Small music yesterday amputation operation has completed. C FP graphNandu – 18 days afternoon 3 when Xu, a 9 year old boy in Pingdingshan city of Henan province to see the bears in the zoo, over a 1 metre high fence near the cage, swift lift anchors the right arm was black bear bite.Yesterday, formwork clamp the boy attending physician says, stump operation has completed the whole child, right arm was amputated, subsequent skin grafting prosthetic. The scene of the riverside park party said, will fully cooperate with the casualty treatment.In 2006, riverside park zoo had similar black bear attack. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the zoo, the zoo is still open, but the zoo staff in the bear cage, the original two layer network based on covered a layer of steel wire.Family member: the right arm 10 cm below the whole bittenYesterday morning 7 when make, Zhengzhou City Department of orthopedics hospital inpatient wards, 9 year-old small music (a pseudonym) lying in bed. On the evening of 18, Lecong small Pingdingshan was transferred to Zhengzhou City Hospital Department of orthopedics, that night at about 11, the completion of the operation right arm open amputation.On the afternoon of 18, small happy father Mr Zhang to take my family to riverside park to play Pingdingshan city. Came to the park zoo, Mr. Zhang and his wife to stay in the zoo, the children’s grandfather with a small music and his 3 year old cousin to the zoo.Small Le says, because Grandpa will take care of her brother, a do not pay attention to, he crossed the cage outside a one meter high fence. “I was standing outside the cage, unguarded, its mouth from two railing stretched out to bite me. It bites tight, my grandpa won’t pull.”Mr. Zhang said, distance between two rails bear cage is about 15 cm wide.According to the child’s aunt introduced, she asked for special small music, he said he was watching the black bear “get” peripheral fence, walked to the front of the cage, “he said after a feed is preparing to leave when suddenly turned, black bear bit arm”. Aunt said, about 10 cm below the child right arm was all black bear bite.According to eyewitness visitors say, off bear iron cage is very old, there are many hole below, black bear’s mouth is stretched out from the holes.Earlier media reports, Riverside Park Zoo Director Cheng Junling said, their children climb over the fence, reached into the cage to feed was bitten by a black bear. They will be the first time the child to the hospital, and paid the medical expenses. She felt now give the child cure most key. She also said the zoo, safety measures do very well, and everywhere the fence and warning.According to the Pingdingshan North Du police station a police police said, the accident cage is a comparison from the North several third, dilapidated, “visual bear forelimbs can extend the railing”. In the zoo the beast area, he did not notice the monitor, but see “Please Keep away” and other slogans warning.The child’s father, Mr. Zhang said, that day afternoon 120 arrived, first child. Then, there is another man found a bamboo pole to drive the bear, he can from the bear cage to retrieve the entire right arm small music. But because the tissue damage is too severe, can not receive limb.”Children have no cry.” Mr. Zhang said.The park: the first treatment of childrenAccording to the seaside park director introduced yesterday, in cages off the bear’s 1.5 meters outside, is provided with a row of 1.2 metre high fence, a net cage. He said the cages and small gap, “the child after Tenobu Shin was dragged into the black bear.” The director also said, the hospital has a patrol officer, the nearby patrol immediately rushed to, and brushing away the black bear. At present, people are bitten by bears have been shut up in the house, no longer displayed to visitors.Yesterday, the reporter saw the zoo the competent deputy director Xie, in Riverside Park Office introduced her, when it happened, responsible for animal management staff inspection on the side, heard the cry for help, quickly rushed to the scene, the black bear is at this time because of the excitement phase, the staff did not dare rushed into the cage out by a black bear bite arm, and took the opportunity to drive around in the cage behind the feeding place, 20 minutes after it will bite the arm out. At the same time, employees phoned 120 emergency telephone. In rushed to the 152nd Hospital of PLA by injured parents request, temporary staff to raise 8000 yuan of money, spend 3000 yuan rent ambulance sent to Zhengzhou treatment, another 5000 yuan used temporarily to hospital treatment costs.An unnamed staff said, related to the leadership and staff have been meeting negotiation, to determine the “first treatment after the child, who is who will bear the responsibility”. At noon yesterday, they raised 10000 yuan, ready to hit the child families on the bank card.At present, a small music still on probation. To understand the whole course of treatment the Doctor Wang suggests, as soon as possible for the children to find a psychiatrist, psychological counseling for children.It is understood, small happy mother didn’t work, and the father normally rely on do hydropower and other jobs to maintain a family of three living.

In the city of Xinzheng, aop formwork Mr. Huang, the use of back from Zhengzhou salt, Salt Industry Management Bureau of Xinzheng city was identified as “trans regional law enforcement officers with salt, salt” confiscated and impose a fine of 200 yuan. The matter came to light, “cross region with certain” quickly became the hot network, we have said to feed and clothe himself drinking smoking anxiety. People on such as boiling, Xinzheng Salt Bureau rapid processing, and introduced the latest progress of the events to the media: Xinzheng salt bureau to the social public apology, and published the results, to participate in the matter of law enforcement personnel at the same time, employ people to Mr. Huang as Xinzheng Salt Bureau 2014 annual “good supervisors”. Throughout the media almost to follow up the matter.After all, daily expenses, no matter where, no matter what tastes less salt. Usually we go to the supermarket to buy salt, no serious about exactly where the production, especially now that online shopping platform developed, there are a lot of people through the import of salt generation, America buy Japan, Europe and other countries and regions. Thus, inadvertently have illegal, they might have been fine, really very frightened. Moreover, his home to eat salt, can means? The total not salt dealer interference intensity of salt management. However, in the orthodox narrative, resistance to trafficking of salt has been heading for the people forced to no way, people at the bottom of private salt dealer is bitter can’t bitter. The most famous is the end of the yuan and Zhu Yuanzhang over the same period the Zhang Shicheng uprising. This is in the books have been used as the peasant uprising leader positive characters. If Zhang Shicheng is through to the modern meeting how? Probably penalty directly even eighteen pole not scrape up.As for the new deal first given iodized and relates to the health of residents explained, was later direct public apology face. In fact, the first half of the year because of thyroid disease detection rate increased substantially, salt iodization policy itself has caused huge controversy. Now have to buy iodized salt as the monopoly of the reason, it is not wise. In other words, if use the fine momentum, the real strength to tube food safety, consumers will not be at the care-laden about.In fact, the crux of the problem, is not responsible for the consumer, but in the salt monopoly and the huge profits brought about by the franchise. Wrote the famous “on salt and iron”, “this county state-owned salt and iron, wine monopoly, all lose, with civilian dispute benefit. And the powder into the park, avaricious and mean. Is to the people of this widowed, tending to end all. The propagation of husband is quality decline at the end of this deficit, sheng. At the end of the people with the repair, repair people Harcourt (sound but people), Harcourt money with the foot, foot extravagance hungry students. Salt may strike, wine monopoly, all lose, so Jinbentuimo, Guangli agriculture, it is also.” In the Han Dynasty, there came a voice go salt, put an end to the government and people for profits. The past 2000 years, or the land, people more numerous, ranked in the world economic growth, salt already not scarce resources. Eat the salt “idle (salty) thing” Is it right? Can be left to the market, the relevant departments of the small, don’t worry too much.

“Please note! Have a look quickly lock your home is a few levels!” Yesterday, a piece of information Mr. Guo published in the circle of friends has caused the attention of friends. Mr Guo said, a few days ago, the building was a neighbor is stolen, lifting insert anti-theft door, the door of double protection have not stopped the thief. Afterwards, many neighbors are replaced with class C expensive lock core. Then, the door lock is in accordance with what classification, this reporter recently visited the professionals.Incident playbackA door is priedThe whole layer busy lockMr. Guo Fangzhuang home of a residential building, a staircase four households, usually have access must access card. The day before yesterday, Mr Guo met in the same layer of 1 neighbor. “Neighbor meeting asked me, you lock the house? I was stupefied, what lock for good?” Mr. Guo ask just know, originally, a few days before the 2 building a home stolen, anti-theft door, the door is pried. After the robbery, and Mr. Guo in the same layer of the three neighbors lock all replaced with the price of 880 yuan, with the highest C level factor of safety lock.Mr. Guo immediately set out to contact the lock company. However, online information and offer all kinds of lock core and let him see hualeyan, finally, he finally picked out a. Telephone contact, the lock master soon came to his house. Mr Guo said, listen to the lock master said, now replacing the lock core of many people, many times a day to more than 10.Busy replacing the lock core people far more than Mr. Guo and his neighbors. Citizens Mr. Yu told reporters, he lived in Chaoyang District, Apple community property, recently posted important notice, notice said, the small owners existing lock core anti-theft door used for a marble lock, the security level is low, the criminals easy access target, the city’s recent major residential burglaries occur continuously, suggestions as soon as the replacement of super class B, class C lock core.Reporter surveyThe same class levelThe price difference of timesYesterday, the reporter visited a home building materials city near Shili River. In the hardware area, more than sales said, super class B and class C lock core is the best selling. However, the reporter found that, C is the same level of anti-theft lock, price from 130 yuan to 1700 yuan, the price difference of more than 10 times. According to the sales staff said, in addition to the difference in the lock core brand, quality, material, technical content is different, so it causes the price disparity.China unlocking technology R & D center researcher, vice chairman of Fengtai District city repair service industry association Wang Xiangming told reporters, according to the “Regulations of the state standard” mechanical anti-theft lock, mechanical anti-theft lock is divided into A, B two standard. A lock preventing destructive opening time of not less than 15 minutes, the technical open time cannot be less than 1 minutes; class B lock open devastating time of not less than 30 minutes, the technical open time cannot be less than 5 minutes. “The current market sales of super class B and class C, is actually the business since the establishment of the enterprise standard. And lock the price level with the big difference, also shows that the lack of market regulation.”Experts recommendSafety anti-theft door notNote that replacing the lock core”Can be seen from the key level of security door lock.” Wang Xiangming said, the key is the class a common cross keys, which corresponds to the lock is “cross lock”, this kind of lock anti-theft ability is weak, the thief only need to use simple tools, can be “seconds” anti-theft door. This lock the minimum safety factor, he advised residents to replace the lock core immediately.The anti-theft door most Beijing families are B lock. Like the “word” key, “Crescent” quantum “key, the single row anti pull” lock and key can be easily opened. Wang Xiangming suggested, residents can upgrade replaced the double spring groove, tooth take B level more complex lock, or multiple rows of teeth tooth stereo flower, flower height, depth change big super class B lock. This lock core design standards is to open more than 280 minutes, unlocking of skilled it would take a long time, destructive demolition to open.Wang Xiangming also suggested that, the difference between the public should pay particular attention to the anti-theft door and security door. “Anti-theft door can be divided into a, B, C, D four security level, the highest grade a theft-proof performance, Ding level minimum. In the upper left corner of the inside of the door will mark the word FDM. But now, some stores, many developers for the owners, are not anti-theft door, security door. This is they are changing a concept secretly, this door anti-theft performance is poor, the public at the time of purchase should pay attention to. The safety door has been used, should be the timely replacement of lock core.”Reporter Liu Lin text and figure J015

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Jiang Zheng text /National Day later, is still the golden autumn season, travel agency has launched the price concessions, many tour prices than National Day period to a low of 10% or more, for the idle rich old man who, it is the golden time to travel. The old people travel and young people, there are some matters need to pay attention to. The newspaper interviewed many people who experience for old people, draw the following reference.Preparation: pre medical examinationMany old people keep “fear” the idea, is not willing to do a comprehensive physical examination, but if you want to travel, or must not save, prevent the onset in the journey.The elderly should conduct a comprehensive inspection of his body before the trip, the original disease such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and other control situation how, to grasp the latest developments, seek doctor’s permission, the choice of tourism, travel arrangements, not reluctantly.The journey in a timely manner to the doctor with the group health care to introduce their own physical condition, the best go hand in hand or his family. Out of the old man should carry a personal information card, such as a simple introduction of family history and contact telephone number, such as on the way there is disease, can reduce the time of diagnosis.Chronic diseases of the elderly travel, especially coronary heart disease, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, must take some medicine, once again to the early medication. And their disease told fellow travelers, in order to take care of each other.On the cardiovascular and respiratory diseases of the elderly, the cold weather should not travel, hot summer to the old is not suitable, easy to cause the heat stroke. Therefore, the best period, should be age two season, spring and sweet scented osmanthus fragrance is the best time for the elderly tourism.With a soothing group selection: JourneyFor the elderly, tourism means to break early to bed and early to rise even in the habit of taking a nap on weekdays, it was a hard thing, and if those travel arrangements too closely, the time too tight line, not suitable for the elderly to participate in, so the elderly travel must not hold “go a few places that the value of” psychological. The seniors travel itinerary to more soothing rhythm, travel time generally in a week is appropriate, the need for “not overdo sth.”, to avoid excessive fatigue. The aged long-distance travel better sit sleeper or aircraft, can also be segmented to.It is worth noting, generally on the 60 year old elderly tourists, can enjoy many preferential travel in the domestic many scenic spots. For example, the provisions of the state, the domestic state-owned scenic spot tickets to 60 years old are relief, and other commercial area will also have some similar provisions, so be sure to take older cards, can save a lot of expenditure.During the trip, pay attention to healthThe elderly are often poor physical, clumsy, as hearing loss, on the outside of the reaction is slow, so in tourism, should attach importance to and strengthen the health care work.Old people are easy to fatigue and not easy to recover, tourism should have adequate rest and sleep. If you feel tired, can rest a few days or suspension travel. In the long time walking tour, be ready to sit down and rest.The old man body temperature regulation function is poor, easy to catch cold catch cold catch a cold, want to bring enough clothes to keep or so. Walking the sweat do not immediately open strip.The old man gastrointestinal function abate, The climate does not suit one. easily lead to digestive disorders, so suitable diet should be light, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less greasy and spicy food of raw or cold food, it is best to drink less or not drink.Once again, the old man force difference, walking is often unstable, easy to fall off, tripping, generally speaking, to minimize the mountaineering, see more water, more sightseeing courtyard, because mountain cannot avoid to ascend a misadventure, the elderly than young people and agile legs after all. If you enjoy the classical garden, lake water color, no climbing fatigue.Keep valuables with you, in the scenic spots to take photographs, not just put the bag. Check out must examine carefully, have stuff in the bathroom, the drawer, the pillow. In addition, don’t put the bag over to someone else.Tourism, should pay attention to good foot care, such as wear soft shoes base, the evening with hot water foot, massage the muscle of both legs and the soles of the feet, help the second day trip whether walking or mountain climbing, will feel very light.TIPS1, before starting, about the climate condition of tourism destination through the first weather forecast TV shows, according to the weather, the temperature difference sufficient clothing and travel commodity.2, regardless of where the tourists, old people should wear sandals or sports shoes soft and comfortable, not wear new shoes, prevent pinch bubble. At the same time, but also with commonly used drugs, carsick Ning, Ganmaoling, cool oil, wind drive oil, Baoji pills, Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid light drugs.3, do not forget to bring in patients with hypertension, antihypertensive drugs; the heart of the poor, more should carry the Jiuxin Dan or available Kyushin Pills; also stick a cripple.

Severe haze weather, formwork clamp people often feel breathless. Visited the hospital outpatient service discovery, scaffolding parts asthma patients increased significantly, cast in sockets especially in the elderly and children. In fact, adjustable base jack the once famous singer Teresa Teng claimed the life of asthma, as a common chronic disease, the incidence rate has been high, and the more developed areas, the higher incidence. However, the expert reminds, asthma can be controlled, through standardized treatment, can make the patient work life is almost not affected.Three consecutive days of haze case would spike”Fog haze days asthma morbidity will greatly increase.” Ji’nan downtown hospital respiratory department of internal medicine physician Wang Xin explained, “fog haze days in the air is extremely complex, contains a lot of harmful substances, such as PM2.5, can be deposited into the trachea, upper respiratory tract, and even in the alveoli, stimulate the lung disease, which induced asthma.”It is understood, as long as 3 consecutive days of fog and haze days, asthma and other respiratory tract of patients would have soared into three or four. Wang Xin said: “in the haze weather, suspended in the air a variety of hazardous substances, in addition to microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, and various chemical substances, such as sulfur dioxide, sulfate etc.. The haze of Tianshui steam content is very high, the flow of air is very poor, the harmful substances in the air more easily inhaled into the respiratory tract, and due to the inhalation of harmful substances is a micro droplet state, once sucked it is difficult to breathe out, it will stick to the airway wall, and quickly open, make harmful the lungs more set more material. Respiratory system therefore haze weather will bring people a very strong stimulation, induced asthma, especially for children, the elderly and the body was weak and sick people a greater impact.”Asthma, is largely a disease of modern life “”. The epidemiological survey data show, the developed countries the incidence was higher in developing countries, city population incidence rate is 6 times higher than in rural areas. Some 300000000 of patients with asthma, China has about thirty million.From the etiology, the majority of asthma caused by allergies, it is often said that the allergic asthma, of all ages may be the pathogenesis. Shandong traffic hospital respiratory department of Internal Medicine Director Du Xiangming introduces, “if the genetic cause of allergies, generally from childhood will be the incidence.” If there is a history of asthma in the family, often means that a number of asthma patients in one family.So, why are there so many people allergic? Experts said, in addition to the effects of a healthy diet, the pollution of the environment and genetic factors, more important is now city family for the child too much attention, the child’s living environment is too clean, thereby limiting the probiotic contact. If things go on like this, the body cannot identify these probiotics, produced against the reaction to it, eventually causing autoimmune diseases, asthma is one of a kind.Environmental factors are also important causes asthma. Respiratory department of Internal Medicine Director Tan Zhenyue Ji’nan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine said, many related inducing factors, including inhaled antigen (pollen, dust mites, fungi, animal dander, etc.) and various nonspecific inhalation (sulfur dioxide, ammonia paint, etc.); infection (infection of respiratory virus, bacteria, mycoplasma or Chlamydia cause); food antigen (fish, shrimp and crab, eggs, milk and so on); drug (propranolol, aspirin); climate change, movement, pregnancy and so may be predisposing factors of asthma.Asthma is not abuse hormone and antiasthmatic drugsAsthmatic wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness will appear the symptom such as. Severe patients prone to weaken the sense of vague, pulse, if not treated in time, will endanger patient life. “Although asthma cannot be completely cured, but it can make fully control asthma. It also means you can’t cure asthma, but you can control the asthma do not affect your life.” Tan Zhenyue reminded the public, should follow the doctor’s advice in the treatment of asthma, professional, preventing it from entering the misunderstanding.The medicine for treating asthma containing hormone, many patients worry, long-term intake of hormone drugs will have side effects on the body. To this, Tan Zhenyue explains, “for the treatment of asthma, hormone kind medicaments is essential. Inhalation of the usual drugs, especially hormone drug inhalation should not conflict, the fact proved that it is safe, and hormone dose inhalation of small, usually takes 2-3 weeks to show its treatment effect, do not arbitrarily reduce, should be under the guidance of a physician.”However, the expert reminds, this does not mean that can abuse of hormone and antiasthmatic drugs, including long-term administration of prednisone and other hormone containing the so-called “secret”, “Chinese medicine capsule”, “traditional Chinese medicine powder”, or long-term repeated intravenous dexamethasone or methylprednisolone, or long-term injection of long-acting hormone. “Many patients to listen to the small ads, some non-standard places to buy medicine, but these drug ingredients are often unclear. Some drugs are likely to join the oral hormone drugs and antiasthmatic drugs, have very great harm to the body.” Du Xiangming expresses, long-term use of these drugs people prone to osteoporosis, obesity and hormone face etc.. “Asthma patients must do not buy medicine, to go to regular medical treatment, follow the guidance of professional doctors.”Experts say, there are some asthma patients because of not clear understanding of treatment, there still exist the phenomenon of abuse of antibiotics. “Due to asthma is an allergic inflammation of the airway, distinct from the bacterial inflammation, the application of various antibiotics such as penicillin, erythromycin and so on are treatments.”In addition, some patients do not have the typical symptoms of asthma, easily lead to missed diagnosis, misdiagnosis. A lot of children with asthma were misdiagnosed as asthmatic bronchitis, pneumonia mycoplasma or catch a cold, have a lot of adult asthma misdiagnosed as chronic bronchitis, respiratory tract infection. Wang Xin remind, if cough symptoms for more than 8 weeks, to the hospital examination, to determine whether suffering from asthma.Asthma patients with air purifierContinuous fog haze, let the air purifier sales, in fact, according to the doctor reminds, asthma patients should be used with caution in air purifier.”Air purifier can be used in patients with asthma, but if in the course of the use of air purifiers, allergy symptoms, should be immediately suspended. Patients with asthma family, can consider to plant some potted plants, but to prevent pollen allergy.” Experts also said, should also pay attention to asthma and COPD patient selection masks, gauze mask is too thick, may affect the normal breathing, should choose the appropriate thickness.For some people in order to disinfect the air humidifier, to put vinegar, salt and other practices, experts said this is not desirable. This not only detrimental to the health of people, even can cause the acute episode of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, life-threatening. Because the gas is released through the humidifier vinegar, composition changes may damage the respiratory mucosa.Experts suggest that, in daily life can strengthen lung function by exercise, such as prolonged expiratory time when breathing, is about two times the inspiratory time, a week to do 2 times, 20-30 each time a breathing cycle.”Asthma belongs to reversible airway changes, as long as the disease early active treatment can have very good effect of treatment, the severity of airway recovery also depends on the method of treatment and disease, so must not wait until the condition is very serious when it wants to come the hospital.” Wang Xin said, “at home or go out can carry rescue drug, to prevent the acute attack. If the attack and didn’t get timely rescue of serious, even life-threatening.”In addition, experts said, the public should try to avoid outdoor activities in haze weather, really want to go out wearing the masks; residential indoor should ventilation, bed sheets, quilt cover, pillowcase frequently change, curtains and so on; as far as possible to avoid raising pets, such as cats, dogs, birds, etc.; to avoid excessive exercise, prevent the exercise-induced asthma excess induced motion; dress should change along with the temperature of adding clothes, avoid the down, plush and other foreign body aspiration induced. At the same time, asthma patients should pay attention to light diet, because diet also contains some allergic substances, such as fish and shrimp, allergy should try to eat less. To strengthen the nutrition in the diet, a lot of the intake of high-quality protein, such as milk, egg and bean products. (reporter Chen Xiaoli)

On the side of the government departments in the street posted relocation announcement, lifting loop one side is the sanitation workers in the busy tearing off — this scene, scaffolding parts appeared yesterday afternoon in the streets of Zhengzhou. Resettlement Department said, this is their job duties; Sanitation Department said, chaos posting illegal, sanitation workers are fulfilling sanitation assessment system. Are responsibilities, how to do?Yesterday afternoon, in Zhengzhou agricultural road and culture Road West about 200 meters south, a sanitation workers are tearing posted on the street wall “advertising”, the “advertising”, not everyone It is quite common for the “city psoriasis”, but Zhengzhou city Jinshui District People’s Government on the relocation notice. To tear up these government circular behavior, sanitation workers explained, company rules: if they discovered a “chaotic posting” no clean, will be fined 5 to 10 yuan. To tear up these announcements is what content, the sanitation workers didn’t seem to care, “I only clean thing, other don’t tube”.Zhengzhou city environmental sanitation department related person in charge said, “previously, some government departments to notice posted, we also had a verbal request sanitation company special case special treatment, try not to clean up.” The responsible person said, the starting point of this idea is to members of the public can more easily access to government information, but the actual operation, there may still be cleared the situation. “In the strict sense, the notice posted along the street is illegal.”Zhengzhou city Jinshui district housing levy and compensation of office of a responsible person said, the relocation notice is issued, City Hall requirements, it is their duty, but no written regulations clear, but years of inherited working practices, “before is do”. The responsible person said, because of various reasons, at present they have not yet opened official website, no micro-blog, Micro message other information publishing platform and channel, only use this old way to carry out the work, “in the future will certainly be improved”.On the disclosure of government information of anomie, the public controversy. In support of the people think that, compared to the network and other means, in this way is more intuitive, easy to read; also somebody thinks, this form of communication effect is actually very limited, “if not from there too, it is difficult to see, the effect is not obvious. Network times, can have more ways”.A paper Relocation Notice torn embarrassed? In reality, not only is such relocation class announcements, such as reward and hunt, Session Announcement discloses information exists Luantie behavior, then, relevant government information in addition to using the Internet and other new media, the end of the stick in where? Or, where release more appropriate? According to the newspaperComments]@ Zhengzhou people: “street posting” belongs to “public awareness”, Is it right? Legitimate? As the general public is very difficult to distinguish, so the sanitation workers tore the posted notice, it is not difficult to understand.@ Tang Jun lawyer: practice does not necessarily appropriate, but not illegal, because existing laws and regulations, no clearly defined.@ a little people: the government can not be free to post, post propaganda must have a fixed place!Li Lu anywhere: everyone is equal in front of duty.@ Folk Song Xi sang: Luantie graffiti is illegal, the government departments should not be an exception.@ remedial classes to elope sanitation practices: yes! You are wrong patches.@ coral ye: why not make a publicity card?Lu Wanxu Xu Xuxu XXX: can carve out a regional post? Neither aggravated clean the workload of workers, also can let a push notification down.@ NetEase Guangdong netizen: but such notice is the precondition to guarantee the right to know, none of these announcements, then your house to remove all don’t know.@ Jiangxi mobile phone netizen: Chaos posting is the world difficult problem. Cannot paste also can’t disorderly stick, how to do? One, by the government to provide free post column, specified contents and area, on the violation of the timely removal; post column should have certain quantity, to meet the basic needs of society. The two column, to brush outside disorderly disorderly put will increase and, let the random brush units and individuals will not make disorderly stick.Li Lingling, associate professor, School of Journalism and communication of Zhengzhou University: the government departments concerned with street posting form to convey the government information, this is one of the oldest forms of communication, from the arrival rate perspective, this approach does have the merit, be sure, if the carrier legally, it is necessary to continue to implement, but can’t completely depend on. Under the new situation, access to information is more and more diverse, more and more network today, the relevant departments should conform to the trend, try to use the new media forms, develop the information release channels.

In May this year released “Khojah” before, swivel coupler Putin personally to wear it on satellite tracking collar.According to the voice of Russia reported, lifting insert President Putin in May this year released “Amur Amur tiger Khojah” may spend the winter in the China this year.The new tracking information display, scaffolding clamps by the Russian President Putin released the Northeast Tiger “Khojah” crossing the border into Chinese after further south, has been more and more far from Russia, is likely to spend the winter in Chinese territory.At present, “Khojah” wandering in the small Xingan in Heilongjiang Province along the ridge. It is reported, this is rich in wild boar and mountain hare. Russian experts to China letter said the local government and the forestry sector, please note, do not want to “Khojah” feed poultry animal, to avoid the degradation of field survival ability.Prior to this, said the district officials Tai Ping Gou Xiao Xingan Ling area of natural protection, “Khojah” does not have to worry about finding food, if necessary, will release the cattle to the “big cat” edible.In early 10, China experts determined “Khojah” has crossed the border, into the Chinese. Moreover, in the area of wildlife protection in Heilongjiang province more than once found the tiger, reserve personnel installed more than 60 cameras, to observe the tiger whereabouts. They also promised, will the area poachers placed beast clip clean. According to ReviewPutin tiger loveWhen in 2008 Putin 56 years old birthday, received a special gift for your birthday, which is a two and a half months old tiger. He expresses to the reporter, this is the most unusual birthday gift they have received.In November 24, 2010 Putin personally chaired the “tiger international forum”. In the “tiger summit” on the environmental protection departments, Russia pledged to invest $45000000 to protect the king of beasts.In 2014 May Putin personally released 3 tigers, which have now come to the Chinese “khojah”.- September 27, 2014 in Russia “tiger day” on the occasion, Putin all to participate in the celebration of “people tiger day” sent a message, said to protect tigers will create a healthy environment for the younger generation.(Xiao Yi)

The 19 day, in Qixia Tao Cun Shi Jianpu fruit market acquisitions in the workshop, several from Tai’an, cast in ferrules workers are busy to Apple package online clothing. Reporter Lv Qi perturbationEntered in October, BFD coupler Yantai Apple maturity, to be under the tree, fruit growers and buyers who have busy. Apple is not only abstract, under the tree to sell buyers hand, also sorting, packaging…… In recent years, rural young labor shortages, temporary hire difficult problem has been plagued by came to Yantai Apple’s acquisition of dealers. Some in order to recruit, not only improve the labor costs, is the car receives a car to send, also guanchiguanzhu. But even so, still live much less work.Buyers local industry and the car receives a car to send, wages have increasedIn Qixia City, Tao Cun Shi Jianpu fruit market, each acquired stalls have many people in the sorting of apples, some acquired business in addition to the fruit grower weighing bookkeeping, also taking the time to help sorting. “Already hired a dozen, or busy.” A buyer said.In the acquisition of workshop, sorting workers of different sizes are respectively in different baskets of apples, and then a set of Internet set, boxed. “Their homes also have apple, finished out odd jobs.” More than 50 year old Ms. Shaw side busy said.”Last year, 90 yuan a day, rose to 100 yuan this year, high to 120 yuan.” Tobacco fruit firm responsible person Liu Mingmei said.”In order to access, even bought van.” Qixia City emerging fruit cooperatives responsible person told the reporter, the village workers not, they had no choice but to the neighboring villages of hiring, in order to be able to hire people, the cooperative also specially bought a van, the car after car to send every day.The field of Gong Guanchiguanzhu, have reimbursement of travel expensesLiu Mingmei tells a reporter, the acquisition of apple growers will be at home, the general sorting once, to market directly after weighing, but also some people sorting not qualified, need to conduct a sorting, one is the different sizes of Apple points out, one is the different apple will color into different grades.”We came from Tai’an, has been to six or seven days, is mainly responsible for sorting and packaging.” From Tai’an Su Aixin told reporters, before Apple would have acquired business to Tai’an strokes, and she together with 8 people, is dedicated to working in the apple harvest season, presumably capable of 30 to 45 days or so, pay 100 yuan a day, tube eat control.  In an interview with the traders told reporters, recruit foreign workers, in addition to the salary, but also responsible for room and board, and some also have the car receives a car to send or reimbursement of travel expenses, even so, still have to book early to late, it’s hard to recruit people.Workers follow the money, who pays high to who”When we cherry picking day to 200 dollars.” In an interview with a 40 year old worker told reporters, this several years of wage rises year after year, many employers out of more money, some people will choose more money to dry, some people leave to the face will not hinder.In an interview with reporters learned that, at present, many rural youth labor to city to work or life, forty or fifty year old labor is a young in the village. Therefore, the acquisition of business recruitment is also very difficult to recruit young labor.

- momoI want to take the bags filled with dreamsPulling a camel to the sand filled the distance I think along the distant and distant roadLooking for my dream in the desert of Dunhuang through the Qilian Mountains snow in June entered the arthritis of wind blown sand in the desertI seek a ancestors left in there to see whether it can split stone four thousand years of fireAfter the fall of the Silk RoadTrekking in the Hexi corridor have Jiao debate– “Dunhuang desert”Dunhuang today is no longer is a frontier fortress city, but the little guy spliced once in the Silk Road years gallop the historical alive. Go to Dunhuang, the most stately grounds is the tone, the most likely outcome is thoroughly to remould oneself. Perhaps you will see two loaded camels, halfen frimeda a watch, a wandering. Silk road is still bleak, remote. But in the fall of Dunhuang is warm, and Populus euphratica, sweet grapes, and the thousand years as one day in the Crescent Spring.Like the ancient riddle like bright Mogao GrottoesDunhuang Sheng is the Mogao Grottoes, and Mogao Grottoes’s value, is a huge Dunhuang manuscripts, it has developed into an independent subject; another is the Mogao Grottoes itself. Mogao Grottoes is located in the east of Dunhuang more than 20 kilometers in Gobi. The cave in the cliff cut on the river gravel texture. Today, Dunhuang is more like the history of a culture of relay engineering. From the beginning of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the earliest people start dug caves here, finally painted sculpture is the Qing Dynasty reconstruction. Mogao Grottoes commentator said, Mogao Grottoes’s heyday of the sculpture, painting art is from the Tang dynasty. Hundreds of caves dug in here, many unknown artisans to leave the sculpture and painting art, has already reached the later no longer unreachable height and state.In the Mogao Grottoes inside the cave, impressive is the stroke and painted sculptures. Although due to the protection of the reasons there are many cave is not open to the outside world, but many Mogao Grottoes open caves are fine. After visiting the two or three caves, can distinguish find statue repair Tang Wei, the Northern Song Dynasty and Tangut sculpture in the age of Qing Dynasty Murals and the.Sculptures of Tang Dynasty solemn mellow, perfect line, all reveal elegant temperament. Each sculpture demeanor and temperament are different, each sculpture eyes seemed to reveal the inner feelings. But few of the Qing Dynasty to repair the sculpture, color is usually the gaudy, modeling rigid, regrettable great and wonderful why always like ancient relics myths as beautiful.Desert springs Crescent SpringMaybe you in TV movies on the desert is no longer strange, however, only when you personally standing in the wilderness, to really feel the beauty of it. Then, maybe your heart will not feel the began to pick up speed, stop body hopping impulse.And to Dunhuang, had to go to the Mingsha mountain. Rolling dunes, stretch as far as eye can see, in the sun a sand ridge is corrugated, white light, clear level. There is a primitive impulse in the desert, just want to run barefoot, in the boundless desert, until the run, just lying in the desert, quietly watching the sun slowly falling from the dunes, the melodious camel bells……In this desert surrounded but one bay springs, like a crescent, and the name of Crescent Spring. Crescent Spring, dream like mystery, for thousands of years for quicksand while submerged, not because of the drought dried up. There are in the vast desert in the spring, this water in black wind sand, there is such a scene in the desolation everywhere, is deep the rhythm of the universe, the creator of the magic, fantastic love chi.The storied dye as West Lake Populus euphratica forestThe desert, Gobi, camel, these wild elements interpretation of scenes in the sand wind in legend. At the same time, here’s Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Spring, “demon city” yadandemao, Yumen Pass, sunlight, and in the transfer of former had the brilliant Dunhuang. The past and present, history and culture, the change of the vicissitudes of life and the new age, long dream shallow, sunset Road, Dunhuang almost constitutes a bleak and wonderful picture scroll.On the other side of Dunhuang and are not outsiders but familiar, oasis, wetlands, rivers, lakes, and the people the impression that the Gobi desert in contrast, this oasis and a wetland, West Lake national Yumen Pass is located in the northern part of the nature reserve. Here the watercourse may, geogas dense, bird flocks, a faction of waterside scene.Autumn, West Lake gradually became the golden color. Apocynum venetum leaves by see gorgeous, reed catkins green laminate, unlimited, Populus euphratica is cenglinjinran, changed new makeup of the most gorgeous, Populus euphratica forest becomes a piece of gold or a red, like a red flame burning, like in the golden girl groups of neon rise and dance in a happy mood, like a team dressed in copper armor iron gallant soldiers. Standing in the Ma Quan bay to see to the four Wai, Changfeng blows, two or three gold in tidal fluctuations, if the sea view.

If the housing structure compared to the human body, a bearing wall is a human skeleton, BFD coupler the steel wall is the bones. If steel and skeleton building had been destroyed, the house can live how long?Yesterday morning, live in Yuhong District Nga Court area residents to the Shenyang Evening News Hotline 96009 for help: “from the beginning of the eleven period, District 2 Building No. 1 stores began a large-scale renovation, destroying walls, open a window. Because this store the demonstration, 2 stores also began to decorate, ready to break the walls, other stores are also talking renovation expansion. We reflect to the law enforcement departments, law enforcement departments issued ordered rectification notice, but marketing is still in its construction……”Complaints: a floor outlets lose bearing wallYuhong District Chen Nga Court District 2 building one or two building is one of the stores, district residents, retail sales have become commercial outlets. Residential building No. 1 shop was originally a stew Gallery, because the business is good, beginning this year during the extension eleven.According to residents, “we originally thought that only common decoration, but later decoration workers hit off the two floor of the walls, and the platform to spread out 2 meters of space. Even more frightening is a building 2 stores see neighbours decoration, also begin renovation.”Residents said: “we know that, 2 stores and 3 stores owners together to discuss, prepared as decoration and No. 1, we found that the seriousness of the problem.”The district one or two building store at least six or seven, if have made major renovation, the whole building body safety will be seriously threatened.According to the residents, “we tell Yuhong District Law Enforcement Bureau report creation service battalion, related working personnel three came to the scene, found the true issued a notice shall be ordered to make rectification, and asked the shop to restore to the original state, but 1 stores still accelerating construction decoration, now already went to the end.”Verification: Residents reflect trueYesterday morning, reporters came to the Nga Court area, found the house a stores a upstairs to write “wonton, juice stew”, two stores is a clinic.A reporter walked into stores, into the two top floor, found the original walls have been destroyed, only support pillars. Bearing wall is opened, in the window outward extended 2 meters installed guardrail. Report said: “the installation guardrail expansion area purpose may be to want to expand the size of the hotel.”The reporter also entered the two stores, found a building has been completed renovation, sand cement ground. The two floor is empty. No change in the location of walls. The reporter to rent to chat with the decoration workers name, “two floor also not stem, structure of your decoration and stores the same?” Decoration workers said: “heard that the original boss wants to and two floor, but I heard that if a hit off the walls, floor supporting the top don’t live. So, the boss will not do.”Expert: break walls extremely dangerousThe reporter understands, eleven period, 1 store has just started, the residents had to reflect Yuhong District law enforcement bureau. Law enforcement officers to a total of three times, issued ordered rectification notice, request 1 stores to restore the bearing wall. However, this project has never stopped, but accelerate the construction speed, to now almost finished.National senior construction engineer Mr. Wang in an interview with reporters, said: “in the decoration, destroying the load-bearing walls are extremely dangerous practices. Especially in the earthquake situation, its drawback is easy to expose. In general, if a floor of a residential will be removed a large area of load-bearing walls, will lead to the floor of the seismic performance of weakening and load stress abnormal, if the magnitude eight earthquake, the building body is likely the overall collapse occurred. In addition, is not the most important building walls, decreasing the importance of other floors. Even if a building bearing wall is not removed, and the other floors of the load-bearing walls are removed, the building body stress structure will deform, will become fragile, the occurrence possibility of the collapse of the destruction is still great.”Law enforcement supervision: sent to restore the original appearanceYesterday, the reporter contacted the Yuhong District Law Enforcement Bureau nature service brigade captain Cui Jiuchun, Cui captain personally to the scene to understand the situation. 2 pm yesterday, Cui captain replied, “true reporter to reflect the situation, we have asked the 1 store room immediately to stop construction, now has stopped.” Cui captain said, “in order to urge the bearing wall outlets housing recovery function, we also arrange on-site guard, until the house real recovery load-bearing walls, restore original housing functions so far. Is expected to one day be able to recover.”Shenyang evening news, Shenyang nets chief reporter Wu Qiang text and photo