“Good God, but I was still watch TV didn’t fall asleep, or almost burned into my home.” More than 10 points in the evening of February 15th, Jinhua urban riverside area 23 building the mailbox, a charging battery car exploded and caught fire, saw this scene, aunt, I think some are scared.

Tie RodBattery car burst into flames, the whole was burned into a pile of scrap metal, the fire also ignited a mailbox, will be inside the newspapers, letters and some exposed wire burned a building, aunt windows are clean dark.

“I was scared, thought it was a bomb whose car.” Mr. Wang was already asleep, also be this sudden explosion to wake up, wake up “open the window toward the outside to look, flames, has a pungent smell.”

Will the fire completely extinguished, the fire officers and soldiers tried to find the car owner, but has not found.

DH Pin AnchorThe first floor aunt said, the man upstairs in car battery charging is stopped here, do not know who is. But her impression, this car has been charged for a long time.

Aunt said, if she were not found in time, immediately from the window watering, the fire almost burned into the room.

According to fire brigade fire experts statistics, over the past year, warning they had received at least 10 battery car spontaneous combustion, which has caused by charging when the accident.

“A lot of people like to battery charging time, in fact, charging time is generally the car battery is maintained at 5 to 10 hours, Chong long but life greatly reduce battery.” Fire experts said, the charging time will lead to excessive cell deformation, battery box burst, it could cause a fire, so the continuous charging time should not exceed 12 hours. Our correspondent Luo Facheng

Reporter Fu Yingjie text / photo

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With the wave peak arrival passenger transport during the Spring Festival, throw things into the homely food. JiNan Railway Station average day will produce thirty or forty of the missing items, long-distance car terminal transport during the Spring Festival has also received more than 40 pieces of lost items.

According to the JiNan Railway Station front desk staff, service desk daily receiving visitors lost four or five pieces, one day up to ten pieces. These are small service station waiting hall still unclaimed.

JiNan Railway Station and Ji’nan long distance bus station south staff reflect, many “scatterbrain” appeared during the transport during the Spring Festival, lost his luggage. Was sent to the station Lost and Found Office property, common to have cash, ticket, identity card, mobile phone, computer bags, etc.. And the other is all sorts of strange things, “had picked up two small turtles, and parents lost their children.” Bus station south of staff said.

Slab Coil InsertWhether it is the train station or bus station, the security apparatus is the hardest hit passengers lose something “”. The staff tell reporter, because during the passenger transport during the Spring Festival anxious to go home or anxious to go to work, “carrying three or four packages through security, after the security falls under a.”

In the train station, the ticket and Id like to “stick” ticket vending machine. “Just like money in the bank, some people take the money and go, forget the bank card, a lot of passengers in the ticket machines took the ticket a whip, ID fell. And the visitors to buy the ticket, the ticket machine out of the first ticket went away.” Staff member introduction.

For receiving the property, staff said, the station will first inform the broadcasting room, by broadcasting the items of information to find the owner. In general, most of the lost will be take. “The valuables and soon someone will come looking for.” The staff said, unclaimed goods mainly are the clothes. There is no time to find the owner of the goods, the station will open the box in the police under the supervision of the package, find the owner information, contact the owner in a timely manner.

In addition, the train station publicity department also issued by the state micro-blog lost information, through friends to find the owner. The long-distance bus station south of staff said: “will the goods registration number, classification storage, stored in the property management office.” For those long-term unclaimed articles, Lost and Found Office will be destroyed. (trainee reporter Wan Bing interns Song Lei)

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Forgetfulness is a common problem of modern man, memory decline and brain decline performance. What to eat to improve memory? Nutrition experts found, some help Bunao health wise food, not expensive and hard to find, but rather is cheap and ordinary, everyday life everywhere.

The following kinds of food is very beneficial to the brain, mental workers may often choose the food.

1, milk

Milk is a near perfect nutrition. It is rich in protein, calcium, and amino acids necessary for the brain. Calcium in milk is the most easy to absorb by people, is an important matter of cerebral metabolism. In addition, it contains very useful on the nerve cells of vitamin B1 and other elements. If the Yongnaoguodu and insomnia, bedtime glass of Hot Milk help sleep.

Bottom Cup2, egg

The brain function, memory strength and brain acetylcholine content closely related. Experiments show that, the beauty of eating chicken is: when the egg yolk lecithin contained abundant decomposed by enzymes, can produce a wealth of acetylcholine, into the blood will soon reach the brain tissue, can enhance memory. Study abroad confirmed, eat 1, 2 egg a day can supply sufficient choline to the body, protecting the brain, improve memory and a lot of good.

3, fish

They can provide high quality protein and calcium to the brain, fatty fish contain mostly unsaturated fatty acids, does not cause hardening of the arteries, cerebral arteries without harm, on the contrary, but also protect the brain blood vessels, brain cell activity to promote the role.

4, corn

Maize embryo rich in linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, the protection of the brain blood vessels and hypolipidemic effect. Especially the higher corn moisture content of glutamate, can help to promote brain cell metabolism, often eat corn especially fresh corn, have a role in brain.

5, day lily

People often say, lily is “Wang Youcao,” can “soothe the nerves jieyu”. Note: the lily should not be eaten raw or fried, to avoid poisoning, cooked food and dry goods as well.

6, spinach

Although spinach cheap and inconspicuous, but it is a brain and vegetables. Because spinach is rich in vitamins A, C, B1 and B2, brain cell metabolism is one of the “best suppliers”. In addition, it also contains large amounts of chlorophyll, with the brain.

7, monosodium glutamate

The main component of MSG is monosodium glutamate, it is under the effect of gastric acid can be converted to glutamic acid. Glutamate is the only participated in the human brain metabolism of amino acids, can promote mental development, maintain and improve brain function. MSG intake more often, help to improve the lack of intelligence and memory barriers. Because MSG will increase the brain acetylcholine, which also has a certain effect on neurasthenia.

8, peanut

Peanuts are rich in lecithin and cephalin, it is the important matter of the nervous system, can delay the decline of brain function, inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis. The experiment confirmed, often eat peanut can improve blood circulation, enhance memory, delay aging, is to live up to one’s name “peanut”.

9, millet

Millet contained vitamin B1 and B2 respectively, 1.5 times and 1 times than that of rice, tryptophan and methionine content of the protein. Clinical observation found, eat millet have to prevent the aging effect. If you often eat a little rice, small Steamed Rice, health care will benefit brain.

10, pepper

Vitamin C content of pepper in the vegetable, carotene and vitamin content is very rich. Peppers contain capsaicin can stimulate the sense of taste, increase appetite, and promote brain blood circulation. In recent years it was found, the “hot” chili flavor or stimulating hormones of pursuing success, make the person be full of go, active thinking. Eaten raw is better.

11, orange

Oranges contain a lot of vitamin A, B1 and C, are typical of alkaline food, can eliminate the substantial harm by acidic food on the nervous system. Eat more oranges during the appropriate examination, can make the person be full of go. In addition, lemon, orange, grapefruit also have similar efficacy, can replace the orange.

12, pineapple

Pineapple contains a lot of vitamin C and trace elements manganese, and less calories, eat Yousheng Tianjin, refreshing effect, someone says it is able to improve the memory of fruit. Pineapple is often a number of musicians, singers and actors like fruit, because they want to memorize a lot of words and music, lyrics.

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The outer packing is marked with “natural” words “crystal light” reconstituted beverages

According to market research firm USA Nielsen Co statistics, America market marked “natural” food annual sales of $22000000000. However, these natural food how natural? Agence France-Presse recent USA food market on the product label “natural” identification research, found the “natural” to a certain extent, but there is no clear definition of the advertising language.

Add “natural”

Questioning the “natural”, in fact, in USA has continued for many years, and caused a lot of lawsuit. A recent case involving food giant Kraft Foods Inc., in this case the visible “natural” contend for clues.

Kaf in the American selling a “crystal light” reconstituted beverages, product packaging marked “natural”. But in fact, this product adds artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, gel, maltodextrin, artificial preservative butylated hydroxyanisole etc..

Last month, the center for Science in the public interest to submit a report to America Kraft said, if Kraft continue “natural” words in the beverage packaging, and it will check evidence of both parties at court.

Agence France-Presse said, some products labeled “natural lemon water”, “natural lemon Iced Tea” and other words, do not know how to water with lemon and lemon Iced Tea natural. Some labels even “natural lemonade tastes” this kind of ready to accept either course description.

Flat Steel AnchorUSA Center for Science in the public interest lawyer Stephen Gardner said: “I do not care about the lemonade tastes, I care about is, Is it right? By real lemons.” In other words, “natural lemonade tastes” may be the use of various flavor and tune out products, but the taste is made with natural lemon water some similar.

But such product, still can be marked with the words “natural”, stately in USA listed.

The definition of blank

Kaf food company with its own understanding of “crystal light” this kind of products labeled “natural”. This company spokesman Caroline Clayevskiy told reporters Agence France-Presse, a federal judge in California recently has overturned the similar to “crystal light” complaints.

“We are clearly and accurately marked the real information to help consumers,” said Cola Jef J Ki. She thinks, labeled “natural” did not violate the provisions America food and drug administration.

Fixing Socket WE

The problem lies in USA, the food and drug administration has never been on the product label “natural” is a word to make a clear definition and specification.

The food and Drug Administration spokesman Teresa Eisenmann acknowledged that this gap, but she said: “although the food and drug administration has not the ‘natural’ a word gives formal definitions, we have a long-standing policy guidance on the label ‘natural’ logo.”

“That the food and drug administration, ‘natural’ a word should refer to did not add any artificial or synthetic material, including all color additives, regardless of whether these additives made from natural materials.” Eisenmann said.

Litigation in progress

Agence France-Presse reported, according to a poll, 9% of consumers said that American completely believe food packaging on the “natural”, 77% of consumers sometimes believe this statement.

Over the past ten years, the food packaging “natural” the words of the dispute is very much, but the final court solve only 50. In many cases they settled out of court in the court the plaintiff before, usually for food companies and give generous compensation lawsuit.

In addition to some consumer protection groups to food company “correction”, some people also from time to time to prosecute false “natural” logo, although some people is to win a compensation.

For example, “Ben and Jerry” brand of ice cream in 2010 because the individual compensation from 48 product labels removed the “natural”. In addition, the “naked juice” and “the lay’s potato chip market is also under pressure in the America quietly replaced the outer packaging of the” natural “word.

Some people think that, as long as the food and Drug Administration on the word “natural” to make a clear definition, can the confusion of “natural” to regulate the market, but others don’t think so.

Executive director Belen Linnakin non-profit organization “let food legitimate” said: “let the food and Drug Administration definition relates to food every word is ridiculous.” He thinks, a complaint is not a bad thing, because it can make food company always remember “honest”, sometimes action to promote the progress of industry. Xinhua news agency, Ling Shuo

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The original title: the city announced results of comparative test paper products, “two boat” a toilet paper with waste paper as raw material “wind” “IKEA” Kleenex is unqualified

Yesterday, Beijing city announced the comparison of test results of paper products, found that some tissue paper, toilet paper is not durable, easily rotten, Quejinshaoliang, exceed the standard of fungi.

Consumers often buy “cool” tissue paper, napkin, IKEA. Silver, ya, Shun Ching soft, little baby and other well-known brands are in the black list, in a “two boat” wrinkle toilet paper Lotus supermarket Liuliqiao shop sales, but also to the waste paper as raw material, more problems.

“The wind” a Kleenex detected Quejinshaoliang

City disappear assist the from Beijing Wumart, WAL-MART, IKEA, beautiful land – purchased 30 random tissue paper and 35 kinds of toilet paper. The paper by the national quality supervision and test center, there are 14 kinds of tissue paper, 12 kinds of toilet paper is not in conformity with national standards or logo unqualified. Fortunately, all the tested tissue paper not containing fluorescent whitening agent, did not find the use of recycled waste paper production of tissue paper, but the manufacturing technology level is not high.

Among them, the nominal origin from Italy, by the IKEA (Chinese) Investment Limited distribution of IKEA van Tasi napkin (40 × 40cm), the longitudinal tensile strength is not qualified, the measured value of minimum. City CaseTrust pointed out, the indicators are reflected in the wet tensile strength condition. If the strength is too low, use easy to rotten, not durable, but also adhesion skin. In this regard, has said IKEA Home Furnishing aspects, the section under the napkin holder.

Alex Hua Tian and Wumart store sales of the “Shun Ching soft” Xinyu removable facial tissue, Yonghui supermarket sales of “double meaning” mini handkerchief paper, “Oscar” soft pumping 360 pieces of tissue paper is also the strength is too low, not durable.

Tissue paper on the outer packing, marking the specific extraction, but tests found that some tissue paper inside shortage, packaging the actual number of less than the number of marks, this is to the consumer rights and interests damage. The well-known “cool” brand of facial tissue, “little baby” 200 smoke (Fashion) removable facial tissue, “feather floating” 1500 removable tissue, there are “Quejinduanliang” phenomenon.Prop Sleeve

In addition, “Lotion.” soft (soft) content of mini type handkerchiefs water unqualified; Lotus supermarket Liuliqiao shop sales “Persian cat” gold removable tissue, nearly 2 times the total number of fungal colonies exceed the standard, representative tissue not health, may affect the health of users.

“Two boat” the total number of colonies of bacteria exceed the standard toilet paper

Toilet paper is the use of toilet paper. The discovery, some poor use of recycled waste paper production of sanitary products quality.

Lotus supermarket Liuliqiao shop sales, Shanghai Minhang Zhu Xing paper products processing plant producer, Taicang Changshun Paper Co. Ltd. production of “two boat” wrinkle toilet paper, “is to waste paper as raw materials to produce out”, feel rough, poor flexibility, the dust is not qualified, and the total number of colonies of bacteria exceed the standard, will affect the health of consumers.

Artistry in Baoding Paper Co. manufactured “Jingjing” brand toilet paper, but also the total number of colonies of bacteria exceed the standard. City CaseTrust pointed out, toilet paper when used in direct contact with the skin, bacteria exceed the standard directly affect the health of consumers.

■ remind

Does not recommend the use of toilet paper towels

City CaseTrust warned consumers, paper products more than the better, buy tissue paper, toilet paper is not excessive pursuit of high brightness (Bai Du). Some small restaurants in order to save costs, the purchase of the napkin is usually some cheap low-quality products, should be used with caution in small restaurants provide a napkin or toilet paper.

In addition, toilet paper for toilet, do not suggest to hand, mouth, face or used for other purposes. Before use, touch the toilet paper surface or take a piece of toilet paper in the arm to and fro several times, such as feeling over rough, stiff, not recommended. (reporter Liao Ailing)

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Magnet Steel ChamferAs long as a few minutes to complete a single task, can get a few yuan commission.” Citizens Mr. Yan recently believe in online part-time “brush credit” information, have a try, but unexpectedly in the hoax.

“Dear, Hello, applicants?” Asked a claim Xiao Ping’s “customer service”. Then the “customer service” to Mr. Yan introduced the content and paid part-time job: Brush 300 – 500 yuan, the Commission is 30 yuan / pen, brush 600 – 900 yuan for 55 yuan / T, the amount of higher task according to the proportion of commission. “If you are not satisfied with the transaction, can request to cancel, and then through the pay treasure payment method for refund.”

Each other repeatedly stressed the security of transactions, let Mr. Yan to dispel the alert. He sent of the other links, the purchase of 7 with a face value of 50 yuan card. To complete the payment later, Mr. Yan to sit and wait for the commission. The other is to remind him to complete the transaction in order to give the commission.

“If completed second single task, the other person will say only completed third single, single task after fourth to give the Commission?” Mr. Yan opened Xiao Ping’s application for refund again URL, but found that the Webpage no “refund” button, and before and under the orders of the Webpage somewhat less. It is a scam! But this time, the other party has come off the assembly line, and Mr. Yan played a friends list.

Mr. Yan slightly fortunately, I only had 350 yuan. “I hope that through this deceived lessons, to remind you when facing similar situations do not deceived, avoid too late to regret.” (trainee reporter Qi Yunlei)

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Lantern Festival, this is one family sitting around eating Glutinous Rice Balls days, “soldier” valley Jiyun still lying in bed. 10 days ago, the troops returned home Linqing man to save gas poisoning of a family of three, a broken glass, right hand tendon and nerve fracture.

Prop SleeveGu Jiyun Shenyang is a serviceman, home in Linqing Liaocheng Dai town twenty village shop. That day was the fifth lunar January, year flavour is strong. About two in the morning, the villagers Wang Shiwen to the city garbage, because their water pipes froze didn’t wash, as usual to the neighbor Wang Shimin’s well water.

He knocked on the door a long time, also do not see activity, quickly to friend Gu Yanwu call. The wall is very high, most people do not go in, valley Yanwu thought son Gu Jiyun.

Gu Jiyun was in the army is “climb stalks” master, he came to the wall, a few will climb up to 3 meters high walls, jumped into the yard.

Fixing Socket BENP

Knock the house no movement, valley Jiyun around to the window to look, Wang Shimin lying in bed, his head and hands on the bed, the room there is a burning honeycomb briquette stove. “Is not good, is likely to be gas poisoning.” Then, he pulled out his right hand with guard, “!” It smashed the door glass, a pungent smell come face to face, makes him a reel.

Gu Jiyun climbed into the room, shaking Wang Shimin and family, they have no reaction. “Don’t go, will lead to loss of life!” He opened the door, the villagers put together a three mouth onto the courtyard ventilation.

The family safe, valley Jiyun wrist is a pain. Just that one punch not brisk, rush to save, watching the bleeding without pain. Save perfect, a frustrated, it hurts to jump, he called his cousin Gu Jisheng. Gu Jisheng said, see the valley Jiyun, his whole arm is full of blood, rushed him to the Linqing City People’s Hospital, the diagnosis is “right wrist tendon, nerve, blood vessel rupture”.

After hospitalization, the king family insisted on Gu Jiyun to pay their medical bills, he say what also not from. Save it Kotani Jiyun didn’t tell people mention, however, look at this family leave is coming to an end, he was lying on the bed, call to forces the bad, that “away”. (reporter Ma Yunyun correspondent Xiong Yongling Liu Yunlong)

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Thread Lifting SystemThe ice melting ice into the business, the countdown. Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday from the Shichahai Tourism Development Corporation was informed, this week will officially closed Shishahai ice rink.

The ice staff said, through daily measurements of ice thickness, ice field at present only after the standard is still in business, the rest of the ice has been closed. As temperatures rise, ice is difficult to achieve the requirements of 15 cm in thickness, the Houhai ice will also be closed during the week, but the specific time set off. Staff to remind, Shishahai ice rink officially closed, the ice protection facilities will be dismantled. The next step, Shichahai tourism company will on closure of a winter cruise to overhaul, the fastest in April will launch. (reporter Li Tianji Chen Hong correspondent)

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Shuttering Magnet 2100KGS

Eye Anchor

More than 5 point center wide news network on February 17th February 16, 2014 at Sanya Bay, Hainan Island sea, a young girl crying in the distance the shore 100 meters sadly, shore hotel security situation seems unusual, immediately go to girl persuaded ashore, but the girl cried and refused to go ashore, after patient persuasion girl on security the shore. It is in order to emotional problems, girls think impassability, produced a suicidal thoughts.

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Wing NutThe day before yesterday at 11 pm, who lives near Nanjing Sanpailou young man named Xiao Liu, on his way home found parked a car window Buick right forget closed, there are a lot of things in the car. Because the arm inside the valuables were stolen. Xiao Liu in the cold wind waiting for more than an hour, the driver that slowly back, found the kind little Liu help to guard him, repeatedly praise.

11 pm, the reporter received a citizens reflect, known in Sanpailou intersection saw a Buick sedan car windows closed, because the field of vehicle, he played many telephone inquiries, do not check the vehicle owner information. But there are many things in the car, he worried that was stolen, so I stood in the cold wind, wait for an hour. Reporters rushed to the scene, found standing in the cold wind Liu, shivering, saw him wearing a hat and mask, from time to time stamp feet, always beside a white Zhejiang license Buick car. And Buick car on the right side of the window open, the driver also hung a black clothes, car goods clearly visible.

Open Coil Insert

According to Liu, he was saying good-bye to my girlfriend home, happened to pass by here, accidentally discovered the car window is not closed, the car of items you can see at a glance. For fear of the car and other valuables, small Liu Bo hit 110 for help, but because the car is outside, in Nanjing and still can not find the owner information. Prior to this, Xiao Liu also call Zhejiang 110, said the other side of the car in Nanjing, after the inquiry, they can not help. No way Liu Yiwu when the attendant, a station that is nearly 1.5 hours.

Subsequently, the police arrived at the scene. After carefully looking for, finally found a number of mobile phone owners in the car. However, after the call, the owner is not in Nanjing. After a while, a woman came in a hurry. According to the Ms. Chen, she is to borrow a friend’s car, probably because when the child sits in the copilot, child when she wasn’t looking, opened the window. She was anxious to get home, they paid no attention, get off the door before they left. To see the kind of Mr. Liu waiting for so long time, Ms. Chen catch Mr. Liu’s hands repeatedly praise, also took out 500 yuan in cash to thank Xiao Liu, but Liu refused to.

(Informer: Mr. Bai) (reporter Mei Jianming)

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