make parents sent him to study abroad. But parents considering the home economy is not very rich, can not meet the requirements of the son. “My son started to blackmail their parents, suggested that parents sold the house to send him abroad, or not to go to school.”Wenfang said, the student is to avoid the mentality, think oneself learn bad at home, the teacher must have disliked him. There are two subjects failed, senior high school entrance examination must also won’t get good grades.According to Wen, case such extreme or minority, during the summer, he received the “syndrome” students are divided into two categories: one is that students leave soon ended, they also do not enjoy enough, so the morning don’t want to get up, live at home do not want to do, also do not want to do homework.There is a class of students are eager to go to school, “a holiday special leave, mother at home watching, or by grandpa’s grandmother looked at, students feel the whole holiday not free, also lost contact with students.”Some parents find Wen party, the problem is: students habits change don’t come, morning sometimes Lai to more than 11 points to get up. Parents worry about, this situation continues going to school?The school suggested that parents of early interventionIn fact, for students “school syndrome” school had already prepared.Mr. Yang’s son this year started kindergarten. A few days ago, he participated in the kindergarten new parents, “one piece of content is to tell parents how to resolve the child ” separation anxiety’”. Mr. Yang said, the son has been brought by the grandparents, half a month ago, when told that he will soon after in the kindergarten, getting up every morning the first thing is to repeat the phrase “I don’t want to kindergarten”.New parents after the meeting, Mr. Yang realized, son may have separation anxiety. In this regard, kindergarten give parents some suggestions: first for parents at home to give children some alone time and space; in addition to let the child have the anticipation to kindergarten; children a certain self-care ability etc.. Recently, Mr. Yang began to consciously let son every day alone for a period of time, and from time to time, told his son, kindergartens have a lot of kids, there are a lot of toys.■ school shouldOn the first day of psychological courses to help students adapt to the new environmentBeijing Hongzhi middle school students’ mental health teacher Sun Zhiying said, before the start of the school year, will carry out psychological test screening of newborn. Survey found that, generally easy to produce psychological problems are mainly two types of students: one kind is not adapt to the new environment; the other is for senior high school after the knowledge point, the periods increased, have not adapt to the learning method.Part of the new face of environmental change and learning strength and does not adapt the main performance is not concentrated, learning can not keep up in class, “two weeks later by monthly exam or diagnostic test feedback information shows, and in junior high school grades the contrast is specially big.” Sun Zhiying said, because some students monthly exam failed the exam will worry, anxiety, and even cry.The conflict and the students because of emotional problems with parents, the holiday of this year, Sun Zhiying has received 4 cases, basic is the students and parents clashed fiercely, “students want to use the holiday to relax, but parents ask students to use the holiday to go to cram school tuition”. Sun Zhiying suggestions, parents should sit down and communicate effectively with students, their real thoughts told the students.Sun Zhiying said, according to each different “school syndrome”, opened a school will give students psychological test, the students who have problems of one one interviews, in addition with the psychology class counseling students, “school psychology class will be the first to tell students how to adapt to the new environment, including learning, interpersonal relationship.” Sun Zhiying said, “the syndrome” duration will not be too long, generally the school will be in a month will be “the syndrome” students debugging.In addition to the middle school, primary school also attaches great importance to the adaptation of the freshmen. Shijingshan District Second Experimental Primary School Principals Wu Youying said, in general, children from one state into another state must have a transition period, but the child of this transition time is not too long, to the school, roughly half the time will adapt to the new environment. Therefore, before the start of the school year, all of the young rise small freshmen into the school adaptation training, teachers will take the children meet new students, classroom, classroom knowledge experience, let the children feel the school is a funny place.Expert adviceThe first regulation of biological clockTemperature proposal, students must be in school during this period of time to find “students” feeling to, first of all should be adjusted from the rest. Wen said, if some parents never before the start of the school year for students to adjust the biological clock, so in the beginning, in order to let the students get up early, parents should help a few assignments, for example, lets the student responsible for breakfast at home, or the parents took the students to exercise together. “It is important that a student back to the study state, not in a school on the backward, so there may be a semester are not back up.”In addition, for some eager to go to school students, Wen Fang remind parents, this time to let the students learn to vent, the accumulation of negative mood drain off the holiday. “Parents should use positive behaviors arouse children’s emotions, in this way, students to the school to cooperate with the teacher to complete their studies. Otherwise, holding a holiday children may only make friends at school.” The child as long as there is a certain catharsis and communication, school is not a sink to the emotional whirlpool, but will ease study.This edition news / news reporter Du DingSponsor Link:lifting anchor ringlock scaffolding ferrule insert

Recently, launched by the deer technology ultra high-end baby deer Ding diapers officially listed, opened at the same time the deer Ding official flagship store in Tmall platform. The deer technology official said, will adhere to the use of the best materials, design the most scientific, the most advanced technology, the best products.It is understood, the deer Ding baby diapers, diaper raw material product selection of the world’s top suppliers, advanced automatic paper diaper production line, mature manufacturing team to ensure product quality, through extensive market research micro innovation, to develop more suitable for baby “X6 quickly suck dry and comfortable system”, a breakthrough to enhance the baby diaper absorption rate and dry degree, absorb faster, more dry.The deer Ding diapers is deer technology after 10 months of development, thousands of tests, upgrading launched a infant products. The deer technology relevant responsible person said, the deer technology will adhere to the “give the baby the best corporate creed,” to “global procurement China manufacturing” approach, to provide the best infant supplies for China baby.The deer Ding official flagship store. Http://, in product development process, a technology to Jingdong, Tmall hundreds of thousands of Internet consumption data as the foundation, listened carefully to the nearly 30000 diapers online shopping with mom needs, mothers who want to minimize your baby’s ass and soaked in urine in time, improve the fart fart hot and humid environment, is the first to have Internet gene baby diaper product.Industry sources, in the production process of baby diapers, a lot of enterprise technology and production equipment Chinese, fast expansion in recent years, continuous introduction of diapers in automatic production line of the world’s most advanced, because do not have too much burden of the old production line, process and technology, has led many in Europe and America and other parts of Asia enterprises.The deer technology responsible person said, diaper raw material deer Ding diapers mainly uses the global top supplier: Sumitomo, three, of superabsorbent polymer materials; USA 3M Velcro; Germany lycra elastic band; America imported virgin pulp; Henkel adhesive; USA, Japan imported non-woven fabric; imported super soft breathable bottom film etc.. In addition, the world’s most advanced automatic production line with annual output of paper diaper, diaper pin hundreds of millions of pieces of mature manufacturing team, to ensure product quality.Notable is, the deer in sina science and technology in June micro-blog launched “give the baby the best” topic discussion, cause millions of people concern and sympathy. During debugging in deer Ding Tmall flagship store, the deer Ding diapers first single agent Chinese online shopping e-commerce the highest level Alibaba Department staff to grab the upstart.Sponsor Link:lifting anchor anchor nut lifting insert

Today is the first day of the new semester begins school, many students riding a new bike. Campus car thief began to ready to make trouble, students should know how to guard against theft of bicycles. Several schools of the Yangzi Evening News reporter recently visited the Longjiang visit found, more than 1000 yuan car also really many, but due to the slow lane full of parked cars blocked the line of sight, the thief hands played a certain role. The police warned the students, which the ordinary bicycle is safe, the front wheel with the best chain lock iron railings on fixed in the parking lot.Visit:Thousand yuan above most easily stolen carThe sidewalk parking baffle see line of sightThe day before yesterday afternoon, is a middle school in Nanjing, Longjiang. 2 pm, ride a bike to school students put the bike at the school gate the sidewalk, responsible to see master told to lock the bicycle. The master said: “we help students of compulsory car parking, sidewalks, motor vehicle roadside green belt and slow driveway blocked the line of sight, the thief easy.”At the school gate on both sides, about 400 meters long sidewalk, stop the bike nearly 1000. Most of the price is in three hundred or four hundred yuan of the ordinary bicycle, mountain bike, speed car brand also has many. The price is in 1000 yuan of above of the car and the car, around 20% in the proportion of. Most students ride the car with a U shaped lock or chain lock, lock up simple. See the teacher told reporters, in case of a student the phenomenon of stolen bicycles are stolen every semester, mostly those thousand yuan car.More than a thousand cars only 2 probeThe thief hypocrisy around secretly carrying vehicleIn Longjiang, another high school grade is part of the report on the afternoon of August 30th. At the school gate 200 meters on the road, roadside park bicycle has more than 1000 vehicles. The road north and south, respectively, only one probe. The school security generally on the road patrol. But some thieves will be waiting in the street to pretend. There is an opportunity, a hand carrying the back seat of the car, a walking car leading, quickly push the car to the other sections, and then in the evening and then pushed.Look from the school security room window, can only see a small piece of Regional Park bicycle, the north and south ends of the bicycle is not in sight.Police sources:Thieves unlock just a few secondsSuggestions for front and rear wheel lockHe told reporters in a criminal Jiangdong police work, special tool car thieves are very advanced, it only takes a few seconds to lock. The car is stolen, transportation, sales division. The car before the car from one place to another, and then steal hiding, transport by van to move quickly to sales.To prevent the bike is stolen, the police advise students, less new ordinary bicycle safety. The car park, in addition to the rear wheel lock, wheel conditional word, had better use chain lock iron railings on fixed in the parking lot. If stolen, will be a timely alarm, police quickly to fight car thieves to provide effective clues.Yangzi Evening News reporter Bo YunfengSponsor Link:precast concrete accessories adjustable base jack cast in sockets

Yesterday, China United Airlines flight KN5216, a female passenger baggage about his experiences in Nanyuan Airport extraction. The aircraft during flight passengers caused by smoking, with other passengers discontent.The Beijing News “smoking with matches is how to take on the plane?” Yesterday morning, a United Airlines (hereinafter referred to in the United China) flight KN5216 from Chengdu to Beijing passenger found, during the flight, there is toilet smoking passengers in the cabin was stopped, after a stop in Taiyuan, and the passengers in the cabin outside the gangway smoking, smoking behavior is stopped after some of the passengers, to continue the flight security, but the crew did not listen to the passenger suggestions.5 am yesterday, the plane landed at the BeiJing NanYuan Airport, passengers due to the unit to work with, at the airport for the apology, retention after 9 hours, United for the presence of passengers compensation of 1800 yuan in cash, and said it would further investigation, such as the case will refund passenger ticket costs.At 1 hoursSmall toilet smokingFlight KN5216 is composed of Chengdu China United Airlines flight to Beijing. August 30th night at eight thirty, 180 passengers enter the lounge at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport in security, the plane was delayed an hour later, 10 in the evening, from Chengdu aircraft take-off.”1 hours after takeoff, I line up on the toilet, a strong smell of cigarette smoke.” Passengers said Mr. Yan, he immediately reported the news to the flight attendant, attendant to check the passengers. “I also heard the attendant asked the alarm did not sound.”Mr. Yan said, the crew found of people smoking, sitting in the 39J. According to passengers, flight attendants found smoking young man, find out the cigarettes and matches, and matches the confiscation of.The plane lands in Taiyuan5 passenger gangway and smoke12 am yesterday, Beijing because of bad weather, the plane lands in Shanxi Taiyuan. “At about three thirty, 5 passengers walked out from the open cabin door, smoking in the gangway. The aircraft is not far from a tanker, and dangerous, “said Mr Khodorkovsky passengers, crew received the passengers reflect, to send these people with water cups, so they put out the cigarette.Passenger Ms. white with mobile phone filmed the smokers were ordered to put out the cigarette of the video display, a few young men smoke in the cabin, one will also draw half of the cigarette on the floor, with his heel.Mr FOK said, Taiyuan airport after the police arrived at the scene, proposed to all passengers to machine, security. “The crew said no.” The flight took off again at 4 a.m..Yesterday, the Taiyuan Wusu Airport police confirmed Mr FOK said, says police have made relevant treatment on smoking passengers, but the specific approach is not convenient to disclose.Stranded at Nanyuan AirportPassengers please claim compensation”We hope the captain for his work attitude apology, and compensate us for the loss.” Mr FOK said, yesterday morning 5 point plane arrived at BeiJing NanYuan Airport, more than 40 passengers choose to stay in the airport, want the airlines to an idea.In Mr. Huo provides studio, the captain called know someone is smoking, but repeatedly stressed: “since it has been arrived safely, also say what?”11 am yesterday, after deliberations Mr. Huo represents passenger airlines to appeal, request the captain apologize, return ticket costs and all passengers in the airport waiting for lost wages.In this regard, China United Airlines relevant responsible person said in an interview with reporters, in the security, the match is difficult to find the flammable items, some of the passengers have the lucky psychology will match mixed on the plane with in the luggage situation was encountered. We will follow was responsible for the case of Chengdu Airport Inc reflect, advised them to strengthen inspection.2 pm yesterday, airlines and passengers on behalf of communication to reach a settlement, airlines for site 23 customers per 1800 yuan fee, and presented a domestic air tickets, while investigating the incident, true as passengers reflect problems, will formally apologize for the captain, and returned 23 passengers to Nanyuan airport in Chengdu ticket.■ linksThe Civil Aviation Law of the people’s Republic of ChinaPassengers are prohibited from carrying dangerous goods aboard the aircraft. Prohibited in violation of the provisions of the competent department of civil aviation will be dangerous goods as baggage. The names of dangerous articles shall be stipulated by the civil aviation authority under the State Council and published.● Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport security check.According to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, prohibited to carry passengers or baggage entrainment lighter, matches on civil aircraft.■ questioningThe 1 match is how to through airport security?Yesterday afternoon, the reporter to passenger identity to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, security office inquiry monitoring said, passengers for sitting in seat 39J smokers in the evening 30 when going through the security, carrying a suitcase and a paper bag. “Check the monitor, without any strange clothes, do careful inspection, must not carry, be placed in the box cover.” The responsible person said, at present has not received the relevant United feedback.For passengers boarding the match, the responsible person said, the match of security is difficult to detected objects, “the general lighter will be relatively easy to find, because it contains the combustible gas, the surface of iron materials, security machine easy to identify.”Aviation experts said Zhang Qihuai, lighter, matches are flammable and explosive goods, are prohibited to carry on the plane.Smoking 2 aircraft have what measures?Aviation experts Zhang Qihuai introduction, passengers are prohibited from smoking behavior of the aircraft cabin and the edge, the captain and work according to the behavior that determines the severity detained, fine, off the plane, re screening, or refuse the check on the punishment.Said Zhang Qihuai, meet illegal passengers during the flight, the captain can inform the ground waiting for treatment, air marshals also can take certain measures to the passengers. “At the same time the crew to conduct real-time monitoring of the passengers.”But according to the passengers reflect, to come forward to dissuade smokers flight attendants are introduced, some in the Taiyuan airport police arrived, moreover does not take other measures. For why no further treatment, United staff said, also need to know and the crew.3 can take the new security measures?Zhang Qihuai said, smoke on the plane and the plane on the ground in the refueling process of smoking, which are very dangerous behavior. Passenger smoke on the plane of the safety concept weak act, shall be punishable by a fine correlation. In this event, the flight attendants as treatment ineffective to stop the way, you should choose more coercive measures such as detention, to security and solve, and by the police law enforcement, make it to match.Zhang Qihuai thinks, the crew must carefully check the aircraft, “the smoke sensor no response is also a great hidden danger of safety, passengers may not be despised.”4 additional punishment afterwards whether smoking passengers?Yesterday, the passengers reflect, the plane arrived at BeiJing NanYuan Airport, smoking passengers baggage to leave the airport, and it did not suffer any punishment.In this regard, United staff said, the specific situation is to communicate with the crew to understand. For these smoking passengers will be airline “blacklist” record, a responsible person in United’s revealed, at present the majority of domestic airlines are not on the passenger “blacklist”.This edition news / news reporter Li Yutong edition photography / news Intern Peng ZiyangSponsor Link:halfen channel ledger blade halfen frimeda